OnePoint Csat & Mobile MR best practice


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Best practice in adding the mobile VOC channel to multi-location retail, restaurant and hospitality programs

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OnePoint Csat & Mobile MR best practice

  1. 1. Mobile Engagement Made Easy2011 Webinar Series:Customer SatisfactionMobile MethodologyRetail, Restaurant sectors Jim Schwab SVP North America
  2. 2. Mobile Engagement Made EasyHousekeeping Designed to be educational Lasts 30 minutes with additional 30 min for Q&A All participants are muted Please use the console to ask questions Slides and recording will be available Follow us on Twitter @OnePointNews Please use #OnePoint when discussing our webinars
  3. 3. Mobile Engagement Made EasyAgenda – Csat and Mobile MR Mobile Csat Introduction What is Mobile Case studies, discussed in Who is MR? pilot results and detail. Questions OnePoint and Why choose or full roll out Why is Mobile performance. who am I. recommend it? a good fit?
  4. 4. Mobile Engagement Made Easy Who is OnePoint? Global Mobile Research Platform Infrastructure across Nielsen, Kantar, GfK, 800+ Network Ipsos, Hall & Partners Operators in 193 Engages mobile countries Any Handset phones O2, T-Mobile, AT&T Any Country to capture Instant Only provider of allAny Language “In the Moment” mobile survey SatMetrix, Allegiance insight channels General Mills, Citroen SMS, WAP, Mobile Web, Apps
  5. 5. Mobile Engagement Made Easy Jim Schwab - Senior Vice President,N America Jim is responsible for OnePoint‟s business in the USA and Canada. Jim has lived first hand through the last 3 major MR methodology trends; Online at Harris Interactive „00-‟08, Social Media „09-‟10 &Mobile present day. As a result Jim brings a wealth of knowledge in how to educate, position and approach clients and the MR community with new technology enablers. Prior to joining OnePoint, Jim was Vice President at social media monitoring start- up company Techrigy (since acquired by Alterian). Upon joining the six person company with ten clients Jim was instrumental in growing the client base to 150 clients in six months. Previously Jim spent eight years in senior sales and marketing management roles at Harris Interactive. A strategic and tactical thinker, Jim partners with our clients to support them in achieving their goals. Jim‟s primary role is to help OnePoint clients utilize our platform to drive never before seen insights and create new products and services. Jim holds a B.S. in Business Administration from State University of NY College at Brockport, NY
  6. 6. Mobile Engagement Made EasyMarket activity - Top 5 ApplicationsAnalysed 20,000 OnePoint projects since 20081. Voice of the Customer (60%)2. Diary tracking (20%)3. In store product comparative shopping (10%)4. Programme evaluation (5%)5. LBS apps (5%)
  7. 7. Mobile Engagement Made Easy What is Mobile MR?
  8. 8. Mobile Engagement Made Easy Online Mobile or MR Mobile Online
  9. 9. Mobile Engagement Made Easy Mobile MR Think about the mobile device holistically. Put yourself in your target respondent‟s shoes.
  10. 10. Mobile Engagement Made Easy What is Mobile MR? Mobile Device as Survey & Engagement Instrument FLEXIBLE - PUSH or PULL - Doesn‟t require download of apps SMS - Access to ALL phones WAP (Wireless Access - Reliable, fast, stable, mature Protocol)/Web - Message stays with phone, - Web enabled phones only always delivered - More flexible than SMS -Link to your online survey platform MMS - Picture, Video Email Applications -Upload picture or video into -GPS Tracking mobile survey from cell or -Bar Code Scanning computer
  11. 11. Mobile Engagement Made EasyWhy mobile methodology?3 main drivers…..1) In location, In the moment insights2) Speed of results3) Hard to reach sampleThe 5th Methodology………Critical Success Factors for Mobile MR
  12. 12. Mobile Engagement Made EasyThe details……..Why mobile is a good fit!• Traditional methodologies are not working! – IVR and online url‟s • 2-4% response rate when pushing out invites – Not enough completes when trying to pull in via receipt invites or other MarComm methodsConsumers communication habits have changed!People love to TEXT!
  13. 13. Mobile Engagement Made EasyThe details……..• Any good Csat program is multi-mode & integrated – Key drivers: In depth understanding via online & in person – Key drivers: operational tracking• Operational tracking, touch-points – By store, by staff, by product or menu item, by time of day…etc.How to get your customers to provide in the moment insights?
  14. 14. Mobile Engagement Made EasyThe details……..A few examples…1) Wireless client, call center follow up – IVR & online 2-3% response, recall issues – First mobile pilot yielded 18% response rate, no change in process, 22% response rate currently2) Electronics retailer, 110 stores – Receipt based invite 800# & url, 250 completes per month total – Pilot direct replacement in 4 stores “Text BRAND to 91318” invite on receipt – 280 completes in first month, at 4 stores!
  15. 15. Mobile Engagement Made EasyThe details……..A few examples…3) Electronics brand – 21 months in full roll out, 12+ surveys across touch-points – Monthly avg 30-50% response rate across all surveys – In store, delivery, service follow up4) Hospitality brand, 1000+ locations – Existing EFM program, but comment cards & mystery shopping used for operational tracking prior to mobile program – Table top displays, receipt invites, staff encouragement – Control completes via invite process – Integrated mobile results directly to EFM provider
  16. 16. Mobile Engagement Made EasyThe details……..Best practices…• Invitation process is key!• Speed, relevance and personalization are key!• Understand how many completes you need!• Tie results to locations and touch-points! – Many ways to do this with mobile platform.• 4-5 questions, ratings, multi choice + 1 open end – Add in alerts and routing of good and bad scores for internal teams to follow up
  17. 17. Mobile Engagement Made EasySummary• If you‟re an agency doing Csat for big brands, you better jump on board the Mobile bandwagon• Mobile methodology is many faceted and the wireless sector is very fragmented and complex so partner with experts• Mobile response rates are very high when done right• Time has come to be innovative
  18. 18. Mobile Engagement Made Easy Text a keyword To a country Number CLIENT USA 91318 WAP UK 85001 CHOICE Canada 11122 PICTURE Spain 661421118 VOICE Germany 15702472478 Australia 0437244395 Ireland (ROI) 833333976Take a demo survey….. Egypt 6833Text a key word to the number in South Africa 31027 your country. Kenya 4625 India 9212352075 International +447797805207
  19. 19. Mobile Engagement Made Easy Questions Questions Questions Answers
  20. 20. Mobile Engagement Made EasyContact Thank you, for your time +1.585.261.9433Register now for next months webinar