Evaluation of a comms and tutoring system at Dundee


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Presentation from show and tell webinar from Jisc EFFECT project (25 June 2012)

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Evaluation of a comms and tutoring system at Dundee

  1. 1. EFFECTshow and tell Aileen McGuigan University of Dundee 25 June 2012
  2. 2. Evaluating feedback for e-learning: centralised tutors - EFFECT
  3. 3. TQFE-TutorNine tutors come together to act‘as one’An integrated tutoring system whichpromotes communication• tutor to learner• learner to tutor• learner to learner• tutor to tutor incorporating • an email account • a blog • a microblog
  4. 4. ... questionsDoes TQFE-Tutor improve self-direction of learners?Does TQFE-Tutor improve final results for students?Does TQFE-Tutor provide benefits in terms of staff development?What are the workload savings for staff ?How to improve on TQFE-Tutor effectiveness?
  5. 5. …on self-direction of learners I think it’s good because all our theory is online delivery. So it I mean, I have found it easy to get helps us put ourselves into the in touch, but I think there’s maybe position of the student. It’s like a things you’re not wanting to ask blended approach. It does help because you’re thinking, ‘that’s a learners to be self-directed. really silly question’. You think I’ll (Participant 2, Group B4) not bother asking because I’ll have to write an email, but if you were face-to-face with someone you’d I think people are increasingly say, ‘I’m having a problem with less – decreasingly – looking for this...’ (Participant 1, Group B4) one-to-one nurturing; they’re able to deal with things; ‘I just I think it’s excellent. I don’t think want to get on with this and I this one-to-one support is much need an answer when I need it. needed by people coming in From someone I know I can nowadays. I think the old school trust. But it doesn’t matter if it’s who needed that are kind of on her, her or her’. the way out. (Associate Staff 1, Group B3) (Associate Staff 2, Group B3)
  6. 6. … improved results? … not yet established
  7. 7. …benefits in terms of staff development?Extract from the TQFE-Tutor FAQsWhat if the participant has a question about something the marker has sent them?Queries raised about marking should in most cases be dealt with by the duty tutor.Look at the marksheet before responding. Occasionally it may be necessary to refersuch a query back to the marker to resolve. In such cases, duty tutor shouldacknowledge receipt to participant, with cc to marker, explaining that the marker willrespond fully. (Marker should respond from TQFE-Tutor@dundee.ac.uk so that dutytutor can access correspondence.)Is transparent Ensures consistencyFacilitates moderation of marking Acts as a virtual mentor for new staff
  8. 8. … workload savings?Programme B submission process Comparison of time spent  Programme B TQFEParticipant mails assignments to Programme Administrator Very variable Not applicableAssignment is received by University mailroom, sorted and Very variable Not applicabledelivered to School of EducationESWCE School receptionist sorts mail into staff pigeonholes Very variable Not applicableProgramme Administrator (PA) collects mail from ESWCE 2 minutes Not applicablemailroom and returns to deskPA opens mail item and date stamps 1 minute Not applicablePA delivers assignments to marker’s pigeonhole in mailroom 2 minutes Not applicableMarker collects assignment from mailroom and returns to desk 5 minutes Not applicableMarker returns hard copy to PA 5 minutes Not applicablePA emails mark sheet to participant 2 minutes Not applicablePA prints mark sheet 1 minute Not applicablePA files hard copy assignment and mark sheet 2 minutes Not applicable
  9. 9. …continuing developments
  10. 10. …conclusions
  11. 11. … still to come… a briefing paper of EFFECT findings – summer 2012 an EFFECT page at the Design Studio the EFFECT website from 10 July 2012 https://blog.dundee.ac.uk/effect/Aileen McGuigan, EFFECT Project Manager, a.mcguigan@dundee.ac.uk