Introduction to the JISC GECO Project - Nicola Osborne, JISC GECO


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Presentation given at the Collaborative by Nature event (#gecoenv) in Cardiff on 11th November 2011.

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Introduction to the JISC GECO Project - Nicola Osborne, JISC GECO

  1. 1. Nicola OsborneJISC GECO Project Team &EDINA Social Media
  2. 2. JISC GECO Supports the JISC Geo (15/10) Projects• ELOGeo – E-Learning for the Open Geospatial Community• GEMMA – Geospatial Engine for Mass Mapping Applications• geoCrimeData – Exploring Geospatial Data for Crime Analysis• GeoSciTeach – Customisable Smart Phone Application for GIS-Supported Teaching and Learning• Halogen 2 - Enhancing the HALOGEN (History, Archaeology, Linguistics, Onomastics and GENetics) cross-disciplinary spatial research database on immigration and/or continuity of human populations in the British Isles in the distant past.• IGIBS – Interoperable Geographic Information for Biosphere Study• IIGLU (previously called JISC G3) – Bridging the Gap Between the GeoWeb and GIS• NatureLocator– Developing a Geospatial Smart Phone App for Use in Biological Survey Work• PELAGIOS – internationalconsortium of leading research groups that are trialling a method of linking open datato enable the discovery and reuse of information related to ancient places.• STEEV – Spatio-Temporal Energy Efficiency Visualisations• U.Geo – Unlocking the Geospatial Potential of Survey Data at the UK Data Archive• xEvents / PhilEvents – A Geo Aware Calendar App for Academic Events
  3. 3. JISC GECO & INSPIREThe JISC GECO Project Team are also looking at the EuropeanINSPIRE Directive and it’s implications for Higher Education. Weare currently producing:• A Flow Chart/Decision tool to help you establish whether your research comes under the remit of INSPIRE• Case Studies from academic organisations around INSPIREWe will also be available at the JISC Geo Show & Tell to hear yourthoughts on INSPIRE and answer your questions.
  4. 4. Events and Outreach• We aim to connect communities with geo, with INSPIRE and to share experience and feed into the geo projects and JISC Geo activities in the future.• We are keen to help you promote any projects, activities or events you may be involved in with a Geo slant - email us (via and we will help you get word out.• We also welcome guest posts on all aspects of geo for the JISC GECO blog!
  5. 5. JISC GECO EventsToday is one of a number of events inspired by the JISC Geoprojects and aiming to bring the projects together withstakeholders from the wider community which include:• JISC GECO Open Source Geo and Health Workshop (#gecohealth)• JISC GECO/DevCSI Open Mapping Workshop (part of #sotmscot)• UKDA Inspire for the Social Sciences Workshop (#geoukda)<check>• STEEV Green Energy Tech Workshop (#e3vis)• PELAGIOS SpaceTimeCamp Workshop (<check and check title>)We are currently planning the following events for 2012:• Geo & Cultural Heritage• E-Learning & Geo• GeoCrimeHackday
  6. 6. The JISC Geo Show & TellAll of the JISC Geo projects will be taking part at a Show & Tell eventon Monday 28th November 2011 at RAVE and the Millennium Dome.The event is FREE and offers a great opportunity for you, yourcolleagues, and your students to come along and look at the 12projects and various products that have been created in the JISC Geofunding strand.Book your free place here: email for an announcement to forward onto anyone you think may be interested in coming along.
  7. 7. Follow the GECO…• Keep up with the projects and events on the blog:• Join our mailing list:• Follow us on Twitter: @jiscgeco• Look out for Tweets, blog posts, images, etc. with the #jiscgeo or #jiscgeco tags
  8. 8. Thanks!If you have any questions or ideas for the JISC GECO team please get in touch:James ReidProject OsborneSocial Media