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Modern latin america
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Modern latin america

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  • 1. Modern Latin America By: Jimmy Wolpert
  • 2. Americas Film
    • Migration played a major role in Mexican history
    • In 1910 the farmers revolted leading to a redistribution of land in Mexico
    • Machination in places like Mexico City displaced farmers because they moved into the city in search of work
    • Small towns became ghost town as more and more people migrated to big cities
    • All that was left I the aforementioned ghost towns were grave yards
  • 3. Americas Film
    • In the city a new Mexican Middle class emerged
    • Foreign companies moved into Mexico in order to tap into the new workforce
    • Moving into the city was a good choice for many families because it allowed them to send their children to school
    • City life also afforded many migrants upward social mobility that was impossible before
    • As population increased in Mexico’s larger cities job opportunities became less abundant
  • 4. Americas Film
    • As jobs disappeared many chose to open small businesses
    • Different sectors of town became known for the type of products that were sold there
    • It was more profitable to sell things on the streets than work minimum wage jobs
    • Too many workers moved to a city which no longer had the capacity to sustain them
    • For the first time workers started migrating to the cities for work while leaving their families behind
    • This all caused an economic collapse
    • During this time urban violence was on the rise
  • 5. America Film
    • Currently border towns are the fastest growing cities
    • Foreign companies moved more factories into Mexico because of cheap labor
    • Many women work in factories because factory owners think they are better suited for tedious work and can be paid less
    • Many workers live in squatter camps without electricity
    • Middle sized cities are currently on the rise with industrial parks replacing farms
    • The Mexican government wants to push the country into the first world but an estimated 60 million people live below the poverty line
  • 6. The Second World (The New Rules of the Game)
    • A good relationship between Latin America and America could allow for energy independence for the western hemisphere
    • Latin American countries have helped create the developed world yet are themselves relatively undeveloped
    • In 1823 “The Monroe Doctrine” removed European control from Latin America
    • The Open Door Policy was an attempt by America to control Latin American countries without traditional imperialism
    • None of the forty governments that were overthrown by the United States became democratic nations
  • 7. The Second World (Mexico: The Umbilical Cord)
    • Because of their shared border The U.S and Mexico are connected
    • Both countries will suffer economically as long as Mexico is in the second world
    • It would benefit both countries if the U.S would invest in micro-entrepreneurship in Mexico
    • With these investments illegal immigration may be reduced because there would be a reason to stay in Mexico
    • Many companies have moved their factories from Mexico to China
    • Mexico is starting to diversify economically
  • 8. The Second World (Venezuela: Bolívar’s Revenge)
    • Simon Bolívar was a Venezuelan revolutionary who opposed colonial rule and dreamed of a united continent
    • Venezuela was separated from other Latin American countries because it had oil
    • The oil gave Venezuela political power
    • Oil provided so much wealth that the government started pandering to oil companies instead of its people
    • In the 1980’s when oil prices dropped Venezuela took a hit
    • Hugo Chavez became president in 1998 and has since then became synonymous with Venezuela
    • Chavez is still working to create a better future for his country
  • 9. The Second World (Argentina and Chile: Very Fraternal Twins)
    • Argentina was once the most prosperous nation in Latin America
    • In 1920 it was the seventh wealthiest nation in the world
    • In the 1990’s Argentina fell from power
    • The country Argentina most envies in Chile because it tries to remain neutral
    • Chile has a very specific topography
    • Latin American countries are often motivated by jealousy
  • 10. Brazil National Football Team
    • They are the most successful team in International Federation of Association Football (FIFA)
    • They have won the cup 5 times
    • They are the only team that has won the championship in four different continents
    • They are the only team to have played in the finals of every world cup
    • Pele played for Brazil and he s one of the most famous soccer players in the entire world
  • 11. Gale Garcia Bernal
    • Gale Garcia Bernal is a Mexican born actor
    • He has been in many highly praised films
    • He starred in “The Motorcycle Diaries” as Ernest Guevara de la Serna (Che Guevara)
    • He also starred in the critically acclaimed “Y Tu Mama Tambien” as Julio Zapata
    • Starred in the American Film “Letters to Juliet”
    • He has remained busy and has films coming out in 2012, 2013 and 2014