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  1. 1. AMULGuided By:- Developed By:- Prof. Yuvrajsinh Raol  Patel Jinal P. (55) Prof A.S.Modi  Patel Saurabh V. (39)  Patel Gayak N. (63)  Patel Ravi J. (47)
  2. 2. History• The Kaira District Co-operative Milk Producers Union Ltd. was registered on December 1, 1946, in the small town of Anand (in Kaira District of Gujarat).• The Kaira Union which had the brand name of Amul with it since 1955, transferred it to Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd. (GCMMF)• AMUL means "priceless" in Sanskrit. The brand name "Amul," from the Sanskrit "Amoolya," was suggested by a quality control expert in Anand.
  3. 3. History (Cont…)• Impressed with the success of the dairy cooperative, Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri, during his visit to Anand in 1964, asked Dr. Kurien to replicate the Anand pattern of cooperative dairying at Amul, all over India.• Thus, the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) was formed and the programme, Operation Flood launched.
  4. 4. History (Cont…)• Dr Verghese Kurien, founder-chairman of the GCMMF for more than 30 years (1973- 2006), is credited with the success of Amul.
  5. 5. Todays Development• The GCMMF is the largest food products marketing organisation of India.• Over the last five and a half decades, Dairy Cooperatives in Gujarat have created an economic network that links more than 3.1 million village milk producers with millions of consumers in India.• Today Amul handles 2.5 million litres of milk per day and process 100 MTs of milk powder daily in Gujarat.
  6. 6. Todays Development (Cont…)• These cooperatives collect on an average 9.4 million litres of milk per day.• The turnover of GCMMF (AMUL) during 2010– 11 was 97.74 billion (US$1.85 billion)
  7. 7. Achievements of GCMMF• 3.1 million milk producer member families• 15,760 village societies• 15 District Unions• 9.4 million liters of milk procured per day• 150 million (US$2.84 million) disbursed in cash daily• GCMMF is the largest cooperative business of small producers with an annual turnover of 53 billion (US$1 billion)• The Govt. of India has honoured Amul with the “Best of all categories Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Award”.• Largest cold chain network• 48 Sales offices, 5000 wholesale distributors, 7 lakh retail outlets• Export to 37 countries worth 150 crore (US$28.35 million)
  9. 9. AMUL CompetitorsProduct s/Brands CompetitorsButter Britannia, NestleCheese BritanniaBaby Food Nestle, HeinzDairy Whitener Segment Britannia, NestleIce creams HULChocolates & Confectionaries Cadbury, NestlePizza Pizza Hut, Dominos, Nirulas Frozen PizzaCurd Nestle, Mother DairyUltra High Treated Milk Britannia, NestleSweet Condensed Milk NestlePaneer BritanniaMilk Additives Cadbury, Smithkline BeechamFlavored Milk Britannia, Nestle
  10. 10. Market StrategiesDeveloping Demand• Limited purchasing power, modest consumption levels• A low-cost price strategy productsThe distribution network• dry and cold warehouses• cash transactions throughout the supply chain• JIT improves dealers return on investment (ROI)Umbrella brand• common brand for most product categories• Alums sub-brands , edible oil products - Dhara, mineral water - Jal Dhara brand while fruit drinks - SafalThird party service providers• core is milk processing , production of dairy products• logistics of milk collection, distribution of dairy products, sale of products through dealers and retail stores
  11. 11. Sales Turnover Rs.(in Millions) 1994-95 11140 1995-96 13790 1996-97 15540 1997-98 18840 1998-99 22192 1999-00 22185 2000-01 22588 2001-02 23365 2002-03 27457 2003-04 28941 2004-05 29225 2005-06 37736 2006-07 42778 2007-08 52554 2008-09 67110 2009-10 80050 2010-11 97440 2011-12 116680
  12. 12. 20000 40000 60000 80000 120000 140000 100000 01994-951995-961996-971997-981998-991999-002000-012001-022002-032003-042004-052005-062006-07 Rs.(in Millions)2007-082008-092009-10 Turnover Chart2010-112011-12 Rs.(in Millions)