Videoconferencing in Dutch Higher Education


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  • CPL equipment: 9 bands of 4x or 8x 10 Gbit/s GigaPort3 introduction - SAC 2011
  • seamlessly interconnect services, data, and tools by encouraging and developing new ICT applications
  • Videoconferencing in Dutch Higher Education

    1. 1. Videoconferencing in DutchHigher Education
    2. 2. SURFnet the Dutch NREN SURFnet is the Dutch National Research & Education Network (NREN) -Services, innovation, knowledge -Not for profit -Task organisation of Stichting SURF = ICT collaboration of higher education & research A small operation serving a large community: -85 employees -160 connected institutions -1 million end-users2
    3. 3. SURFnet is part of the SURF family on tro l i cc t eg ra st Stichting SURF Institutions SURFnet SURFfoundation SURFdiensten i p cus n sh t o m e r r e l a t io3 SURFnet - We make innovation work
    4. 4. Two result areas Network infrastructure A hybrid fixed-wireless network as the basis for all collaboration, providing efficient, unlimited data transport Collaboration infrastructure a pioneering collaboration environment that seamlessly connects systems, services, tools, and people4 SURFnet. We make innovation work
    5. 5. Vision Researchers, instructors, and students work together simply and effectively with the aid of ICT
    6. 6. SURFnet vision oninnovationSURFnet promotes, develops, and operates a trusted,connecting ICT infrastructure that facilitates optimumuse of the possibilities offered by ICT. SURFnet is thusthe driving force behind ICT-based innovation inhigher education and research in the Netherlands.If a showcase service is successful, the role ofSURFnet as a service provider for these temporaryICT services must be taken over by the market.
    7. 7. Videoconferencing at SURFnet 2001 2009 2012? Demo service Full service HDVC ?
    8. 8. VC in 2001
    9. 9. VC in 2001
    10. 10. VC in 2012 40 ports HD MCU
    11. 11. SURFcontactHD videoconferencing dienst voor de zorg, hoger onderwijs enonderzoek! VC in 2012! !!!
    12. 12. SURFcontactFunctionalities - Videoconferencing with groups - Sharing data and applications - Live streaming and recording - Videoconferencing through the firewall ova tion? on inn position r ou r be Open Standards R e mem - Transport = IP - Protocol = H323/SIP/H460 - Quality= HD - Numberplan= GDS/E.164
    13. 13. Market Analysis 2011- HD Videoconferencing is offered as a service by a number of vendors in the Dutch market- Managed Videoconferencing services are mostly network agnostic- Vendors try to be device agnostic as well, but are sometimes forced by hardware suppliers to make certain choices- Pricing models differ among vendors. SURFcontact is unique in offering flat fee combined with the possibility of guest usage.
    14. 14. SURFcontact 2012 User input Market analysis Continue No Scenario after April ‘Stop’ 1th 2012? Usage of YesSURFcontact 31 dec 2012 Scenario Phase out of ‘Continue’ SURFcontact
    15. 15. Migrate current usersUser profiles  Vendor responses  Actual migration 6 vendors are offering competitive services
    16. 16. What’s next?Users & Middleware: Service Providers:Identity providers: Single sign on CommercialInstitutions Enable teams Non commercialVirtual Organisations OpenSocialEnd users
    17. 17. SURFconext Supporting Services •SURFfederatie •SURFteams •OpenSocial
    18. 18. Dutch Institutions & the use of VCExample: Expert op afstand
    19. 19. Dutch Institutions & the use of VCExample: LION
    20. 20. Dutch Institutions & the use of VCExample: - Combined Master from 3 universities
    21. 21. Dutch Institutions onthe use of VCSome general comments-More and more instutions see daily use of VC-Many institutions use VC in their curricula tocollaborate with international partners-VC is also used for int. research collaboration-VC is essential for virtual organisations-Contact with patients via VC-Teleclasses with live feed from operation room-Additional VC classrooms to facilitate larger groups ofstudents-HDVC is superior to Skype regarding group meetings
    22. 22. Dutch Institutions onthe use of VCSome issues-More integration with desktop/mobile clients andhigh quality VC-Accesibility – everyone should find VC-eq intuitive touse-Flawless operation – too often technical support isnecessary-Sound quality in larger rooms-Little interaction between teacher and large groups ofstudents
    23. 23. Albert Hankel Presentation released under Creative Commons green, read from the screen 