Jídlo a pití


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Jídlo a pití

  1. 1. Meals and drinks (Jídlo a pití)
  2. 2. Meals and drinks  Daily meals  Breakfast  Snack  Lunch (soup, main course, dessert)  Dinner  Drinks (alcoholic/non-alcoholic – warm/cold)
  3. 3. Daily meals People usually have three main meals a day: • breakfast in the morning • lunch at noon • dinner in the evening Some people can also have snacks.
  4. 4. Breakfast The first meal of the day is breakfast. For breakfast we can have:  Bread/rolls with butter and salami/ham/cheese/marmalade/honey  Cakes or doughnuts  Yogurt  Cereals/muesli with milk/yogurt
  5. 5. Breakfast We drink:  black/fruit/herbal/green tea with lemon/honey/sugar  milk, cocoa, coffee
  6. 6. Breakfast Examples of sentences: I have breakfast every weekday at 7 o’clock. I usually have……………………for breakfast. I drink…………………………………………
  7. 7. Breakfast Examples of sentences: For breakfast I usually have……………… I never have breakfast; I am not hungry in the morning. I don´t usually have breakfast because I am in a hurry in the morning.
  8. 8. Snack Snack is the second meal of the day. For snack we can have: • Bread/rolls with butter and salami/ham/cheese. • Cakes or doughnuts • Sandwiches/French loaf • Biscuits/cookies/crackers • Some fruit - an apple/a banana/an orange
  9. 9. Snack Examples of sentences: I have snack in school; my mum prepares it for me. For snack I usually have roll with butter and salami or cheese. I always buy snack on my way to school, my favourite snack is…….. I have snack in school canteen, we usually have……………………..
  10. 10. Lunch At noon people have their lunch. In the Czech Republic it is the main meal of the day. It has three courses: • Soup • Main course - meat and side-dish • Dessert
  11. 11. Lunch – Soups There are many types of soup: • potato soup • tomato soup • tripe soup • vegetable soup • lentil soup • garlic soup • pea soup • noodle soup • beef tea • bean soup • goulash soup • mushroom soup
  12. 12. Lunch - Main Course For main course we can have different kinds of meat: • beef, pork, chicken, rabbit, fish, duck, mince, lamb, smoked meat…
  13. 13. Lunch - Main Course We can prepare it in various ways: roast, boil, grill, bake, fry, stew… Side dishes are: rice, French fries, potatoes, American potatoes, croquets, mashed potatoes, pasta, Czech dumplings…
  14. 14. Desserts • Cakes • Pudding • Ice cream • Fruit • Pancake • Waffles • Stewed fruit • Apple • Pie
  15. 15. Lunch Examples of sentences: I have lunch in school canteen, the meal here is good and quite cheap. My favourite soup is ………………… My favourite main course is………….
  16. 16. Dinner Evening meal is called dinner. Czech dinner is not so nutritious, because people have a warm dish at noon. For dinner we can have: • • • • grilled chicken salad pizza scrambled eggs • • • • potato pancakes sandwiches sausages boiled eggs
  17. 17. Drinks We know many types of drinks: non-alcoholic drinks: lemonade, Cola, mineral water alcoholic drinks: beer, wine, Champaign, spirit hot drinks: tea, coffee, latté, cappuccino