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A fictive Google AdWords campaign for a fictive brand RootsBoots. Only the effort was real.
Concentration: AdWords

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  • High correlation of keywords and ad copy25 of our keywords had a click-through above predicted CTR of 3%SEO optimized website with appropriate metadata: the 4 different ad groups take you to 4 different (relevant to the group) pictures Set a starting goal of an ad position of 4 or higherPaying higher Max CPC to achieve a higher position Because we’re up against a lot of big brands (Hunter, Ugg, L.L. Bean, Lands End, etc) -> good position makes us look bigger and like a legit player in the categoryImproving our quality score is super important for us because as winter gets closer, the prices of these keywords will get higherImproving our quality score will lower how much we have to pay for bids, which we will need as the prices get higherUsed keywords based on people’s lifestyles/ environments/ mentality when they will be searching -> high correlation to their searchesEx) warm socks, shoe warmers, waterproofing spray, snow shovel, etc.Continuous monitoring of our campaigns over time to optimizewhich keywords work, which ads work, what works on our landing page, what helps our conversion rateGoal: Top 3 ad position
  • RootsBoots

    1. 1. ROOTS BOOTS Presented by Kate, Mike, Jiri & Jen
    3. 3. IT ALL STARTED WHEN… + Once upon a time, a girl named Amanda realized that the snow salt and winter weather severely ruined her Hunter boots. From olive oil to Clorox, she tried everything to clean up the mess. However, nothing worked. After hearing this story, a little light bulb went off in our heads over at Roots Boots…
    4. 4. OUR PRODUCTRoots Boots are:• Indestructible (salt-proof)• Insulated (using wool)• Waterproof• Made to endure both rain & snow• Sleek• Fashionable• Affordable• Made in America
    5. 5. TARGET AUDIENCE• 20-35 female• Urban dweller• Lives in colder climates• Commutes to work by walking• Higher than median income • Quality driven • Rational decision-maker • Researches thoroughly before she buys • Trendy • Style conscious • Appreciates both fashion and function
    6. 6. So how do we sell these things?!
    7. 7. ACCOUNT STRUCTURE Objective: Sell boots Campaign #1: Campaign #2: Insulation Coating Winter Warmth Waterproof Weather
    8. 8. KEYWORDS
    9. 9. KEYWORDSCampaign #1: Insulation AD GROUP #1: WINTER AD GROUP #2: WARMTH Winter shoes Warm socks Ice scraper Wool socks Winter boots Warm boots Winter socks Insulated boots Snow scraper Shoe warmers Snow shovel Warm shoes Winter snow boots Womens warm boots Boots for winter Warm winter boots Winter boots for women Warm snow boots Winter rain boots Warm stylish boots Winter snow boots for women Insulated rain boots Insulated winter boots Warm rain boots Fashionable winter boots Warm boots for women
    10. 10. KEYWORDSCampaign #2: Coating AD GROUP #1: WATERPROOF AD GROUP #2: WEATHER Waterproof boots Cold weather boots Waterproof winter boots All weather boots Waterproof socks Wet weather boots Waterproof spray Ice salt Waterproof coating Extreme weather boots Waterproofing spray Weather boots Waterproof snow boots Womens all weather boots Waterproof boots for women Weather snow forecast Women waterproof snow boots Shoes for cold weather Waterproof rain boots Boots for cold weather Extreme cold weather boots Snow salt
    11. 11. NEGATIVE KEYWORDS NEGATIVE KEYWORDS Breathable boots Warm weather boots Cheap rain boots Cheap snow boots Rain boots for men Snow boots for men Rain boots on sale Winter boots on sale Discount rain boots Discount winter boots Leather boots Off-brand boots
    12. 12. OUR ADS
    13. 13. OUR ADSCampaign: Winter Campaign: Warmth
    14. 14. OUR ADSCampaign: Waterproof Campaign: Weather
    15. 15. So let’s take a look at the numbers…
    16. 16. MANUFACTURING COSTS PRODUCTION COSTS (per pair) Rubber: $ 2.80 Wool: $ 3 Coating: $ 1 PROFIT (per pair) Trim: $ 1.50 Retail price: $99.99 Labor: $ 7.25 Profit: $59.44 Overhead: $ 25 Total: $ 40.55
    17. 17. MARKETING COSTSGoals: Average ad position (3-4) / 6000 Impression per day
    18. 18. FINAL COSTS / PROFITGOALS PER DAY REAL NUMBERSImpressions 6,000CTR 3% 180 clicksConversions 10% 18 conversionsPairs per order 1 18 pairs total per dayProfit per day $1,069.92Profit per year $390,520.80 6,570 pairs total per yearAdWords daily budget $250.00AdWords expense per year $91,250.00Total profit per year $299,270.80ROI 227%
    20. 20. QUALITY SCORE STRATEGY 52% of keywords had a CTR above our predicted 3%Selected keywords based SEO optimized website with on lifestyle and context appropriate metadata for high relevancy Extremely high correlation Continuous monitoring of ourBetween key words & ad copy campaigns over time to optimize
    21. 21. FUTURE GOALS
    22. 22. FUTURE GOALS• Reach & exceed profit goals of $299,270.80• Achieve top of mind awareness to optimize our ability to compete against industry leaders  Expand market share and increase sales  Build a strong online presence supported by social media to achieve this goal• Increase ad position over time  Strategy to compete with Hunter Boots• Lower our CPC to $2.00 by improving our Quality Score• Optimize our landing page to achieve higher conversion rates and higher Quality Score
    23. 23. FUTURE GOALS• Expand number of campaigns: Objective: Sell boots Campaign Campaign Campaign #3: #4: Summer #5: Urban Women Competitors Sale Fashionable City On Sale Hunter L.L. Bean Ugg• Fashionable rain • Harsh city • Discount • Hunter boot • Stylish L.L. • Water-resistant boots winters winter boots alternatives Bean boots Uggs• Pretty winter boots • Urban fashion • Rain boots • Hunter boot • Waterproof• Trendy winter boots trends on sale salt stain Ugg boots• Popular rain boots • Urban winter • Discount rain boots boots
    24. 24. THANKS!Andremember: