Who & How & Why We are What we are !


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Yes you have heard it right,we are a great company to work for and work with. This greatness has solely come from the company of excellent folks We are thanking our employees and patrons with this presentation.

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Who & How & Why We are What we are !

  1. 1. Ramy's way of work! independence & conscientiousness #Culture.Code.Matrix
  2. 2. Ramy’s vision: Troubles and problems are having hard time staying with us because our employees are bullying them with solution & diligence. #Culture.Code.Matrix
  3. 3. Ramy trust Measuring an employee with someone else is unkind each one is unique with massive amount of qualities. Just like rain-drop is one but rain is massive. Be like rain within a drop. This, we have learned from our employees. #Culture.Code.Matrix
  4. 4. A mind at peace is mine of ideas. Peace of Mind #Culture.Code.Matrix
  5. 5. #Culture.Code.Matrix
  6. 6. The greatest wisdom is in simplicity. Complexity creates chaos. Simplify things, processes & execution. What Ramy expect from our teams The more you will demand from within, the less we will demand from you The real knowledge is free. Information has charge. So become knowledge bearer. Knowledge is given but information is taken. We are honoring you because you have something of value in the shape of knowledge. Knowledge ultimately becomes wisdom with years of practice. Be positive in your approach for handling every day matter. Situation can be stressful sometimes but remember big ships can not sink in the water unless they let go water inside. Positivity keeps the pressure out of mind . Your thoughts are energy within you. They have tremendous power to change & transform . Be the energy which can be peaceful even in the midst of troubles, upheaval & discord. Its Ok to change decisions, sometimes for the betterment but indecisiveness can lead to mindset of uncertainty for even sound minded individual. If you have positive outlook & cheerful disposition you will find good in people without really looking for good people. #Culture.Code.Matrix
  7. 7. Your goals, targets are your offspring. If you have teething troubles, Ramy must act as gentle gel. What our teams MUST expect from Ramy We have the audacity for simplicity in complicity If you have an excellent lead generation approach with proven results, Ramy must follow your suit by excellent compensation generation move . If you have gone beyond call of duty to help secure important client or deal, Ramy must go call travel agent for generous well deserving vacation package. Time can change anytime, but if you have also changed inefficient process with efficiency, you should claim paid lunch-time anytime. Your first-class behavior and impressive skills are your second nature. Ramy must take note of your first impression & endorse you among peers. We have hired you to promote for what we do not possess but we must possess the generosity to promote your valued possessions unbiased. #Culture.Code.Matrix
  8. 8. #Culture.Code.Matrix
  9. 9. •Micro Managing •Do not play the game [be the game]. •Working for problem not for solution. •Winning the battle loosing the war. •Top down approach instead of bottom up. •Looking at things as they are not at what & why they are. •Conformed not informed. •They are always in future or past. They seldom miss present. •Scared of open mindedness in fear of falling their brain (no pun intended!). •Not smiling and laughing at own mistakes. What Leadership is not! #Culture.Code.Matrix
  10. 10. •We believe in miracle of knowledge & talent sharing. The more we share, more we grow. • We you have authentic reason to miss the work for a day or two we will miss your presence. • We seldom use words & time carelessly, because we know both have no backward compatibility. •If we have not learned from mistakes, we have learning disability. •We honor healthy, productive criticism, its shaping our productivity. •If you are great achiever, we will prove it to the world. What is unique about us #Culture.Code.Matrix
  11. 11. How Industry is looking for Talent Responsibilities Preferred Qualifications Role Benefits Top reasons to work with us The Perks Desired Skills and Experience Main duties What You Will Be Doing What You Need for this Position How we are redefining Industy for Talent HUNT #Culture.Code.Matrix
  12. 12. If your reliable results have positively impacted innovations with curiosity & passion to communicate honest outlook with altruistic candor for the betterment of an industry we need YOU. STEP ONE AND ONLY #Culture.Code.Matrix
  13. 13. The End! #Culture.Code.Matrix