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  1. 1. Strategy: Discussion I. Objectives: At the end of the discussion the students should be able to: A. Identify the characteristics of living and non-living things B. Appreciate the importance of life. C. Demonstrate different ways hoe to take care living and non-living things.. II. Subject Matter Topic: Living things and non-living things Materials: A. Models of living and non-living things B. Chart of points of difference III. Reference: A. Santos, Gil Nonato C., Science and Technology II.e- biology, 2003, Rex Printing Company Inc. pp.108-111. B. Ching, Johnny A., General Biology, National Bookstore. pp. 17-20 TEACHER’S ACTIVTIY STUDENT ACTIVITY IV. Preliminary Activities 1. Greetings Good Evening class. Good Evening Ma’am/Sir. 2. Prayer Mr./Ms. _________, can you please lead the In the name of the Father, of the Son and of prayer? the Holy Spirit. Amen 3. Setting the Classroom Before you sit down, kindly arrange your chair and pick up the pieces of paper under your chair and throw it into the trash can
  2. 2. after the class.4. Checking of Attendance MsBrigola, is anyone absent today? None Ma’am I am glad to hear that.5. Recall Last time, we’ve discussed about thevertebrates.Mr./Ms. ______, what is a vertebrates? These are the animals that has vertebral column..Mr./Ms. ______, could you tell me some ofexamples of animals having vertebral Crocodile, birds, fish, and dolphins.column.That’s correct.6. Motivation Lights, Camera, Action Class, kindly count off 1-4. All group 1kindly go to right corner of the room. All group 2, kindly go to the back part of the room. All group 3, kindly go to the (Students will count off 1-4) left side of the room. Lastly, all group 4, kindly stay at the front part of the room.
  3. 3. So, I’ll be giving you different scenario. You have to portray the scenario with the aid of the tools on the newspaper. All of the items should be utilized. You have five minutes to prepare your scenario and you have maximum of two minutes to present it. The scenario will be, “A mother is about to give birth while walking in the park with her dog.”VI. Lesson Proper So class today we are going to tackle about the characteristics of living and non living things. Living things are those things that have life while the non-living things are those things that has no life. Can you give me some examples of living things in the items that you have there. Correct. Mouse, plant How about the non living things? Good. Rock, paper The following words are some characteristics of the non-living and living things. We will going to figure out what category they differ from each other. So the first word is the Irritability. So Irritability is the ability to respond to stimulus. Class, living thing like animals varies its reaction while non-livings do not. The Next word is Respiration. Class, let us
  4. 4. breath. Inhale, exhale. So class, Living thing like us do breath. It is the ability of an organism to exchange gasses. ( class breathes) Class what can you observe with this mouse, Correct Moving Or simply Movement, So what do you think is movement Correct Change in position. Next word is Growth, This word is the ability of an organism to grow. Another word is Reproduction. Reproduction is the ability of an organism to produce its kind. Next is Evolution. Evolution is the modified structure of a certain raise of organism over time. If an organism can Reproduce the Evolution would likely to occur. Lastly, Shape and form. Living things have definite shape and form while the non-living varies is shape and form.VII. Values Integration Class we should remember that life is important without it we could no longer exist to this world. And we should give importance to the animal because they do have life.
  5. 5. IX. Summary Can you summarize what we have discussed today? Yes Mr./Ms._____________ Today we learned that living thing grow, reproduce, move, breath and respond to stimuli.
  6. 6. X. EvaluationInstruction: Encircle the letter of the correct answer. 1.__________ is the ability to change place. A. Growth B. Movement C. Respiration D. Shape and form 2.Exchange of gases is called ____________. A. Growth B. Movement C. Respiration D. Shape and Form 3.Non-living things moved by _______________ A. Current B. Internal Force C. External Force D. Radiation 4.Which of the following characteristics of do not exhibit by non-living things? A. Growth B. Evolution C. Irritability D. Shape 5.Anna is compassionate lady. She saw people killing dogs and cooking it afterwards. What should Anna do to stop this unmerciful thing? A. Ignore them B. Join them C. Support their activity D. Tell to PETA what those people doing 6._______________ is the growth of living things A. Accretion B. Addition C. Intussusception D. Conjugation 7._______________ is the growth of Non-living things A. Accretion B. Addition C. Intussusception D. Conjugation 8.The shape and form of living things are A. Constant B. Differs C. Diverges D. Varies
  7. 7. 9.Living things are those who A. Do not life B. Have life C. Do not grow D. Do not breath 10. If something can reproduce, therefore it can __________. A. Evolve B. Grow C. Respire D. MoveXI. Assignment Is Virus considered a living thing or non-living thing? Explain in 1-2 sentences.