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  • 1. Debut To China: !                Present  to:    Hollywood  Museum  
  • 2. Presented by :!1Event  Plan  • Event  Background  • Event  Objec<ve  • Event  Strategy  • Event  Outline  • Event  Rundown  • Event  Venue  2Exhibi0on  Concept  and  Design  • Exhibi<on  Concept  • Exhibi<on  Layout  • Illustra<ve  Images  3IMC  and  PR  Campaign  • IMC  Overview  • Messaging  and  Posi<oning  • Media  Strategy  • PR  Execu<on  5• Timeline  • Budget  Rundown  TimeLine    and  Budget  Rundown  4Sponsor  Strategy  • Maximise  Sponsorship  • Iden<fy  and  pitch  sponsors    
  • 3. As  2012  is  the  50th  anniversary  of  Marilyn  Monroes  passing  away,  Hollywood  Museum  hosted  an  unprecedented  Marilyn  Monroe  exhibi<on,  featuring  some  rare  and  never-­‐seen-­‐before  memorabilia  and  personal  items  of  the  screen  legend.  Presented by :!An  everlas<ng  beauty,  a  symbol  for  sexiness  and  charm  and  a  Hollywood  legend  from  the  classical  era,  Marilyn  Monroe  does  not  only  belong  to  the  American  people,  but  also  the  world.  People  from  all  over  the  world  deem  her  as  one  of  the  most  beau<ful  and  influen<al  ladies  in  history  as  she  inspired  so  many  people  in  the  pursuit  of  beauty,  fashion,  dream  and  happiness.    
  • 4. Presented by :!Bring  and  share  the  stories  and  glories  of  the  Hollywood  icon    Increase  business  and  cultural  understandings  of  Hollywood  in  China  Inspire  ar<s<c  and  fashion  industry,  enhance  collabora<ons  between  Hollywood  and  China  Bridge  Hollywood  and  China  in  a  lucra<ve  and  sustaining  way  
  • 5. q  China  has  very  special  cultural,  poli0cal  and  ecnomic  landscaes  in  many  ways,  it  is  essen0al  to  go  local  to  do  any  business  outreach  in  China.  Presented by :!q  Leverage  the  local  resources  -­‐-­‐  governmental,  organiza<onal,  cultural  or  business  -­‐-­‐  to  spread  out  the  message,  bring  audiences  and  promote  the  events  q  Invite  and  connect  with  local  celebri<es  for  greater  buzzes  and  media  exposures  q  Collaborate  with  local  agencies  and  vendors  to  excute  the  event  
  • 6. Presented by :!q  Create  an  upscale,  innova0ve,  ar0s0c  and  elegant  atmosphere  of  the  eshibi0on  
  • 7. Presented by :!Launch  Ceremony  Red  Carpet  Cocktail  Party    Two  Weeks’  Exhibi0on    Launch  Ceremony  Cocktail  Party    Two  Weeks’  Exhibi0on  Launch  Ceremony  Red  Carpet  Cocktail  Party    Two  Weeks’  Exhibi0on  
  • 8. Presented by :!  Ullens  Center  for  Contemporary  Art:  Beijing    The  Ullens  Center  for  Contemporary  Art  (UCCA)  is  a  comprehensive,  not-­‐for-­‐profit  art  center  serving  a  global  Beijing  public.  Located  at  the  heart  of  the  798  Art  District,  it  was  founded  by  collectors  Guy  and  Myriam  Ullens  and  opened  in  November  2007.  Through  a  wide  array  of  exhibi<ons  and  programs,  UCCA  promotes  the  development  of  the  local  ar<s<c  environment,  fosters  interna<onal  exchange,  and  showcases  the  latest  in  art,  design,  and  other  fields  ADD:北京市朝阳区酒仙桥路4号798艺术区内
  • 9. Presented by :!Iberia Center for Contemporary Art: BeijingLocated in the 798 Art Zone, Chaoyang District of Beijing, IberiaCenter covers an area of more than 4000 square meters. Itincorporates exposition area, film & video archive, médiathèque,visual studio, auditorium, library, Café & Restaurant and art store.Besides, around the area of 798 Art Zone therere also studios forChinese or international artists, in order to facilitate their workingprojects in Beijing.ADD:中国北京市朝 区酒仙桥路4号798艺术区E06
  • 10. Presented by :!5 Exhibition Beijing: Beijing5 Exhibition Beijing is a large building integrated withvarious functions, such as exhibition, conference,business, banquet and entertainment. The Center willmainly be used for the exhibition and auction of high-end artwork, antiques, jewelries as well as other typesof conventions and forums.ADD:北京市朝 区光华路5号院世纪财富中心北座
  • 11. Presented by :!Osage Gallery: ShanghaiOsage is an interdisciplinary platform devoted to the exhibitionand promotion of international and Asian contemporary visualarts, operating spaces in Hong Kong and offices in Beijing,Shanghai and Singapore. Osages spaces function synergisticallyto explore the diverse and complex artistic relationships betweenthe different regions of Asia, and beyond that, of the artisticrelationships between Asia and other. Osage provides an valuableplatform for working with artists based parts of the world..ADD:上海奥沙艺术空间 虹口区多伦路93号
  • 12. Presented by :!Wu  JiaoChang  Pres0gious  Space:  Shanghai      A  trading  environment  for  high-­‐valued  artwork  necessitates  both  refined  space  and  superior  service.  However,  before  there  can  be  refined  space,  there  must  be  flawless  planning,  and  professional  management.  Wu  Jiao  Chang  800  Art  Space  is  the  first  interna<onal  group  in  Shanghai  to  specialize  in  art  management.  Pioneered  the  concept  of  opera<ng  an  art  gallery  in  the  manner  of  a  shopping  mall,  and  having  established  the  very  finest  art  space.  ADD:上海市国顺东路800号东楼
  • 13. Presented by :!Hong  Kong  Conven0on  &  Exhibi0on  Center:  Hong  Kong    located  on  the  magnificent  and  renowned  Victoria  Harbour,  HKCEC  is  among  the  best  exhibi<on  and  conven<on  centers  globally,  renowned  for  excellence  and  hos<ng  the  world’s  greatest  events  while  enhancing  Hong  Kong’s  interna<onal  image.    ADD:中国香港湾仔博览道一号
  • 14. Presented by :!6:00pm(PreviousDay)10:00am-11:30amProduc<on/stage  setup  Representa0ves  from  HCC  deliver  a  speech  MC  deliver    opening  speech    Local  Chinese  representa0ves    deliver  a  speech    Final  produc<on/stage  setup  and  check  11:30am-2:00pm5:30pm6:30pm6:30pm-7:30pm7:30pm-7:40pm7:40pm-7:50pm7:50pm-8:00pm8:00pm-8:10pm8:10pm8:10pm-10:00pm
  • 15. q  For half a century Marilyn Monroe is thesynonyms for feminine beauty andcharm.q  Why Marilyn Monroe is so special?What is the origin and element of hercharisma?q  This is something intrigues everyone andis an eternal subject of human being.q  The exhibition will unveil all the enigmasbehind-the-scene and bring a true,authentic Marilyn Monroe to theChinese audiences.q  The exhibition will be specially designedto restore the real scenes and representthe vogues of Monroes time to createan engaging and storytellingexperience for the audiences.
  • 16. SECTION  I  
  • 17. SECTION  II  
  • 18. SECTION  III  
  • 19. City  View  
  • 20. City  View  
  • 21. City  View  
  • 22. City  View  
  • 23. Bird’s  Eye  View  
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  • 30. Presented by :!August,  20    Contract  singed,  event  plan  confirmed  September,  5    Event  Coordina<on  with  China  partners,  everything  confirmed  September,  25    IMC  compaign  kick  off  and  pre-­‐event  coordina<on  done  October,  5    Exhibi<on  items  prepared  and  ready  to  go  September,  13    Celebri<es  pitched  and  responded  with  intent  to  go  or  not  August,  27-­‐30    Sponsor  iden<fied  and  first  round    negocia<on  done  
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