Londýn základní-údaje


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Londýn základní-údaje

  1. 1. London - basic facts (Londýn – základní údaje)
  2. 2. London - basic facts  Location  Population  The City  Squares, streets  Museums  Transportation in London (underground, taxi, buses)
  3. 3. London - basic facts An economic, cultural and political centre of UK Capital city of the United Kingdom Capital city of England, the biggest city in England The biggest Britain's port
  4. 4. London - basic facts Located on the river Thames The seat of the Queen and the Parliament Settled by Romans as Londinium, 43 AD Area - 1,570 km2 (607 sq mi)
  5. 5. London - basic facts Population - eight million people Visited every year by nearly 26 million people Divided into the City of London and 32 districts
  6. 6. London - the City of London The oldest part of London The business centre, there are concentrated the financial services - banks, insurance companies (Lloyds) and also the stock exchange
  7. 7. London - the City of London St.Paul´s Cathedral The Tower of London Tower Bridge Bank of England Museum
  8. 8. London - West End The second most expensive location in the world London's main entertainment and shopping district Entertainment - Leicester Square, Covent Garden, Soho Shopping centres - Regent Street, Oxford Street, Bond Street
  9. 9. London - Greenwich A district of south-east London The seat of National Maritime Museum The Old Royal Observatory The Greenwich Meridian (0° longitude) Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
  10. 10. London -Piccadilly Circus One of the busiest squares in London Considered to be the centre of London Famous for its neon advertisements The statue of God of Love Eros in the middle
  11. 11. London -Trafalgar Square The largest square in London Known for its fountains with lions Nelson's Column in the middle (56 m) The National Gallery – famous paintings
  12. 12. London - museums There are over 240 museums in London The British Museum - the largest museum in the world Madame Tussaud´s Museum - the collection of wax figures The London Transport Museum - exhibitions connecting transport Tate Gallery – museum of modern art
  13. 13. London - travelling Double-decker buses – one of the symbols of London Black cabs – taxis – there are 21,000 cabs in London Underground (the Tube) - the oldest underground in the world London Heathrow airport - biggest centre of
  14. 14. London - underground Opened 10th January1863 270 stations 402 kilometres (250 mi) of track 3.66 million people every day
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