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  1. 1. Smartphones and tablet computers Producers: Calvin Tran Jonathan Yau
  2. 2. Smart phones
  3. 3. Smart Phones… What can they do?• Play games• Internet browsing• Access and utilise thousands of apps• Threaded view in Messaging (Similar to MSN)• High resolution screens• Quality graphics and camera Angry Birds- Popular Smartphon e game
  4. 4. Samsung Galaxy S IIA top of the range Android PhoneSpecifications:• Android 2.3 OS• 8.0 Mega Pixel Camera w/ LED flash• 4.3” Super AMOLED Capacitive Touch Screen• 1 gHz Dual core Processor• 1 GB RamWhat does that mean?• Large high resolution screen with super crisp visuals• High resolution camera resulting in quality pictures• One of the first dual core Smart phones in the market resulting in fast processing, gaming, internet browsing and speeds overall• Access to over 200 000 apps in the Android App market
  5. 5. Insert video of Galaxy S II or something
  6. 6. What is Android? • Android is an open source Operating System for Mobile Phones and Tablet Computers • Open source means device manufacturers can easily acquire the programming• Many apps on Android have been ported over from the iOS platform, a large amount of them are free made possible by including advertisements• A less “restrictive” and “proprietary” Operating System allowing usersHome freedom than iOS more
  7. 7. Android’s Hardware• Because Android is an Open Source software and gives software designers a lot of freedom, many phone manufacturers are now using it as their primary OS• Unlike Apple, Blackberry and iOS, Android can be installed on phones of varying hardwareBack to:What is HomeAndroid ?
  8. 8. iPhone 3GSSpecifications• iOS 3, upgradable to iOS4• 3.2 Megapixel Camera• 3.5” Capacitive Touch Screen• 600 mHz Processor• 256 mb RAMWhat does that mean?• Responsive touch screen• Access to over 300 000 apps in the App store• Many popular and well designed Apps on the iOS platform
  9. 9. iPhone 3GS taken apart Battery Pack and main circuitry
  10. 10. What is iOS?•iOS recently renamed from “iPhone OS” is the Operating System thatApple Inc. installs on their phones.•iOS has also been reconfigured to work on their other products such asthe iPod Touch and the iPad which is also explored in this kiosk•The iOS is not licensed for licensed for installation on hardware otherthan their own companies gadgets
  11. 11. Tablet Pc’s• Tablet PC’s are a portable personal computer normally equipped with a touch screen and is used as a primary input device.• The one being referenced here is the Ipad, Apples new portable tablet computer device.
  12. 12. What can it do?
  13. 13. What makes it better than a desktop?• Tablet pc’s offer mobility. Designed to work on batteries and direct electricity from wall outlets these are truly advantageous for someone who is always on the go..• Tablets are compact and may contain features that an ordinary computer set may not have. Built-in camera, speakers, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and infrared are among these features• Tablets are designed in an aesthetically pleasing manner as opposed to the traditional desktop computer.• Tablets are fully mobile and can be set up from anywhere in your home. Forget about the constant mess and clutter that orbits the typical desktop computer AREA.
  14. 14. Technicalspecifications
  15. 15. The modern day tablet pc • See it in Action!