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Classroom discipline
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Classroom discipline






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Classroom discipline Classroom discipline Presentation Transcript

  • Classroom Discipline Jessamine Gail M. Inson
  • What do you think about the teacher’srole in a classroom?
  • Dominant Roles of a Teacher
  • Classroom Discipline vs. Classroom Management• Classroom discipline highlight on individual behavior rather than of the whole class and only connotes negative behavior.• Classroom management focuses on the whole class and highlight positive behavior and is involve in making activities necessary to create and maintain an orderly learning environment
  • Influences affecting students’ behaviorExternal Influences Family/Household Transitions and Changes Death of a Family Member Loss of a Pet A New Family Member Divorce and/or Remarriage of a Parent Abuse Chronic or Serious Illness Heavy Academic Demands
  • Influences affecting students’ behaviorInternal Influences Cognitive Functioning Communication Difficulties Emotional Problems Learning Difficulties
  • Types of DisciplinePreventive Discipline It requires the teacher to be proactive whenplanning in an effort to make curriculum interestingand to involve students in the learning process. Another component to preventive discipline is toinvolve students in making and supporting classroomrules. A proactive teacher models and reinforces goodmanners, respect for others, and courtesy.
  • Types of DisciplineSupportive Discipline It shapes students self-control and self-responsibility. Signals, physical proximity, teachermonitoring, humor, and positive comments keepstudents on task.
  • Types of DisciplineCorrective Discipline It directs teacher intervention to stopmisbehavior and to positively redirect student behavior.Choice, consequence, and consistent follow-through arekey components.
  • How will you handle these situations?The student talked back to you and claimed that you are unfair.Moreover, the student appeared unaffected by what you aresaying.The student consistently make a noise in the classroomhumming, tapping the desk, and whistling. Also, the studentpretend that he/she is not the cause when you asked him/her tostop.
  • How will you handle these situations?The student continually disrupts the class with silly behavior.Moreover, he/she will do or say anything to be in the spotlight.The student uses a variety of tactics to avoid work. Also, he/sheis frequently out of seat, wandering around the room and fails tobring materials when needed in classroom.
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