Start with Why


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Great leaders start with WHY, which inspires people to take an action about WHAT and HOW.

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Start with Why

  1. 1. Start with Why Jimmy Park
  2. 2. This is based on the book “Start with Why” written by Simon Sinek.The pages with are from the book and I added my experience and thought to it.
  3. 3. There are two different ways of thinking
  4. 4. What How 1 Why 2Outside-in Inside-out Thinking Thinking Golden Circle
  5. 5. 1 What What should we make? How to make it? How Which technologies? (Use when? Why? By whom?) Why1 2 2Outside-in Inside-out Why do we need to change? How can I make that change? What kind of product or service can help? Order of Thought
  6. 6. Ordinary Leaders inordinary companiestend to haveOutside-in thinking They ask for solutions before defining problemsExtraordinary Leaders inextraordinary companiestend to haveInside-out thinking They ask for problems before getting into solutions
  7. 7. Leaders who are busy with looking for solutions even before defining problems They always end up with short-term response to long-term desires“The problem was, no matter the issue, the companys managers were always drawnto the quicker, cheaper option over the better long-term solution.They never have the time or money to do it right the first time. But they always havethe time and money to do it again.” (p23, “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek)
  8. 8. Greatest Leader Market Leader“I have a Plan…” “This is what I made and it can do this and that…” “This is what I believe...“I have a Dream…” and why I do it…”
  9. 9. Based on my experience also… Why What (& How) Find solid “Why” first, “What” comes along.
  10. 10. Human Brain Structure Thinking, planning, reasoning, language, etc. Emotion, feeling (anxiety, fear, trust, royalty, etc.) Outside-in VS. Inside-outEven Biology supports Inside-out thinking.
  11. 11. 1 Buy Smartphone with Pen What We have big display and smooth touch screen for it How (What do you write and why? It’s all up to you) 1 Why 2 2Ordinary Innovative Don’t you want to accompanyCompany Company your secretary all the time? What if he or she can do things for you when asked? I just made a phone like that. Do you want to buy one? Order of Communication
  12. 12. The Order of your Thought should be the Order of your Communication.Thought doesn’t talk, Communication does.
  13. 13. By the way,communication of the Spec. is notthe best way to communicate your belief. Designed for Humans? Way Better…
  14. 14. Especially if you want to create something new…
  15. 15. Who are your customers?
  16. 16. Law of Diffusion of Innovation  Early Majority does not buy things till someone else buy them Tipping  Early Adaptor, Innovator Point do not buy things by logic, they buy things by belief Chasm  If you want to make things not yet exist, therefore, you should inspire them by your beliefYour Customers Those people don’t buy what you make, They buy what you believe.
  17. 17. Furthermore, Today is like…Competitive World Smart People
  18. 18. Era of persuasion has gone.Don’t persuade them, Seduce them.
  19. 19.  Persuasion People know what you want and they still agree… You should Convince them with Benefit(Price, Function, Performance, Quality…)
  20. 20.  Seduction People don’t even notice what you want yet they still come to dream of it… You should Convince them with Value(Dream, Happiness, Love, Fun, Sympathy…)
  21. 21. So, which is the better way to seduce them? or What Why
  22. 22. To be a great leader,To be a great market leader today, therefore, Start with Why
  23. 23. The credit goes to… (Although he doesn’t even know who I am)
  24. 24. Jimmy