Light Textures Create Mermaid
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Light Textures Create Mermaid



Silicone resin, glass fiber and pearl, these high porcelain light materials are

Silicone resin, glass fiber and pearl, these high porcelain light materials are
turned into beautiful elves in the sea.



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Light Textures Create Mermaid Light Textures Create Mermaid Document Transcript

  • Amazing Fashion Organizationhttp://www.amazing-fashion.orgLight Textures Create Mermaid[Chanel Senior Clothing, Chanel, Clothes]Silicone resin, glass fiber and pearl, these high porcelain light materials areturned into beautiful elves in the sea.Representative Brand: Chanel page 1 / 4
  • Amazing Fashion Organizationhttp://www.amazing-fashion.orgDemystifying InspirationUnder the dome of Paris Grand Palace, British signer Florence Welch, like Venusunder the pen of Botticelli, rose from the half shell, singing What the Water GaveMe. This season, Karl Lagerfeld turned into Prospero (protagonist of TheTempest- Shakespeare drama). He presented us a fantastic Chanel worldundersea. Models, as if sea fairies, appeared in the huge conical shells. “Modelsof marine organism are extreme modern, beautiful and eternal” said KarlLagerfeld on backstage.Material File page 2 / 4
  • Amazing Fashion Organization “What I pursue is a kind of pure light” said Karl Lagerfeld. With clear goal, heused silicone resin, papers, glass fibers and other light materials like these as themain materials to create sea fairies. Those beautiful pearl white, light green aremade of them. Dress made of glass fiber is as beautiful as gorgeous as algae.And ubiquitous pearls, they are even stuck on models’ sexy spine line, set in thehair, waist, clothes, and handbags by stylist Sam McKnight. Models are asbeautiful as delicate fish in the sea.Technical Skills: page 3 / 4
  • Amazing Fashion Organization Under the cooperation of Chanel senior clothing workshop, Lesage embroidery workshop, Lemarie camellia and feather decoration workshop and other workshops, Karl Lagerfeld intelligently overviewed the marine theme. Shiny skirt is decorated with seaweed lace embroidery. Coat decorated with silver yarn is like swaying sea anemones. And the loose coat inlaid with pearls and ostrich feather decoration, every piece if handmade art works condensing spirit of senior customization. Hollister Men Outerwear page 4 / 4Powered by TCPDF (