Augmented Reality & Applications


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Augmented Reality

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Augmented Reality & Applications

  1. 1. Presented By: Jishnu Pradeep (Reg.No: 1031390001)
  2. 2.  Augmented reality (AR) is a field of computer research which deals with the combination of real- world and computer-generated data. What is Augmented Reality?
  3. 3. STREET VIEW – Augmented Reality
  4. 4. Combines real and virtual objects in a real environment Is interactive in real-time Registers (aligns) real and virtual objects with each other. AR systems have the following three characteristics:
  5. 5. Augmented vs. Virtual Reality Augmented Reality Virtual Reality  Closer to the real world. It add graphics, sounds & smell to the natural world, as it exists.  The user can interact with the real world, and at the same time can see, both the real and virtual world co-existing.  User is not cut off from the reality  Creates immersive, computer generated environments which replaces real world  present a view that is under the complete control of the computer.  Virtual reality serves for at totally immersive environment .  The user is completely immersed in an artificial world and cut off from real world.
  6. 6. Augmented vs. Virtual Reality
  7. 7. COMPONENTS THAT MAKE AN AR SYSTEM WORKS Head-mounted display / Portable Displays Tracking system Mobile computing power
  8. 8. There are two basic types of HMDS: Just as monitor allow us to see text and graphics generated by computers, head-mounted displays (HMDs) will enable us to view graphics and text created by augmented-reality systems
  9. 9. This is how AR works 1.Pick A Real World Scene 2.Add your Virtual Objects in it 3.Delete Real World Objects 4.Not Virtual Reality since Environment Real
  10. 10. Augmented Reality Application Medical Entertainment Military Training Engineering Design Marketing And sales Navigation & Information
  11. 11. Marketing & Sales Tissot Watch Simulator by Holition AR Jewellery Shopping by Boutique Accessoires LEGO Box Simulation by metaio MINI CabrioSimulator Digital Cosmetic Mirror Virtual Dressing Room
  12. 12. ENTERTAINMENT & GAMES AR Games for 3DS AR Invaders
  13. 13. NAVIGATION & INFORMATION Spyglass AR Kompass by Happy Magenta Wikitude by Wikitude GmbHLAYAR Vision by Layar
  14. 14. AUTOMOTIVE & MEDICAL AR in surgery Medical AR Training AR architecture
  15. 15. CONCLUSION Augmented reality is another step further into the digital age as we will soon see our environments change dynamically either through a smartphone, glasses, car windshields and even windows in the near future to display enhanced content and media right in front of us. This has amazing applications that can very well allow us to live our lives more productively, more safely, and more informatively. Maybe in the future, we will see our environments become augmented to display information based on our own interests through built-in RFID tags and augmentations being implemented through holographic projections surrounding the environments without a use of an enabling technology. It would be incredible to no longer wonder where to eat, where to go, or what to do; our environment will facilitate our interactions seamlessly. We will no longer be able to discern what is real and what is virtual, our world will become a convergence of digital and physical media.
  16. 16. FUTURE OF AR Next generation of smart phones will be able to handle augmented reality to a much greater extent due to improved batteries, compasses, graphics chips and processors. The mobility of the smart phone and the location based services make AR a very popular investment. The line between virtual and physical begins to blur as augmented technology grows Greater access to information based on AR will mean greater awareness of surrounding Desire for increased AR technology in the field of medicine, as well as other fields.