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    PIH_Social Marketing Proposal PIH_Social Marketing Proposal Presentation Transcript

    • !Present to:Profile in History
    • What is Weibo?
    • 140words=No DistanceWeibo=Twitter=A blog in onesentenceForwardingForward whatever tweets you likePopular TopicsWhat is hot right now?FollowingWhose 140 words doyou want to read?FansWho is reading your140 words?CommentExpressyourself onpopular topicsPicture/Video/MusicWatch it whenever you want!
    • IN CHINA…Twitter = Weibo = Micro BlogWeibo was launched in 2009, since then it grows so fast that it is now thebiggest social media platform in China with 5 billion user base; and it ismore fun, engaging and commercialized than tweeter !
    • MyInfo6431256643ForwardFollow Discuss DirectlyPoint to46Thousands of Stars/Celebrities5 hundreds ofcompany executivesThousands mediaaffiliatesGrass roots opinionleaders3 thousandsenterprises12345Millions of users63
    • Weibo User MonthlyRate of Increase33.8%Weibo sent fromhandset users38%Apps exclusivefor Weibo800 +Daily Weibos SentOut150,000,000+Chinese Weibo UsersAs of Jan 26, 2012500,000,000+Website Links30,000+Weibos sent outtotal to date2,000,000,000+Weibos sent outevery second15,000+Click per daybrought by Weibo60,000,000+Some Weibo Datas
    • Weibo  is  Media!
    • Weibo=The fastest media tool in human historyWhat happened in the last secondSweeps over Weibo the next second
    • What is ExplosivelyRetweet?Exposively retweet, means a specific act bya weibor user happed on September 10,2010.Millions of weibo users retweet one specifictweet by one particular user, which causes afast growing rate of followers in anextremely short time, just like an explosion.Forward:2256345
    • Weibo: Business Value
    • Companies: Why WeiboFive reason to make Weibo A “must-have” for all companies:l  Weibo is a business platform;l  Weibo is cost-effective, or even free;l  Weibo brings the company closer to the targeted consumers;l  Weibo is the best vehicle for event marketing and promotionactivities, a catalyzer for all kinds of events/tours;l  Weibo accumulates the fan/follower base that can be used as auser database for any marketing initiatives
    • Companies: Why Weibo
    • 1. The best platform to spread out messageü A virtual communityü A news release channel1. The best platform to spread out message
    • 1. The best platform to spread out messageü  Live BroadcastLive broadcasting all the launch event,auction event and event HollywoodTreasure production eventü  News ReleaseDistribute the latest news about thecompany, faster and more continentthan official websiteü  PromotionGive out the promotion informationand engage with fans and buyers1. The best platform to spread out message
    • 2. Interact with celebrities/opinion leadersü Celebrities/opinion leaders and trendsetters exist in every industryü Their influences over consumers is amplified on WeiboInteract with celebrities, opinionleaders and trendsetters from everyindustry and leverage their influence topromote the company and product.2. Interact with celebrities/opinion leaders
    • 3. Broaden and deepen user baseMake good use of the “social” nature of Weibo: one follower canbring thousands of followers, it’s viral, it’s engaging, its experientialand it means myriad opportunitiesOne to TenTen to HundredHundred to ThousandSuppose: A company has 500followers, and its tweet is“retweeted” by 200 followers, andeach follower has an average200-followers, then it means thatthis tweet is effectively deliveredto 500+200*100=25,0003. Broaden and deepen user base
    • 4. Outsource and collect creative ideasü  Fast and broadü  Engaging and effectiveCustomer researchthrough Weibo: Easy, cost-effective and accurate4. Outsource and collect creative ideasPoll
    • ü  Direct conversation with customers/consumersü  Better, easier and innovative customer services modelsü  Made customer relationshipp easier to maintainDirectConversationQuick response, friendlyapproach, nice words –bring the customer closer5. Facilitate and optimize customer service
    • 6.  A  pla(orm  to  learn  and  communicateü  Communicate with other companiesü  Peek and learn from competitorsü  Keep abreast of the industrial newsü  Online selling/auction/reservation and so onü  First-handü  Fast-pacedü  Forward-allowed6.  A  pla(orm  to  learn  and  communicate
    • Weibo: Basic functions andadvanced verifications
    • 1、Tweet2、CommentBasic  func6ons  and  opera6ons
    • 3、ForwardBasic  func6ons  and  opera6ons
    • 4、Follow5、SearchBasic  func6ons  and  opera6ons
    • Weibo: Success Stories
    • 新浪微博  -­‐-­‐最具影响力的  社会化媒体平台Type: Action HoueWeibo Start Date:2010-9-20Julian’s Auction House Chinese Weibo
    • A Professional Weibo ManagementProfessional + motive = 15000+ followersB Excel at leveraging Hot TopicsTopic produce = Extra fan attentionC Host Online EventsOnline-event helps increase followersD Develop Off-line EventsUse Weibo as a platform to develop off-line events and livebroadcastE Make Good use of Celebrity EffectCelebrity = Popularity. Use celebrities to bring up enoughsensation.F Promote Weibo in Ads.Promote weibo account in all forms of advertising.
    • Blackberryhttp://e.weibo.com/blackberryType: Mobile DeviceTime:2010-6-16to to 2012-7-17Fans:82744Use weibo online toanswer blackberry userquestionsUse celebrity effect to draw fanattention
    • Is it easy to manage enterprise Weibo? Yes!l  No specific requirements. As long as you want to talk you can use it;l  Huge user base help you easy to find people with similar interests;Is it hard to manage enterprise Weibo? Yes!l  You need professional people to manage it on a daily base;l  No obvious commercial slogan;l  Commercialized tweet doesn’t relate directly to follower increase.Corporate Weibo Management
    • Weibo + PR: WhatWe Bring To You
    • What we do:ü  Automatically translates andsyndicates Facebook & Twitter poststo Chinese social media networks;ü  Identify and generate interesting andvaluable messages to further engageChinese audiences and fans;ü  Provides the capability to speakdirectly to target customers;ü  Screens for Chinese sensitive issuesand avoid potential troublesome;ü  Grow Chinese fan base to greatamount through daily accumulating;ü  Comprehensive fan analytics;Your  one-­‐stop  shop-­‐cart  in  marke7ng  to  China
    • Special and value-add services:•  +V: Validate the authenticityTo avoid confusion, and to validate the corporate as the authentic and onlyone on Weibo: It’s like the company getting registration at the CommercialBureau, +V is the registration and trademark on Weibo to avoid counterfeit.When searching “Dell”on Weibo, people caneasily recognize thereal one from the“fake” one by checkingThe “V” markSpecial  and  Value-­‐Add  Services:
    • Special and value-add services:Engage celebrities and create “tag”“Mutual follow” is a common concept on Weibo, which means you can follow someone andask to be followed by her/him as a reciprocity. We will identify the most influential Chinesepeople in auction/film industry and ask for their “following” which will help Profile in Historyenormously to grow business.“Following”: byfollowing people youcan engage withboth influencers/celebrities andcustomersBy putting up “tags”can make you easilybe found by potentialcustomers who aresearching relevantinformation onlineSpecial  and  Value-­‐Add  Services:
    • Special and value-add services:•  Special event/tour promotionMicro – event: Any event can be released andbroadcasted on this platform and there are tons ofinteresting ways to create buzz and engage fansTwo major categories:Same-cityEvent: Toengage allfans/audiencesfrom thesame cityLotteryevent: toengageaudienceby sendingout smallfree giftAttendees atthis second!Special  and  Value-­‐Add  Services:
    • Special and value-add services:•  Micro – interview/online-chatMicro-interview/online-chat is a perfect place to have online andlive conversations with audiences and fans from China, it is a veryspecial and innovative and free service provided by Weibo only.Leveraging the technology and the platform, millions of fans/audiences are just a click-away!Daily forecast ofthe most excitingonline chats andinterviews – whichis manageablethrough strategicand innovativemicro- marketing.Special  and  Value-­‐Add  Services:
    • Thank you for listening!+ ! =