NSM in Jakarta Problem Solving in Geometry and Calculus
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NSM in Jakarta Problem Solving in Geometry and Calculus

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  • 1. problem solving approach
  • 2. what what what
  • 3. how how how
  • 4. tool tool tool
  • 5. basic idea LESSON TYPE SOURCE textbook
  • 6. Anchor Task – use a single problem and encourage students to explore and work on it before discussing possible ways. This segment last about 20 minutes. The entire workshop includes several demonstrations on this segment of the lesson.
  • 7. Board writing – This is the appearance of the whiteboard by the end of the lesson.
  • 8. Students complete their journal.
  • 9. practiceLESSON TYPE SOURCE lesson study
  • 10. basic ideas LESSON TYPE SOURCE other resources Differentiated Instruction for Advanced Learners – while the other students are figuring out the construction of perpendicular bisector, advanced learners can be asked to construct a perpendicular line that passes through a given point. Upper secondary students can be asked to prove Viviani’ Theorem from 1600’s
  • 11. Select any point inside the equilateral triangle. Construction perpendicular lines to each side passing through that point. The sum of the perpendicular distance of the point to the sides is equal to the height of the triangle. Can you prove it? See Viviani’s Theorem from 1659.
  • 12. application LESSON TYPE SOURCE textbook We discussed using three levels to assess students accurately.
  • 13. basic ideas LESSON TYPE SOURCE textbook
  • 14. There was a demonstration of how the Guided Practice is done to consolidate and extend learning.
  • 15. Modeling good reading techniques to increase comprehension and develop metacognition.