The Blake School Workshop 5 November 2013

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  • 1. Lesson Planning with anchor task and problem solving
  • 2. Critical Questions in Planning a Lesson What do I want students to learn? How do I know? What if they cannot learn it? What if they already learnt it?
  • 3. Learning Outcome Task Anticipated Responses Teacher Action Approaching Expectations Support Meeting Expectations Exceeding Expectations Guided Practice Tasks Independent Practice Tasks (if any) Conclusion Enrichment Notes
  • 4. Approaches 1. Use textbook anchor task 2. Use the structure but change the context 3. Use own anchor task to replace textbook anchor task In this session, we see examples of the second approach.
  • 5. Anchor Task| Ask students what quantity could the 4,670 be. Using one discrete quantity that they suggest, present the problem.
  • 6. Anchor Task| Together, A, B and C have 4,670. B has 3 times as much as A B has 316 less than C. Provide students with paper strips to build the model.
  • 7. Provide students with paper strips to build the model. Group learning with a lot of interaction.
  • 8. Board writing
  • 9. Students documenting
  • 10.
  • 11. Students documenting
  • 12. Students documenting
  • 13.
  • 14.
  • 15. Source | Math in Focus Course 1A Page 187
  • 16. Anchor Task
  • 17. Lesson Outcome | Students are able to compare quantities in partwhole situations using percent. Anchor Task | • In the experimental stage of designing a machine, 43 out of 50 items manufactured were rejects. Later, 72 out of 100 items were rejects. • Currently, 240 out of the 2000 items manufactured are rejects. Is it getting from bad to worse?
  • 18.