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Awarepoint Samples Ads

  1. 1. Stop Guessing. Start Knowing. See your hospital like never before. Awarepoint® delivers real-time location and real-time status of equipment, patients and personnel throughout your hospital enterprise. Our trusted real-time location system and software assure you that your staff is providing safe and efficient care by helping deliver the right staff and equipment resources to the right patient. Staff can easily manage real-time equipment, patient and personnel workflows while our system collects valuable data to improve future processes. With our industry leading plug-and-play installation, you too can be quickly in-the-know. ® 1.888.860.FIND (3463)
  2. 2. Check-In to Efficient Healthcare Arrivals & Departures. Real-time Location System (RTLS) solutions are quickly becoming must-have tools for hospitals tackling asset management, compliance, and efficient patient throughput challenges. Ever increasing numbers of advanced enterprise healthcare provider organizations are turning to Awarepoint and our integrated software and technology platform solution as their RTLS enabled workflow automation provider of choice. Our industry leading solutions portfolio addresses needs throughout the hospital enterprise vs. a best of breed island approach that forces clients to manage a multitude of vendor solutions. Awarepoint consistently and repeatedly delivers real financial benefits resulting from clinical efficiencies and outcome improvements. OUT COM ES AIR OUT COM ES AIR THIS SMARTPHONE QR CODE IS READY TO SCAN! Don’t get left at the Get more info 00 802.15.4 Flight Level m/ rstclass4 GateTermi nal figate... Go First-Class by booking your Arriva l with Awarepoint! Depar ture Inefficient Complete Workflow First Class ticket Automation Seat Seat FacilityContact us right now! Refer ence Numb er 1A 1A Online now! 0000 802.15.4
  3. 3. Whether it’s Code Red or Code 2D. Track People, Equipment & Workflow.Equipment hoarding endswith full real-time visibilty to any asset you choose. Patients are safe and can freely wonder the site without worry to the staff. Nurse location is instantwith full real-time visibilty Staff & Patient interactions to any staff you choose. are monitored, tracked & date stamped. Equipment PAR levels Equipment theft becomes manage themselves nearly impossible with with preset indicators. exit proximity settings. Thirsty For Awareness? Awarepoint Corporation, the industry leader in Real-time Awareness Solutions, brings complete patient and workflow automation to clinicians and executives within your healthcare facility. Each year, our real-time location systems (RTLS) track millions of patients and assets, proactively advancing efficiency and safety, by providing valuable location, status, and movement data. Providing real-time situational awareness improves hospital productivity within staff procedures, equipment utilization, infection control initiatives, and capacity management. Our unmatched locating technology, best-in-class software platform and fully managed services, maximize your patient satisfaction and your return-on-investment. ®