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  • All attendees will have a handout that shows all the NETS standards for students and teachers.
  • Assignement one

    1. 1. Technology Integration Professional Development September 28, 2013 James Olis
    2. 2. Teacher Centered Learning  A traditional classroom is a teacher centered learning environment. The teacher delivers the content through lectures and students listen and take notes, students are then assessed on their memorization of the material.
    3. 3. Student Centered Learning  “This approach requires students to formulate problems, collect information and data, organize and manipulate the information and data, and then formulate an answer.” − Morrison, Lowther 2010
    4. 4. Technology Use in our School  In our school we have two computer labs and two classroom computer carts.  All students have their own District provided email accounts that also include access to Google Docs.  All students will be taught how to access their email and use Google Docs in their computer class over the next two weeks.
    5. 5. Transforming Our Classrooms  Google Docs will allow our students to: − Collaborate on projects − Collect and analyze data in spreadsheets − Create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, polls, and more. − Share completed projects with classmates and teachers who can then comment on the students work.
    6. 6. NETS  NETS stands for National Educational Technology Standards  There are NETS standards for Students and Teachers  You have a NETS handout
    7. 7. NETS - T  NETS-T are teacher standards involving the use of technology in education.  There are two NETS-T standards we want our teachers to focus on: − Design and Develop Digital Age Learning Experiences and Assessments − Promote and Model Digital Citizenship and Responsibility
    8. 8. Design and Develop Digital Age Learning Experiences and Assessments  Design or adapt relevant learning experiences that incorporate digital tools and resources to promote student learning and creativity.  Teachers will need to adapt at least one unit to include the use of students district email accounts and Google Docs.  Teachers should allow students to turn in assignments through the district email system.  First Quarter Goal: All teachers will include use of a spreadsheet for data collection and a graph from the spreadsheet for data analysis in an assignment.
    9. 9. First Quarter Goal Lesson Examples  Language Arts – Students record the number of pages read each day and determine their weekly average.  Math – For Surface Area unit students could create a table and graph sowing the relationship between perimeter and surface area for different shapes.  Science – Upcoming earthquake unit, during lab on wave speed students need to measure the speed of a wave through water. All data from student trials could be entered into the spread sheet
    10. 10. Potential Problems  Limited number of school computers means that teachers will need to sign up to use a classroom cart, teachers will be limited to 10 days use/ quarter.  Possible solution – assign as homework but be sure to have options for students that do not have internet access at home. A survey done in computer class determined that 88% of our students have internet access at home through wifi or phone.
    11. 11. Copyright  You must always assume that everything on the internet is copyrighted.  Educators may use copyrighted materials to create assignments or presentations according to Copyright Fair Use  You may not use copyright materials, for example pictures or drawings you did not create, on your school web site