Promotion of micro Enterprises through Orissa MSME Development Policy 2009 100709


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Promotion of micro Enterprises through Orissa MSME Development Policy 2009 100709

  1. 1. Promotion of micro Enterprises through Orissa MSME Development Policy 2009 Jitesh Panda Vrutti Livelihoods Resource Centre 10th July 09
  2. 2. Overall Focus…. Focuses on Micro, Small, Medium and Enterprises Not specifically focused on micro Enterprises Micro enterprises is seen within the category of MSE (Micro and Small Enterprises) MSME Policy is seen in conjunction with Orissa Industrial Policy Resolution 2007
  3. 3. Need for MSME Policy…. Widen opportunities for employment generation, revenue augmentation, exports through MSMEs Enable MSMEs. to face the emerging challenges and gain competitiveness in globalized and competitive market Promote sustainable and inclusive industrial growth aiming at balanced regional development Enable MSMEs to take advantage of ongoing industrialization process in Orissa
  4. 4. MSME Policy Emphasizes on….. Development of infrastructure Facilitation of flow of credit and investment Sourcing of raw material in efficient and cost effective manner Support measures for marketing Effort for promotion of exports Incentivising technology upgradation Rehabilitation and revival of viable sick units
  5. 5. Objectives of MSME Policy…. To catalyse setting up of new MSMEs To maximize growth of existing MSMEs To arrest sickness of MSMEs To revive viable sick MSMEs To broad-base the growth of MSME in sectors of economy
  6. 6. Objectives of MSME Policy…. To provide opportunities to local entrepreneurial talent To maximize avenues for employment generation To promote inclusive industrial growth To promote entrepreneurial spirit amongst the educated youth To enhance the contribution of MSMEs in State’s Economy
  7. 7. Strategy of MSME Policy…. Clusterisation Promoting ancillary & downstream units – MSME to Large/Mega Industry Linkage Specialized industrial area / park for MSMEs Enhancing flow of credit to MSMEs. Broadening marketing avenues Technological upgradation Establishing Industry-Institution linkages
  8. 8. Strategy of MSME Policy… Convergence of schemes and resources Capacity building of local entrepreneurs Exposure Visit Promoting Consortium and Sub-Contract Exchanges of MSMEs. Infrastructural linkages in PPP mode Institutional support mechanism Facilitating backward and forward linkages
  9. 9. Infrastructure Support….. Reservation of Land for MSMEs Up-gradation of existing Industrial Estates Special Industrial Park for - Ancillary Units, Women Entrepreneurs Industrial Park District Level single Window Clearance Authority Permanent Exhibition Centres – May related in micro Enterprises
  10. 10. Credit Support…. Credit Monitoring Group to monitor and facilitate the flow of Institutional Credit to MSMEs Dedicated Bank Branches for MSMEs Encouraging Credit rating Revival of Orissa state Financial Corporation (OSFC) Orissa MSME Venture Capital Scheme – may relate to micro Enterprises Effective implementation of Credit linked Schemes - Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for Micro & Small Enterprises (CGTMSE), CLCSS, TUF, NEF, Interest Subsidy Scheme – CGTMSE relate in micro Enterprises
  11. 11. Raw Material Support…. Establishing linkage of MSMEs with PSUs OSIC/NSIC as Nodal Agency to source Raw Material on behalf of MSMEs Common procurement by Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) of MSME Clusters
  12. 12. Marketing Support…. Marketing Support to Micro & Small Enterprises (MSEs) in Government Procurement - may support mEs but Small Enterprises would be in advantage Exclusive List Preferential Price OSIC as Nodal Procurement Agency Consortium Leader of Local MSMEs Dispute relating to Delayed Payment to be settled by Micro, Small Enterprise Facilitation Council (MSEFC) constituted under MSMED Act 2006 Factoring Assistance Scheme & Bill Discounting Scheme to assist SME in marketing Annual Buyer Seller Meet & Vendor Development Programme
  13. 13. Export Promotion Support… Awareness on Export Potential of MSMEs Preparing product country matrix for the MSMEs Sensitization program of Export Documentation Procedures Publish Annual Catalogue of Products having potential for Export
  14. 14. Technology Support….. MSME Technology Upgradation Scheme Financial Assistance for purchase of Technical Know for new Micro & Small Enterprises – Would Support mEs; may depend on allocation and procedure to access assistance Promote adoption of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and related technologies by the MSMEs Increase awareness about GoI Schemes like CLCSS, QMS & QTT
  15. 15. Cluster Promotion…. Cluster Development Cell for supporting MSME Clusters – would support Small and Medium Enterprise; Micro Enterprises are more linked to Artisan Clusters Cluster Development Cell may become Autonomous Society Strengthening existing & promoting new MSME Clusters Promotion of SPV for Cluster Development
  16. 16. Institutional Support… Professionalize District Industries Centres (DICs) Restructuring DICs Upgrading 5 DICs as Regional DICs Promoting functional network between Directorate of Industries and other agencies such as DEP & M, DTET, Directorate of Handicrafts & Cottage Industries, IPICOL, IDCO, Orissa KVIB, KVIC, MSIC, MSME Institute, DI, OSFC & OSIC
  17. 17. Entrepreneurship Development… Strengthening of Institute of Entrepreneurship Development – Orissa as Centre of Excellence Encourage Institutions of National and International Repute to set up branches in Orissa Setting up Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Park (STEP) in PPP mode Incubation centres for new entrepreneurs in partnership with reputed Institutions like CIPET, CTTC, XIMB, NSIC and KVIC.
  18. 18. Skill Development…. Infrastructure support to Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) Private Sector support to ITI s Maximize Industry Institution Linkage – including adoption of Institutes Promoting Industrial Training Centres (ITCs) – May support promotion of micro Enterprises Subsidizing higher level training program of MSME Entrepreneurs
  19. 19. Others….. Encourage MSME Associations and SPVs of MSME Clusters to set up Consortium & Sub Contract Exchange DICs as District level Single Window Clearance Authority Project Monitoring and Information System (PMIS) in DICs Rehabilitation and Revival of Viable Sick Units Through state wide drive Setting State level body like BIFR Fiscal Incentives to MSEs with focus on Women Entrepreneurs – win absence of special focus on micro Enterprises would largely benefit Small Enterprises
  20. 20. Let us reflect….
  21. 21. To what extent Orissa MSME Development Policy 2009 can support promotion of micro Enterprises in Orissa
  22. 22. Thank you