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Html description: how to make your own website

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Learn HTML

  1. 1. Designing WebsitesUsing HTML and FrontPage
  2. 2. A Typical Webpage View Source View SourceA webpage is a A webpage is a text file text file containing containing instructions to instructions totell aacomputer tell computer how the page how the page should look. should look.
  3. 3. Creating Webpages● You can create a page by hand, using a text-editor like Notepad● You can use web-based tools, eg Blogging/Content Management Systems to store your data and present it in different ways.● You can use website authoring software, eg FrontPage, Dreamweaver to create a page, and upload it when you are ready
  4. 4. HTML and FrontPage FrontPage is an FrontPage is an editor that editor that enables you to enables you to create the create the HTML code HTML code used to make used to make webpages webpages
  5. 5. The HTML for our first page HTML tags are HTML tags are usually in pairs usually in pairs Between the Between the<head> and </head> <head> and </head> tags, you find tags, you find information about information about the page the page Between the Between the<body> and </body> <body> and </body> tags, you find tags, you find instructions for instructions for displaying text, displaying text, pictures etc... pictures etc...
  6. 6. Adding text to our first page Paragraph styles Paragraph styles We can use We can usedifferent heading different heading sizes from sizes from<h1> Heading 11 <h1> Heading (the biggest) (the biggest) to to<h6> Heading 66 <h6> Heading (the smallest) (the smallest) to make our to make our headings stand headings stand out out
  7. 7. Using HTML to format our text To format our To format our text quickly, text quickly, we can use we can use aacascading cascading style sheet style sheet (CSS) page (CSS) page
  8. 8. Creating a blank stylesheet We can choose aa We can choose ready-made ready-made template, or template, or we can make our we can make our own... own...
  9. 9. Selecting styles to modify The computer The computer displays aasample displays sample to show how the to show how the text will look, text will look, as well as the as well as the instructions it instructions it uses for the uses for the We can look at We can look at web browser. web browser.two lists of styles. two lists of styles.The original tags, The original tags, and the ones we and the ones we have changed. have changed.
  10. 10. Changing formatting for a style We can change We can change several several different different attributes for attributes for aaparagraph paragraph style style
  11. 11. The Font Tab As well as the size, style As well as the size, style and colour of aafont, and colour of font, there are other effects there are other effects we can choose... we can choose... For the background, For the background, border, line-spacing border, line-spacing and alignment, other tabs and alignment, other tabs can be selected when can be selected when modifying aastyle. modifying style.
  12. 12. A CSS file Clicking on the Style Clicking on the Style toolbar allows you to toolbar allows you to continue modifying styles continue modifying styles
  13. 13. Linking to a CSS file To use aaCSS file, To use CSS file, you must first link to it you must first link to it from your HTML file... from your HTML file...
  14. 14. Multiple stylesheets? If you needed to, If you needed to, you could link to you could link to more than one more than one stylesheet! stylesheet!
  15. 15. Linking code for stylesheets The code for The code for linking to aa linking to CSS file is CSS file is added to the added to the <head> by <head> by FrontPage FrontPage
  16. 16. Previewing a page The page preview tab The page preview tab will automatically show will automatically show our page with all the our page with all the new CSS formatting new CSS formatting
  17. 17. Adding a picture The <img src> tag will The <img src> tag willdisplay aapicture in our display picture in ourpage. It can be modified page. It can be modifiedby using height, width, by using height, width, border and alt within border and alt within the tags. the tags.
  18. 18. Picture Preview One way to change One way to change aapages layout is pages layout is to use tables to use tables
  19. 19. Adding a hyperlink Hyperlinks make aa Hyperlinks make webpage much more webpage much more useful than aaprintout useful than printout
  20. 20. Absolute and Relative URLsWe dont have to link to justWe dont have to link to just web pages. web pages. For aapage in the same directory as this file, For page in the same directory as this file, just the filename would be enough just the filename would be enough ––but watch out for upper/lower case letters! but watch out for upper/lower case letters!
  21. 21. Following links You can test You can test your page your page to see if the to see if the links you links you have made have made actually work actually work
  22. 22. Tables! A table doesnt A table doesnt have to be used have to be used just for tabular just for tabular data. We can data. We can also use it to also use it to arrange items arrange items on aapage to on page to look more look more interesting. interesting.
  23. 23. The table so far... You can drag and drop You can drag and drop text just like you text just like you would with aa would with word-processor word-processor
  24. 24. Modifying a table Once aatable is Once table is made, you have made, you have complete control complete control of the way both of the way both the entire table, the entire table, or individual cells or individual cells are displayed. are displayed.
  25. 25. Table Properties
  26. 26. Our HTML code
  27. 27. A final preview of our page