Simcoe Green Homes - A Socially Responsible Investment in Real Estate


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Impact investors want more than a great return on their money. Simcoe Green Homes gives socially responsible investors an alternative investment opportunity. This deck briefly explains the green home investment model, the return and the benefit for socially responsible investors.

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Simcoe Green Homes - A Socially Responsible Investment in Real Estate

  1. 1. Jim Simcoe CEO, Founder 760-271-7128
  2. 2. Business Overview: We are a smart green home developer serving young family home buyers in Southern California. We have three complimentary revenue streams: Green Home Developments Investment Property Remodels Green Building Services Our mission is simple: “Bring Back the Front
  3. 3. Funding: Goal: $5 million. Amount raised to date: $500K. Capital to be used for: land purchase & construction, company operations, business development, etc.
  4. 4. The Offer:$250,000 minimum investment. Pro-rata share of all company profits (60% development and investment remodels, 35% green construction). Profits paid annually, return of initial investment 5/2018. For $1M+ Investors terms/structure are negotiable. Investors at or above $500k receive additional 6.5% dividend payment annually.
  5. 5. Management Team: Jim Simcoe Rich Williams Kevin Gaynor Annette Di Bello Kelly
  6. 6. Market Demographics:* Average age of home buyer = 38. 63% of buyers are married households. 63% of buyers earn over $100,000. 61% have a college degree. 64% of buyers are repeat buyers. *according to CAR 2013 Home Buyer Sur
  7. 7. Product & Services: Smart green home developments. Investment property remodels. Green construction services.
  8. 8. How we make money: Develop entitled land into smart green home developments. (seek entitled un-finished projects in pro-green cities) Purchase, remodel and sell investment properties. (Off-market remodel deals, A neighborhoods) Fee-for-service green construction. (referral business, same wheelhouse as current our business)
  9. 9. Our Timeline - 9-12 months Traditional builders - 24-36 months Traditional builders - 24-36 months
  10. 10. Our target customers:Couples with young children still in the home. Ages: 30 - 55. College educated. Earn over $100k annually. Repeat home buyers.
  11. 11. Our competition: Traditional builders - who are largely unqualified to build and offer what our customers desire. Niche builders - who position themselves as ‘green’ builders to gain market share even though they have little- to-no green building experience.
  12. 12. Why we’re different: We understand our market because we ARE our market. Clients come to us as we are the only game in town for green remodels. Utilize: city green development perks, leverage incentives/rebates. Our green building experience covers 20+ years, multiple markets, multiple housing types and a variety of economic conditions across the US.
  13. 13. Sample Pictures