How to Grow Your Business with Facebook Fan Pages


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Whether you own an online or offline business, Facebook is the best way to grow it socially because it is the top social network on the planet. It's also free to create a fan page. Here's how to get started.

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How to Grow Your Business with Facebook Fan Pages

  1. 1. Marketing Small Businesses with Facebook
  2. 2. Introduction • Do you have a Facebook business page? • If not, you’re missing out on a huge marketing opportunity • Don’t give your competitors an easy advantage
  3. 3. Creating a Business Facebook Page • Facebook changes the way people do business • Creating a page only takes five minutes • Maintaining it can be a little tougher
  4. 4. Before You Begin • You don’t need much to get started • Facebook pages are free to businesses • Do not promote your business on your personal profile page
  5. 5. Before You Begin • Make sure you have two general photos in mind • Have a vision, theme, or idea for your page • Make it easier to create your page > know what you want to do with it
  6. 6. Core Framework • Visit > “Create Page” • Select your cover photo > one of the main benefits of Facebook Pages’ new format • Select a profile picture > e.g. business logo
  7. 7. Core Framework • Fill in the About section > explain what your business does, include a link to your website • Organize apps > choose which apps are found first • Set milestones > use to show major events for your company
  8. 8. Core Framework • Star, Hide and Pin > take control over what’s shown, and how long it’s shown for • Tour around the Admin Panel > reply to comments, make changes, create ads, etc. • Enable messages > customers can contact you about issues and concerns, privately
  9. 9. Core Framework • Managing the Activity Log – View, manage, organize your hidden and public posts – Sort stories by comments, posts, and pictures
  10. 10. Best Business Practices • Best times to post are when people aren’t typically at work • Posting one or two times a day increases user engagement • The shorter the post, the sweeter it is
  11. 11. Best Business Practices • Ask questions! • Make them fill in the blank! • Know your keywords and how to use them • Keep it simple
  12. 12. Using a Marketing Consultant • Ask the right questions – How long have you been using Facebook, and why? – What do you use your personal Facebook page for? – What is your social media background?
  13. 13. Using a Marketing Consultant • Ask the right questions – Do I need to be on Facebook and every other site? – How do you measure your results for your own page? – What exact results can you promise me?
  14. 14. Using a Marketing Consultant • Ask the right questions – Can I cut out my offline marketing now that I’m on Facebook? – How much will it cost to set up my Facebook page? – Have your written online content before?
  15. 15. Using a Marketing Consultant • Ask the right questions – Will this fix the problems my business is having? No! Any consultant telling you otherwise isn’t interested in genuinely helping you
  16. 16. Conclusion • Create an account and get started! • Tap into the huge potential lying within Facebook
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