NCTM Math Intervention in the Middle School Using Singapore Math


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This presentation is on intervention in middle school.

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NCTM Math Intervention in the Middle School Using Singapore Math

  1. 1. Math Intervention in Middle School Using Singapore Math Yeap Ban Har Marshall Cavendish Institute Singapore Slides are available at
  2. 2. This presentation focuses on how mathematics is singapore math differentiated for students who struggle with mathematics in the middle school yearsJunyuan SecondarySchool, Singapore
  3. 3. Math Intervention in Middle SchoolGrades 5 – 8A workshop presented by Dr. Yeap Ban Har, Principal of Marshall Cavendish Institute.The workshop addresses how Singapore schools deal with middleschool students who struggle with Mathematics. This session includesa discussion on how curriculum design and teaching strategies can helpsuch students build up confidence to cope with Mathematics at the middle schoollevel.Room 118-B (Convention Center)
  4. 4. Singapore Math is designed for all students. In this presentation, the focus on intervention. Archipelschool De Tweemaster – Kameleon, The NetherlandsKing Solomon Academy,London High School Attached to Tsukuba University, Japan
  5. 5. The CPA ApproachLearn it well the first time Edgewood Elementary School, Scarsdale, New York Fuchun Primary School, Singapore The One-Problem Approach Learn it well the first time This was the focus of Thursday’s session.
  6. 6. Typical Intervention Models in SingaporeGrades 1 – 2 Pull-Out Model Differentiate ProcessGrades 3 – 4 In-Class Support Differentiate Process Differentiate ProcessGrades 5 – 6 Foundation Math Differentiate Content Differentiate ProcessGrade 7 – 8 Normal (Technical) Differentiate Content
  7. 7. My Pals Are Here! Mathematics (Second Edition)Princess Elizabeth Primary School, Singapore
  8. 8. My Pals Are Here! Mathematics (Second Edition)
  9. 9. Grades 5 – 6 Foundation Math
  10. 10. Mrs Rama had a pie.She ate 1 fifth of it and shared the remaining 4 fifthsof the pie equally among her 4 children.What fraction of the whole pie did each child get? Maths Works! Coursebook (Second Edition) 6A Check with Booth 12 41
  11. 11. Globe Academy, London, United Kingdom
  12. 12. 23x – 2 = 8
  13. 13. Intellectual activity is anywhere andeverywhere, whether at the frontier of knowledge orin a third-grade classroom Jerome BrunerMathematics is an excellent vehicle for thedevelopment and improvement of a person’sintellectual competencies … Singapore Ministry of Education
  14. 14. "Solving problems is central to mathematical proficiencyand is articulated to a varying degree across theinternational curricula. Singapore applies the highestdegree of specificity to it, placing it at the centre of allmathematical learning.“ Review of the National Curriculum in England Research Report UK Department for Education
  15. 15. If can learn our students must too.Google learns from typos and spelling mistakes we all make when searching to helpgive you quicker and more accurate search results. So if you type ‘grizzly pears’, wecan guess that you probably meant ‘grizzly bears’.Goggle does not have a degree in English. We can do this because over the yearswe’ve studied how people search and learned what the most common errors are. Soit’s good to know that all those little mistakes aren’t made in vain.