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Simplicity for financial services



Simplicity become a buzz word in financial services. What is really 'simplicity'? And why does it matter?...

Simplicity become a buzz word in financial services. What is really 'simplicity'? And why does it matter?
I suggest the basics to designing 'simplicity' in financial services.
(presented at Next Bank Asia conference 2012 in Singapore)



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Simplicity for financial services Simplicity for financial services Presentation Transcript

  • Simplicity  for  -inancial  services  Jin  Zwicky  VP,  Experience  Design  /  OCBC  Bank   1
  • ‘Simplicity’    became  a  buzzword   Simplicity   Simple   Simplicity   Simple   Simpli-ied  Simplicity  for  -inancial  services  |  Jin  Zwicky    
  • Simplicity  for  -inancial  services  |  Jin  Zwicky    
  • Are  they  really  simple?  
  • Simplicity  for  -inancial  ser vices   What   is   simplicity  
  • Simplicity  is  based  on  human  nature  and  common  sense.   Edward  de  Bono   no overlap small overlap medium overlap big overlap complete overlap Complex Simple Mental model Knowledge needed to understandSimplicity  for  -inancial  services  |  Jin  Zwicky     11
  • Simplicity  is  about  working  backwards  from  what  people  need.   Bill  Jensen   What  banks  want   What  people  need  Simplicity  for  -inancial  services  |  Jin  Zwicky     12
  • Simplicity  is  not  natural.  Relevance  You  have  to  make  it  happen.   Edward  de  Bono   What  banks  want   What  people  need   Simplicity  for  -inancial  services  |  Jin  Zwicky     13
  • Simplicity  for  -inancial  ser vices   Why  simplicity  m a tters     to  banks?  
  • 12  f   Pages  oform  -illing  
  • 8  of   Pages   conversation   10 21 6 AP MP E-1 FM -FN 2WW MS H- o.: 19 32 00 03Co .Re g.N pyBa nk Co
  • 0  of   paper   interaction  Simplicity  for  -inancial  services  |  Jin  Zwicky    
  • Simplicity  =    Meaningful  problem  solving  Simplicity  for  -inancial  services  |  Jin  Zwicky    
  • LGI New Target Return Fund Sales as at 29 Nov (S$) LG NTRF Sales (S$) Avg Daily Sales for past 10 mths for top fund (S$) A  new  investment  product   8,000,000 with  simplicity  design  /   150%     Sales 7,000,000 development  process   6,000,000 +67% lift   5,000,000Sales (S$) 4,000,000 3,000,000 2,000,000 Average  daily  sales  for   1,000,000 past  10months  for  top   fund   - 11 13 15 17 19 21 23 25 1 3 5 7 9 ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay D D D D D D D D D D D D D Date Simplicity  for  -inancial  services  |  Jin  Zwicky     19
  • Customers  don’t  understand  
  • Customers  understand  
  • Simplicity  =    Clarity    =                            Con-idence  Simplicity  for  -inancial  services  |  Jin  Zwicky    
  • First  two  weeks  result  After  simpli;ied  internet  &  mobile  banking  launch   Organic  baseline  without  any  sign-­‐up  campaign   6000     +67% App   3500     3000     Usage  of     downloads   new  sign-­‐up   new  features   activation  Simplicity  for  -inancial  services  |  Jin  Zwicky     24
  • Simplicity  sells!  Jin  Zwicky  |  The  Basics  of  Simplicity  
  • Simplicity  for  -inancial  ser vices   How  to  Make  it  hap pen  
  • The  basics  to  simplicity   Want  it,   Master  user-­‐ Focus   Obsess   badly   centered   ruthlessly   with   design   design   Mindset   Process   Skillset   Simplicity  for  -inancial  services  |  Jin  Zwicky    
  • The  basics  to  simplicity   #1   Want  it,  badly   Unless  simplicity  is  de-ined  as  your  priority,  it  will  not  be  there.     Simplicity  for  -inancial  services  |  Jin  Zwicky    
  • Head  of  Wealth   Management  Jin  Zwicky  |  The  Basics  of  Simplicity  
  • The  basics  to  simplicity   #2   Master  user-­‐centered     design  process   Simplicity  for  -inancial  services  |  Jin  Zwicky    
  • Start  with  customers   Prototype  &  Iterate   Commit  to  design   Improve Improve Learn Learn Learn Improve Simplicity   Test Test TestSimplicity  for  -inancial  services  |  Jin  Zwicky    
  • Relationship  managers   Head  of   advisory   Head  of  investment  Culture  of  co-­‐creation  
  • Culture  of  protyping  Jin  Zwicky  |  The  Basics  of  Simplicity  
  • 34
  • The  basics  to  simplicity   #3   Focus  ruthlessly     Articulate  one  objective  and  do  one  thing  well.     Simplicity  for  -inancial  services  |  Jin  Zwicky    
  • The  basics  to  simplicity   #4   Obsess  with  design     The  look  is  the  message   Simplicity  for  -inancial  services  |  Jin  Zwicky    
  • Design  ignorance   Power  of  design   +  jargon   +plain  English  
  • Thank  you!   common sense    Join  the  conversation     simplicity@jinzwicky  Designfulcompany.com     beauty