M13 Lesson Study on Bar Model


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This session focuses on studying students' responses. We did the responses of Grade 5 students in using bar models. There are materials for further study involving Grade 3 students doing Singapore Math outside Singapore.

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M13 Lesson Study on Bar Model

  1. 1. Photo: Pathlight School, Singapore lesson study on Bar Model Primary Five Mathematics
  2. 2. Identify Professional Learning Goal Plan LessonLesson Plan Research Lesson Revision Post-Lesson Discussion
  3. 3. What does it look like when students are engaged productively in learning? What are the catalysts to such productive engagement?Professional Learning Goal: To engage students in learning
  4. 4. PLC membersparticipated in an open lesson at a primary school as part of the lesson planning process to get more ideas and insights on student engagement. Photo: Daqiao Primary School
  5. 5. Main TaskPhoto: Pathlight School in Research Lesson
  6. 6. In the lesson planning process, the PLCmembers came upwith a refined worksystem to develop and encourage independent engagement. Photo: Pathlight School
  7. 7. Use coloured paper strips Photo: Pathlight School In the lesson planning process, the PLC membersalso decided to use coloured paper strips. During the lesson, two types ofengagement were observed.
  8. 8. Type 1 Engagement Such engagement is not directly related to content of the lesson. However, students were more involved and were more responsive. Photo: Pathlight School Type 2 Engagement Such engagement is directlyrelated to content of the lesson. In this photo a student used the strips to make sense of the problem situation.
  9. 9. The team was also hopeful that the paper strips would help students connect the diagrams they draw and the problem situation. Hopefully, students are more engaged when theyPhoto: Pathlight School are doing things that make sense to them.
  10. 10. Would the colour help students distinguish the unknown variable from the constant? The purpose ofPhoto: Pathlight School the research lesson is for teachers to observe students to answer questions such as this one. The lesson planning meetings raised such questions. The research lesson provides a platform to ‘see’ the answers to such questions. The post-lesson discussion is a platform to discuss these answers.
  11. 11. Photo: Pathlight School
  12. 12. While the paper strips were used to help students built the model, they were not used in helping students do the calculation. In this lesson the computation was doneindependently by the students. Photo: Pathlight School
  13. 13. Photo: Pathlight School
  14. 14. Photo: Pathlight School
  15. 15. Photo: Pathlight School
  16. 16. Photo: Reedley International School, Manila lesson study on Bar Model Grade 2 Mathematics
  17. 17. Nury 3450Sue 1286 21643450 – 1286 = 2164 ?? Check
  18. 18. Student B 4770 +3250 $8120Student A
  19. 19. 4770 -3250 1520Student C 1520 +3250 Student D 4770