BIS hallmark jewellery


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BIS hallmark jewellery

  2. 2. About UsEver since commencing operations in New Delhi in the year1994, We have progressed from manufacturer and wholesalerto exporters of repute.Our own signature showroom at Lajpat Nagar, New Delhiis a testimony of our commitment to quality.Over the years, we have carved a niche for ourselves, offeringan exciting array of fine jewellery of exceptionalcraftsmanship. Professional, Transparent and Trustworthyis what we stand for.Our each piece bears the Jindal mark of quality, and comeswith a Certificate of authenticity, making Jindal Diamondsone of the few jewelers to offer complete piece of mind andsecurity of investment through 100% hallmarked andcertified diamond jewellery, with a 100 per cent buy-backguarantee.
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  5. 5. What Is Hallmarking?Hallmarking is the accuratedetermination and official recording ofthe proportionate content of preciousmetal in precious metal (gold or silver)articles. Hallmarks are thus officialmarks used in many countries as aguarantee of purity or fineness ofprecious metal (gold or silver) articles.
  7. 7. In India people from ancient times have had a special relation with Gold and Silver. Gold is the symbol of prosperityand accumulation of wealth in India, itis a status symbol. Gold is not a product in India rather a commodity. It has nobrand or expiry date. In rural area Gold is still used as a barter and thereforeworks as monetary tool. The importance of Gold and Silver in Indian society is deeply rooted in its culture.
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  9. 9. Gold and Silver are two metalwhich if ornamented in theirpurest state will not be ableto withstand wear andtherefore in order to providethem solidarity they are mixedwith some alloys to ensurethat the article remains solid.
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  11. 11. Now the amount of alloy used in givingsolidity to the article also affects the puritylevel of the gold/silver jewelry. The higherthe portion of alloy in the article lesser willbe its purity and value. A system ofmeasuring the purity of gold/silver on thebasis of the proportion of gold/silver toalloy was developed which assigns ‘Carats’to a gold/silver article. For e.g. if a jewelrypiece consist of 95% pure gold and 5%alloy than it will be assigned 23 Carats.
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  13. 13. Why Hallmarking?In India malpractices relating to purity ofmetal are many, there is no end to it. Indianconsumer have succumbed a lot of times tothe ill-intentioned practices of Jewelerswho adulterate the metal and sell it underhigh-quality rates. Many a times customersare sold Gold/Silver of 22 carats but whenthe customer resells it he/she finds out thatit is 18 carats.
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  15. 15. In India since the emphasis is on highcaratage, a lot of problems have arisen due tolack of high-carat solders. A 22 carat jewellerypiece contains a lot of soldered joints and sincethe soldered joints are of alloys of lowercaratage it has led to significant undercarating. On top of this the traditional fraudof adulteration through the addition of lot ofalloy in the article and then quoting highercarats at the time of sale. But all this endedafter BIS launched its Hallmarking scheme.
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  17. 17. Ushering the era of Hallmarking The Government of India took notice of this fact and tried to come with a hallmarking scheme that will guarantee protection to consumers especially in the case of standards of finesses and adulteration. In this regard the RBI standing committee on old and Precious metal recommended a voluntary scheme emphasizing that the use of ill-intentioned means in jewellery production shall lead to penalty under legislation and BIS was named the sole agency responsible for issuing hallmarks under the provisions of the BIS Act. 1986.
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  19. 19. Indian standards on Goldand Gold Alloysa) IS 1417 Grades of gold and goldalloys, Jewellery/Artifacts-Fineness andMarkingb) IS 1418 Assaying of Gold in GoldBullion, Gold alloys and Gold Jewellery/Artifacts - Cupellation (Fire Assay Method)c) IS 2790 Guidelines for manufacture of23,22,21,18,14 and 9 carat gold alloysd) IS 3095 Gold Solders for use in manufacture
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  21. 21. What all you should look for inyour Jewelery? BIS Mark Purity grade/fineness (it can be any one of the following ) 958 Corresponds to 23 Carat 916 Corresponds to 22 Carat 875 Corresponds to 21 Carat 750 Corresponds to 18 Carat 708 Corresponds to 17 Carat 585 Corresponds to 14 Carat 375 Corresponds to 9 Carat
  22. 22.  Assaying/Hallmarking Centre’s Identification Mark (one of the logos as displayed on BIS website) Year of Marking – denoted by a code letter e.g. ‘A’ for year 2000 ‘B’ for year 2001 ‘C’ for year 2002 ‘D’ for year 2003 ‘E’ for year 2004 ‘F’ for year 2005 ‘G’ for year 2006 ‘H’ for year 2007 ‘J’ for year 2008 Jeweler’s Identification Mark
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  24. 24. Jindal Diamonds has established itself as one of the most trustworthy dealers of jewellery in Gold, Silver, Diamonds and other precious metals. It uses BIS certified metal and produces jewelry pieces certified by the BIS Hallmarking scheme. It strives toprovide authentic and original work to its customers.
  25. 25. Reference: FAQs by BIS
  26. 26. Visit Us At: