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Engagedots is an enterprise business solutions providing you a complete service to enhance the management, employees and customers with the integrated business tool. We are here to provide you, end to end solution under single platform.

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Engagedots ppt

  1. 1. NDOT Technologies EngagedotsAn Enterprise Business Solution from NDOT
  2. 2. Eminent Features• Substantial 4+ years of experience in web-oriented product design & development and mobile application development• Cumulative organization experience of 400 man years• Head quarters occupying 7500 Sq.Ft in Coimbatore city with an operating office at US and Morroco• Team of 140+ skilled professionals• More than 1000+ customers across the globe
  3. 3. EngagedotsEngagedots is an enterprise business solution that can manageentire business through single platform. It can increase thesales & income with centralized database & good supportsystem.The employees can be managed efficiently with taskmanagement and performance management. The project canbe monitored for progress and can be completed withinstipulated time.
  4. 4. Engagedots Features Leverages sales with good support system User-friendly and intuitive user interface Suitable for all types of industries including:  IT services  Government  Financial services  Manufacturing  Healthcare  Retail  Education  Media Best Cloud-based collaboration platforms Standalone and also supports SaaS model Supports on various platforms
  5. 5. Engagedots Advantages Adapts with the existing business Collaboration among employees Quick decision making Integrates all departments into single unit Generates need-specific reports Append data from other CRM Manage employees in hierarchal structure Project & sales automation Secured access along with effective communication
  6. 6. Benefits Tremendously improve the sales with custom modules Track down marketing goals and direction Breakthrough productivity and workflow Easy customer handling with centralized database Satisfied customer with personalized service Easy employee management Employee collaboration within enterprise Enterprise-level social networking Control on completion of assigned task Detailed report on projects and sales
  7. 7. Engagedots Modules1. Contact management2. Sales module3. Support & Tickets management4. Employee/Team management5. Reports6. Internal Social networking7. Settings8. Project management9. Task management10.Employee collaboration
  8. 8. Contacts ManagementThe contacts module acts as the central database that is accessedby other modules for proper functioning of Engagedots solution.The functions include:  Manages centralized contact database  Provides database to follow leads  Database used for communication with clients  Lead status can be viewed at any time  Search the database dynamically  Filter the contact database alphabetically  Sort by field label
  9. 9. Contacts ManagementThe features include:  Contacts can be managed easily with option to edit or delete  All the information like name, title, email, phone number etc can be recorded  Each contact record can track the complete details of opportunities, purchases, and invoices  The notes related to the contact can be recorded.
  10. 10. Sales ModuleThe sales module includes:  Lead Management  Customer management  Opportunities  Purchase Management  Invoice Management
  11. 11. Sales Module FeaturesFeatures include:  Assign leads  Manage sales leads  Lead generation  Billing and invoice automation  Tickets listing with status  Track projects and tasks  Schedule events or meetings  Record the notes
  12. 12. Support and Ticket Management This module helps to resolve the clients problem swiftly using the righttools.  Tickets are raised on issues by clients  Tickets are automatically assigned to support agents with powerful business rules  Tickets are attended by the liable person to solve issue  Manage queries through multiple channels like email, live chat, help desk, web form, and phone call  FAQ is made available with smart answer recommendations  Helps to build long lasting customer relationship
  13. 13. Support and Ticket ManagementFeatures include:  Track ticket status till the closure  Client contact information handling  Route or assign tickets  Set ticket types and priority  Monitoring tickets closely  Email notification  Support via phone, email, skype
  14. 14. Employee/Account ManagementThe employee management module manages the complete details of the employees like name, roles, responsibilities etc in a hierarchy model in the enterprise level.  Team level hierarchy  Level-wise employee details  Centralized employee database  Keeps track of employee leads, contacts, opportunities, purchases and projects  Notes can be included for each entry
  15. 15. Employee/Team ManagementFeatures include:  Manage employees in hierachial manner  View the tree structure  Record employee personnel information  Monitor each employees status  Keep track of particular employees leads, contacts, opportunities, purchases, and projects  Option to edit or delete employee records
  16. 16. Reports ManagementReports are essential tools to get insight of various facts using dataand understand the relationship among the dataFunctions include:  Reports to monitor task progress and completion  Sales report to get status of the lead and percentage of conversion  Work status report to monitor work progress  Track on enterprise activities with chart wise reports like pie chart, bar diagram and more
  17. 17. Reports ManagementFeatures include:  Prepare reports with editable fieldset by selecting the fields required.  Add or view reports  Filter the reports based on field value  Avoid redundancy of data  Pictorial charts for better understanding  Periodical reports for closely monitoring the business activities
  18. 18. Internal Social NetworkThe internal social interaction helps to build a corporate community withinthe organization that can enable better decision making and problemsolving.  Profiles are created for each employee to communicate with his colleagues within enterprise  Get updates about colleagues and share ideas and interest  View profile, post on wall, update status, search people  Import all the contact information like email id, phone number etc  Helps to establish a social connect
  19. 19. Internal Social NetworkFeatures include:  Detailed profile management  Add friends  Secured messaging and socializing  Calendar option to note events  My task list to view status of work  Update status message  Include photo, video, or link with status message  Restrict message view only to friends, only me, and everyone
  20. 20. SettingsThe settings panel allows to manage the entire business as wellas the Engagedots business solutions to function properly.The features of Settings panel include  The hierachical organization tree structure can be managed with dynamic role definition  Editable readymade email templates are made available with option to track changes  Control parameters are available for internal/external access
  21. 21. SettingsThe features of Settings panel include  Every employee can be vested with limited powers and permission to access the application  The dashboard of each empolyee is role-based  The application is made secured with authorized access set by administrator  The language can be set using settings panel  The SMTPsettings can be defined
  22. 22. Project ManagementThe projects can be handled easily by Engagedots with completecontrol over project execution and completion.The functions of project management includes:  The whole projects can be assigned or can be divided and assigned as tasks  Multiple projects can be handled simultaneously  The work progress can also be monitored with regular events like meetings  The status of work or task completion is indicated by the progress bar
  23. 23. Project ManagementThe functions of project management includes:  The summed up progress bar of each employee associated with projects indicates project status  The project hours can be edited by authorized persons  Project-related documents and notes can be managed in this module  Events like meetings can be scheduled to monitor project progress
  24. 24. Task ManagementThe task management module assigns task to employees and keepstrack on the projectFunctions include:  Tasks are assigned level-wise to employees  Progress of the task is monitored  The completion of the task is measured in percentage  Work progress is reflected on team level as well as individual  Module aids to have complete control over the project  Multiple task handling
  25. 25. Task ManagementThe task module includes:  Task management  Assign task  Task tracking  Schedule Meetings  Task status reports.
  26. 26. Task ManagementFeatures include:  Option to add, edit, or delete task  Set priority and status  Have checklist of tasks  Filter task based on status  Search the records based on task/email  Reduced project administration overhead  Control on project progress  Monitor resource utilization
  27. 27. Employee CollaborationSocial networking within the enterprise level allows for bestemployee collaboration.  Corporate private network within the organization  Dynamic knowledge-based database  Quick access to needed information  Share documents and ideas  Assist for better decision making  Solve issues quickly  Manage easy work flow
  28. 28. Employee CollaborationFeatures include:  Advantage of enterprise social networking  Post on wall  Enterprise micro blogging  Likes, comments, link sharing  Easy updates on people and projects  Share ideas and feedback
  29. 29. Strength• Proficient field knowledge• Cost effective solutions• Experienced professionals• Fast turn-around time• Bug-free application development• Technical support to customers round the clock
  30. 30. Contact Morocco Chahir DrissIndia Corporate HQ: M.D Super TradeNDOT Technologies Pvt Ltd, Mag. 7 IMM. ALISite No.7, Block No.3, 171 BIS RUE MOHAMED EL BEQALMaruthamalai Road, GUELIZ , MARRAKECH 40000Coimbatore - 641 041, India. MOROCCO Email: d.chahir@ndot.in Phone : +212 (0)6 58 58 5000US Office: +1 (323) 982-8943.Head Office: +91 422-434-2519.Email: contact-sales@ndot.in BahrainSkype: nandakumar.online Ashish Thomas Mathew Buidling 929, Road 2919 ManamaUS Operation Kingdom of BahrainNDOT LLC, ashish.mathew@ndot.in1628 Oak Tree Rd STE 9Edison, Phone: +97334313532NJ 08820Phone: +1 (323) 982-8943
  31. 31. THANK YOU