Dopravní prostředky


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Dopravní prostředky

  1. 1. Means of Transport (Dopravní prostředky)
  2. 2. Means of Transport  Kinds of means of transport  Road transport  Rail transport  Air transport  Ship transport  Transport used by you
  3. 3. What kinds of means of transport do you know? Transportation of people - Private means of transport - Public means of transport Transportation of goods Special means of transport
  4. 4. What kinds of means of transport do you know? Examples of sentences: In the whole world transport plays an important role. There are means of transport for transportation of people, for transportation of goods and then there are many different special means of transport used in emergency or in agriculture, engineering, etc.
  5. 5. How can transport be divided? Road transport Air transportation Rail transport Ship transport Example of sentence: People and goods can be transported by land – by road or rail, by air or by water.
  6. 6. Can you name any road vehicles? Private transport: cars and motorcycles Transportation of goods: pick-ups, vans, lorries, trucks, transporters Public means of transport: buses, trolleybuses, coaches, taxi Special vehicles used in emergency: police car,ambulance, fire engine Special vehicles used in agriculture and engineering: tractor, harvester, bulldozer
  7. 7. Can you name any road vehicles? Examples of sentences: Land offers a great variety of means of transport. There are plenty of motor road vehicles such as motorbikes and cars for private transport and pickup, vans, lorries, trucks and transporters for transportation of goods of all kinds. The most frequent public means of transport are buses, coaches, trolleybuses and taxi. In big cities there is an underground.
  8. 8. Road transport – advantages Examples of sentences:   Travelling by car has many advantages – it is  comfortable and fast. We can go anywhere and we can also stop where we want.  We can also go any time we want, we aren´t  depended on the time-table.
  9. 9. Road transport – disadvantages Examples of sentences: But there are also disadvantages.  Number of cars is bigger and bigger, which is  connected with the danger of traffic jams,  accidents and the pollution of air.  Sometimes it is difficult to find a place for parking.  And the price of petrol is very high. 
  10. 10. Can you name any rail vehicles? Trains Trams Underground Example of sentence: Rail vehicles are trains, trams, and the underground.
  11. 11. Rail transport - advantages Rail transport is relatively cheap and fast. It has high capacity and it is possible to carry  huge cargos. Railway is the safest form of transport. The trains provide protection to goods from sun,  rain, wind, etc.
  12. 12. Rail transport - disadvantages The railway needs a large investment of capital. Railway transport is uneconomical for short  distances. You are dependent on timetable and trains are  often delayed. 
  13. 13. Travelling by air - advantages Example of sentence: Travelling by plane is the fastest and most  comfortable way of travelling. We mostly travel by plane for long distances – to  foreign countries and overseas.  We get something to eat and drink while  travelling.
  14. 14. Travelling by air – disadvantages Examples of sentences: Travelling by plane is very expensive. Some people are afraid of flying. There is also the danger of terrorist attack.
  15. 15. Travelling by air – disadvantages Examples of sentences: The air transportation system is strictly dependent on the timetable. There are many more security screenings, check points and luggage searches.
  16. 16. Advantages/disadvantages The advantage of…………is that it is……… Example: The advantage of travelling by plane is that it is fast and comfortable.
  17. 17. Advantages/disadvantages The disadvantage of………is that it is…… Example: The disadvantage of travelling by plane is that it is expansive.
  18. 18. Ship transport Means of ship transport: A ship - large, sails in the oceans and seas, carrying all types of goods A boat - smaller than ship, used on rivers or lakes and is usually specialized (fishing). A merchant vessel - a ship that transports cargo in commercial trade
  19. 19. Ship transport Means of ship transport: A ferry - used to carry passengers, and vehicles across water An ocean liner - designed to transport people from one seaport to another A cruise ship - a passenger ship used for pleasure voyages
  20. 20. Ship transport Means of ship transport: A steamboat - is a ship in which steam power is used A yacht - a recreational boat or ship
  21. 21. Pros and cons of ship transport + small cost + possibility to transfer huge loads - slow transport - depend on waterways
  22. 22. Pros and cons of ship transport Examples of sentences: The main advantage of ship transport is relatively small cost. Another advantage of ship transport is that it is possible to transfer huge loads. The main disadvantage of this kind of transport is that it is very slow and depends on waterways.