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Building Windows 8 Applications with appMobi
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Building Windows 8 Applications with appMobi


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An overview of appMobi for Windows 8 Store application development, with a screen-by-screen demo walkthrough. [Presented on 12/3/2012 at the Microsoft Store Boston]

An overview of appMobi for Windows 8 Store application development, with a screen-by-screen demo walkthrough. [Presented on 12/3/2012 at the Microsoft Store Boston]

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Building Windows 8 Applications With appMobiJim O’NeilTechnical Evangelist,Microsoft
  • 2. agendaWhat’s appMobi? Demo!
  • 3. appMobiWhat’s appMobi?
  • 4. “appMobi makes HTML 5 Mobile”• Development Technologies • XDK – web based IDE • GameDev XDK – adds ImpactJS for game development • directCanvas – game-enhanced replacement for HTML 5 Canvas • jqMobi – open-source, lightweight (5K) mobile framework• Deployment and packaging: appHub• Cloud Services • 1Touch: in-app purchasing • pushMobi: for rich media messaging • playMobi: gamification and social engagement • statMobi: mobile analytics
  • 5. appMobi and Windows 8 - How to use appMobi and Visual Studio to port your hybrid HTML 5 app to Windows 8 (
  • 6. demoDemo!
  • 7. appMobi Windows 8 Workflow Start with appMobi’s XDK development environment by creating and building a new application in Chrome (on any machine). See:
  • 8. appMobi Windows 8 Workflow Via the “Test Anywhere” option on the XDK menu, push your application to the cloud.
  • 9. appMobi Windows 8 Workflow Access your registered application via the appHub Control Center on a Windows 8 machine with Visual Studio 2012.
  • 10. appMobi Windows 8 Workflow Initiate the download of your application source files.
  • 11. appMobi Windows 8 Workflow Get the QA Bundle for your project and unzip the file contents into a directory on the Windows 8 machine.
  • 12. appMobi Windows 8 Workflow Create a new C# Windows Store project using the Blank App (XAML) template.
  • 13. appMobi Windows 8 Workflow Use the Manage NuGet Packages… project option to add the appMobi Windows 8 Store Blank Template package.
  • 14. appMobi Windows 8 Workflow html folder Drag-and-drop bundle files (EXCEPT for _appMobi directory) into the html directory of the Visual Studio project, overwriting existing files.
  • 15. appMobi Windows 8 Workflow App.xaml.cs Replace MainPage with AppMobiPage in call to Navigate.
  • 16. appMobi Windows 8 Workflow index.html Ensure JavaScript scr attributes point to local files in package versus http URLs.
  • 17. appMobi Windows 8 Workflow Hello World Run, test and enhance the application via Visual Studio 2012.
  • 18. Windows Store Submission