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  1. 1. Design Technology Syllabus A Linear Presentation S
  2. 2. Read Syllabus By Section
  3. 3. IntroductionS Using industrial, video, and audio tools to design and create an original product.S Students learn and utilize the Design Cycle to develop a solution to a real-world problem.S The use of current computer applications and tools are major driving forces in the design of products.
  4. 4. ExpectationsS Arrive on time with all supplies ready to use.S No cell phones, iPods, electronic devices may be used, or out of the student’s pocket/purse/bag.S Treat classroom materials with care.S Negatively treating or bullying another student is prohibited. This may not be done via the Internet, either.S Student needs to monitor the assignment due dates for the class.S When frustrated in your work, don’t stop, but shift to something else.
  5. 5. Grade 7 Unit SummaryS Unit 1: Spaghetti Bridge Project (4-6 weeks) S Students will learn the Design Cycle in detail as they create several plans to design a load-bearing bridge using uncooked spaghetti.S Unit 2: Stop-Motion Movie (9-12 weeks) S Students explore the IB Learner Profile by designing an informational stop-motion movie
  6. 6. Grade 7 Unit SummaryS Unit 3: SketchUp Design Project S Students follow the design cycle to create a 3D product with a real world purpose. Students learn the tools available in Google’s SketchUp application to create their product.S Unit 4: Create A Cookbook! S Students design a hand-made, bound book of recipes. Students use Internet resources to find recipes that help them to develop a themed, healthy cooking, resource book.
  7. 7. Grade 8 Unit SummaryS Unit 1: Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation (8-9 weeks) S Students use their Community and Service topic as a socio-environmental issue that they need to draw attention to so as to get funding/sponsorship, increased awareness, and volunteers. Students will use advanced PowerPoint tools to maximize the effectiveness of their presentation.S Unit 2: Construct a MouseTrap Car (8-10 weeks) S Students design a MouseTrap Car that focuses on maximizing speed and distance. Students will use Internet resources to find models and to discover the 6
  8. 8. Grade 8 Unit Summary, Part 2S Unit 3: iMovie Commercial for Unit 1 or 2 Project (9-10 weeks) S Students will learn the editing tools available in iMovie and then will produce a commercial highlighting their Unit 1 topic or their mousetrap car from Unit 2.S Unit 4: Xtranormal Writing a Script (6-8 weeks) S Students will learn how to create an animated short movie using the web-based tool, Xtranormal. Students will have some freedom to choose the topic of their script, but can use material created in this, or other classes.
  9. 9. Grade 9 Unit SummaryS Unit 1: Introduction to Computer Programming S Students will use the MIT-developed application called Scratch to learn the concepts of computer programming. Students will design a video game, a short animated film, or an artistic animation.S Unit 2: Design Your City S Students use Google SketchUp to create a 3D rendering of their city. Students will study the different city designs and use them to influence their own creation or to recreate a major city from a time period.
  10. 10. Grade 9 Unit SummaryS Unit 3: iMovie Commercial S Students will use Apple’s movie editor, iMovie to create a commercial for their Unit 1 or 2 product. Students will need to consider their audience when designing their commercial.S Unit 4: XtraNormal: Writing an Animated Movie Treatment S Students use the web-based application, XtraNormal as their format for developing a full treatment (setting, action, script)
  11. 11. Grade 10 Unit SummaryS Unit 1a: Making an iPhoto Book (5-6 weeks) S Students use Apple iPhoto to edit photographs using the tools available; they then use the Design Cycle to create a themed iPhoto Book on a topic of their choosing.S Unit 1b: Creating an Image-based Advertisement (10-11 weeks) S Students will learn the complex tools of Adobe PhotoShop and use this to create an elaborate advertisement for one of the IB Learner Profile
  12. 12. Grade 10 Unit SummaryS Unit 2: An Introduction to C Programming S Students will learn the basics of the C Programming Language to serve as an information aggregator, ideally to support the student’s Community and Service Project.S Unit 3: Score an Advertisement S Students will create a radio advertisement for an IB Learner profile topic or for a previously designed project. Students will use Garageband to learn the basics of audio production and recording.
  13. 13. Submitting AssignmentsS Students will submit some assignments on paper, but many will be turned in by copying the assignment into their DropBox folder that is available anywhere with online access.S Having Internet problems is not a valid excuse for submitting an assignment late: class meets once per week and the school allows for you to access your DropBox folder any day.
  14. 14. Due Dates and Student ResponsibilityS Assignments lose 5% of their points for every day an assignment is submitted late.S Homework and long-term assignments are available to students online; if a student is absent it is his/her responsibility to check online for the work they should make up. Students should also follow up with the teacher upon their return to school.
  15. 15. Grading and PlagiarismS Grades for each term will be assigned in accordance with ISAlmere’s grading scale.S Grades for large projects will be done based on a rubric that will be provided to students at the beginning of the project. It will also be available online.S Plagiarism is very easy to trace, don’t do it! It is also difficult to tell when you are plagiarizing, or using another’s ideas to form your own. Students will be alerted to potential plagiarism before the final due date so that they may remove it.
  16. 16. Cheating and Copyright InfringementS A student found cheating when submitting an assignment, taking a quiz/test, or copying another’s work will receive a zero for the assignment.S Copyright infringement will be reviewed at the beginning of the class so that students know how to credit any work that they use from another website.
  17. 17. Work Hard and Enjoy!S You will be expected to perform at a high level in this class, but you will create some truly great products that you will enjoy making.S For now, Enjoy the video!