Philadelphia zoo and mix marketing
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Philadelphia zoo and mix marketing






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Philadelphia zoo and mix marketing Philadelphia zoo and mix marketing Presentation Transcript

  • August 2013 Mix Marketing
  • Purpose ▪To enhance the use of stuffed toys to create a unified brand that lives and breathes the Zoo’s mission.
  • Zoo Objectives The Philadelphia Zoo family is committed to acting in each of these strategic areas to achieve sustainable growth in attendance and inspiring the fulfillment of their mission, “Connecting families, wildlife, and the environment we share.” 1. Superior animal well-being 2. World class guest experience 3. Unified brand message that aligns with mission 4. Leadership in conservation and education programs 5. Endowment growth and financial stewardship
  • 4”-10” Panda Bears 4” Panda Key Chain 8” Panda 10” Panda
  • 8”-14.5” Monkeys 14.5” Hanging Monkey 8” Monkey 8” Monkey
  • 8”-12” Lions 8” Lion 12” Lion
  • 8” Frogs
  • Conservation Hydration Plush key chain, water bottle and conservation information ▪ Objective: Educate guests on water conservation and pollution. ▪ Results: Resell snack stands offer FREE DRINK with purchase. Co-Sponsor corporate give away day. ▪ Use: Package 6”Turtle Clip On with Philly Zoo private sewn in label inside water bottle with educational information ▪ Est. Cost: $5 - $6 Retail Sale $15 ▪ MOQ: 5,000 pieces
  • Explorer Kit Large plush toy, backpack and flashlight ▪ Objective: Achieve mission to create joyful experience that engages guests ▪ Results: Memorable and fun education you can take home with you. ▪ Uses: Gift for sleepover guests to promote education and exploration. Use different animals for different events. ▪ Cost: $25 - $28. Resale: $50 - $60 ▪ MOQ: 1,200 pieces
  • Zoologist Mission Medium plush toy and animal booklet ▪ Objective: Achieve mission to create joyful experience that engages guests ▪ Results: Create a Zoo Collectible ▪ Uses: Education tool for camp guests, sell in online shop and on site ▪ Cost: $8. Resale: $15 ▪ MOQ: 1,200 pieces
  • Caretaker Kit Medium plush toy, real animal photo and story ▪ Objective: Raise money to assist with rising maintenance costs of animals with a 8” stuffed toy. ▪ Results: Educate attendees on how costly it is to maintain a wild animal and inspire enthusiasts to get involved. ▪ Uses: A less expensive option to the current Adoption Program to Promote in gift shop, on-line and community events for patrons to sponsor various animals living at the zoo ▪ Cost: $7 Resale: $20 Donation ▪ MOQ: 100 pieces
  • Sponsor Program Large custom plush toy ▪ Objective: Promote New Exhibit with 12” Custom Embroidered PlushToy ▪ Results: Raise funds to bring in new animals to zoo ▪ Uses: Gift for Donation over $100. ▪ Cost: $12 Resale: $25 ▪ MOQ: 1,500 pieces