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The Evolution of Facebook Marketing - Ignite Social Media
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The Evolution of Facebook Marketing - Ignite Social Media


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The Evolution of Facebook Marketing webinar with Jim Tobin and Erica McClenney of Expion.

The Evolution of Facebook Marketing webinar with Jim Tobin and Erica McClenney of Expion.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Link to video:
  • Facebook Groups were answer #1 for businessLate in 2007, Facebook had 100,000 business pages, allowing companies to attract potential customers and tell about themselves. These started as group pages, but a new concept called company pages was planned.
  • Facebook Pages allowed “Fans” to connect
  • Landing tabsSponsored posts didn’t existBrand-to-fan interaction was more limitedForced brands to create basic ad to link back to brand’s websiteLanding tabs allowed for a “display style” interaction with new fans
  • Timeline view offers a cover photo for branding in the newsfeed vs. driving fans to the actual page.
  • Oreo and Old Spice are brands that exemplify quality content investment.Turns out that content creates engagement that has far-reaching implications beyond social media.
  • Organic reach can stem from a very simple, striking post.
  • You can also orchestrate organic reach with contests, promotions, game mechanics, incentives, etc.This type of program wasn’t possible a couple years ago – Facebook didn’t have the plumbing to support the sharing and advocacy functions.
  • 505050 was actually an influencer / advocate program.Facebook promoted posts drove users to the 50/50/50 Facebook tab to see each day’s blog giveawayPosts were a catalyst to a larger fan engagement and activation promotionWe’ve found that Facebook ads are less effective as a standalone.
  • Facebook’s mobile applications aren’t great, but they’re getting better.
  • Mobile advertising – and monetizing its mobile user base in general – has been a key theme for the Facebook the past several months.It is Q4 earnings call in January, Facebook announced that $305M / 23% of its ad revenue came from mobile. For the sake of comparison, in the same earnings call that they announced the growth in mobile ad revenue, Facebook cited over 1B active users and 680M mobile monthly active users – which represents 64% of its user base. So there is a lot of slack remaining in Facebook’s mobile opportunity. And Facebook hasn’t even begun to monetize Instagram and its bajillion users.- Is there such a thing as a mobile social media marketing strategy anymore? Or do all programs need to have mobile as a fundamental?How do call-to-actions differ in the mobile context?What types of campaigns are best suited for the mobile user?
  • Key quotes: "The size of the audience makes this – the phone – a mass medium. It's as important to a marketer as TV," she told journalists at Facebook's headquarters in London on Monday. "This is as important – if not more important – than television.”"Our goal is not to increase the number of ads you receive but to increase the usefulness of those ads to you." Is Facebook getting too aggressive/invasive with its advertising efforts?Will marketers face a backlash if their content appears on the phone home screen?
  • Facebook Home is a new mobile OS/App that weaves Facebook more deeply into the mobile experience. The app modifies the lock screen to make Facebook content front/center and to lower the engagement/consumption hurdle for users. Basically a screen saver of your News Feed. Chat Heads is a clever messaging app that provides a seamless chat interface, regardless of the app that you’re using.What Facebook users will find this most useful?What is the marketing impact? Does Brand content appear in Home? (Almost certainly)
  • This is a recent CNET article citing the teen flock from Facebook to other platforms in search of “freedom” and privacy.- If this valuable demographic leaves Facebook, how will it impact marketing strategies?- What marketing strategies have been effective at reaching the teen demographic?- Where do you think that this demographic lands after it leaves Facebook? (Instagram and SnapChat primarily -- simpler, “secret”, and no parents.
  • Earned reach is more scalable, repeatable, cheaper compared to paid reach. Pay to accelerate success, don’t pay to play.Assume that your followers will read your stuff on mobile. (Or if Jim talking – Assume that your followers will read your shit on mobile.)Content is the best investment that you can make as a Facebook marketer – it is the underlying story behind every marketing success.
  • Transcript

    • 1. The Evolution of Facebook MarketingWe’ll begin shortly…
    • 2. #IgniteFBMJim TobinFounder, PresidentIgnite Social Media@jtobinErica McClennySr. Vice President, Client ServicesExpion@EricaMcClennyWho’s presenting?
    • 3. Expion Plug
    • 4. #IgniteFBMDetails• Jim & Erica will lead Q&A at the end of the call.• Tag your tweets with #IgniteFBM.• We’ll send an email follow up with the deck,recording, and whitepaper.
    • 5. Where Were We?
    • 6. Groups
    • 7. Brand Pages
    • 8. Landing Tabs
    • 9. Timeline
    • 10. Where We AreToday
    • 11. 1.) AudienceInteraction
    • 12. Quality Content Examples
    • 13. #IgniteFBMAudience Interaction76%Lift28%Lift
    • 14. 2.) GeneratingReach
    • 15. Organic Reach
    • 16. #IgniteFBM2.) Organic Reach• Communicate a clear call to action.• Focus on the “I” – as in “Why should I share this?”• Make a person seem smarter, funny, etc.• Create an incentive to share.• Generate a conversation.• Share helpful content.To optimize organic reach:
    • 17. Paid Reach
    • 18. Ads More Expensive, Less Effective
    • 19. Facebook Ad Revenue is Growing Quickly
    • 20. #IgniteFBMTo optimize paid reach:Paid Reach1. Use dark posts2. Segment your promoted posts3. Remember 20% rule4. Use in conjunction with other strategies
    • 21. 3.) Mobile Marketing
    • 22. Fans are spending less timein front of their computersand more time on theirmobile devices
    • 23. Facebook isn’t there yet…
    • 24. Hungry For Mobile Ad Revenue
    • 25. Is Facebook Too Aggressive?
    • 26. Impact of Facebook Home?
    • 27. #IgniteFBM3.) Mobile Marketing• Facebook continues to invest in mobile.• Mobile investments create targetedmarketing opportunities for brands.• Facebook Home creates a persistentbrand presence on the home screen.
    • 28. Where isFacebookMarketingHeaded?
    • 29. Parent-ChildGlobal, Local, Product
    • 30. #IgniteFBMParent-Child: Global footprints
    • 31. #IgniteFBMParent-Child: Local footprints
    • 32. Graph SearchImpacts
    • 33. #IgniteFBMNearby SearchGraph Search feed local mapand friends who’ve beenthere or talking about thosebrands
    • 34. Fragmentation
    • 35. Has Facebook Peaked?
    • 36. In Summary
    • 37. #IgniteFBM3 Keys to Evolutionary Success1. Earned > Paid2. Assume Mobile3. Invest In Content.
    • 38. Thank you for attending!Tweet your questions @ignitesma.