Top 10 ways to market your business online for free


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Get the most ways to market your business on the internet for free. This short article will show you the most effective internet marketing techniques that are working now.;

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Top 10 ways to market your business online for free

  1. 1. Top 10 Ways to Market Your Business Online for FreeAlthough there are many ways to market your business online whether your business online or offline,many of them I dont use. The reason is that quite frankly, Im skeptical. A lot of these techniques eitherdont work, or they have been so overused that they have been rendered completely useless. Emailmarketing is an excellent example. Although it still works, it doesnt work as well as it used to.The following are the most effective online marketing techniques I have found, and they continue to work.You may need to change the way you do them, but they will work fo you. The best part is that most ofthese techniques will become passive traffic machines. The goal is to put your passive traffic machines inthe right places. Make sure you target your audience. This is crucial for your success.1. Article MarketingThis is definitely one of my favorite techniques because I love to write. There are tons of article directoriesavailable, both general and niche directories. Write unique articles and submit them to the top directories.Then look for sites that allow you to submit articles on your topic. These directories may actually help youmore.2. Search Engine OptimizationThere are two main sites you want to focus on here: Google and Bing. These two search engines willaccount for about 80 percent of your search engine traffic. Yahoo even uses Bing for its results now, soyoull have solid coverage of the top search engines. Use smaller search engines to help you pick up anyextra traffic. You will find these to be less competitive, so its worth it to submit.3. Free ClassifiedsAlthough you may not think that free classifieds are an effective way to promote your business, these sitesactually get a lot of traffic. In fact, one of the top 50 most visited websites in the world is a free classifiedssite (craigslist). There are two more that are ranked in the top 600, so its worth it to take a look at thesesites. Write a good ad and follow the rules as they are picky about what they allow you to post.4. Joint VenturesThis is a more advanced way to market, so I really wouldnt recommend it to those who are new to internetmarketing. A joint venture is an excellent way to build cash quickly to your business once you build anetwork of partners to market your products for you. Build relationships here, and youll have anopportunity to market your business in places you may not have considered. Remember, this is differentfrom having an affiliate program. You will have to offer more, and affiliates are more likely to come and gothan good joint venture partners.5. BloggingBlogging is a great way to build a website and market your business at the same time. You may use blogand RSS directories, as well as ping sites to help you get your content indexed and ranked well in the searchengines. Its also a public relations vehicle for your business and allows you to connect with those who areinterested in your topic. I would recommend you start here and then add one of the other techniques tohelp you get started building an effective marketing plan.
  2. 2. 6. Video MarketingVideos are popular. Millions of people watch them every month, and so its a great way to get your contentin front of your potential visitors in a different way. Youll find plenty of free software to help you createyour videos, and you may even want to consider using your cell phone camera to create video. It really isthat simple.7. Social Media MarketingOf all the techniques on this list, I think this one is probably the most difficult to do, but if you stick withit, you can see incredible results. Social marketing is like forum marketing on steroids. It allows you todistribute your content, as well as connect with your audience and get involved with your potential visitors.If you want to get involved in the conversation and find out what people are talking about, this techniquewill put your fingers on the pulse of what your market wants.8. Affiliate Program ManagementIf you sell your own products and services, then an affiliate program allows you to increase your reach inyour market by allowing others to sell your products and then split amount of the sales. The key here is tocreate a great affiliate program and offer training and marketing materials to market your products. Build arelationship with your affiliates for better results.9. Free Ebooks, Reports, And Document SitesDigital downloads are the ultimate in passive traffic machines, and unlike articles, readers find them to befar more valuable. You also have far more opportunities to promote your business than article directoriesbecause there are far more sites that accept this type of content. You may also offer your content indifferent forms, including slide shows, presentations, PDFS and more.10. ForumsAlthough this is an old technique, its still a great way to market because there are so many forums availableon so many different topics. Get involved in the conversation and find forums that are active and includelots of members. Demonstrate your expertise, and youll connect with your readers.If you want more traffic and sales, then use free internet marketing techniques that are effective. Try oneor two in the beginning and then add new techniques as you go along. Consistency is key here. Consistentlymarket your business and use effective internet marketing techniques, and youll definitely increase yourbusiness.Want to know more? Then sign up for my free internet marketing webinar where I explain each of thesesites in more detail. A limited number of free marketing plan evaluations are available if you want toimprove your internet marketing efforts this year.