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LSP101 Lesson Study at First Toa Payoh Secondary
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LSP101 Lesson Study at First Toa Payoh Secondary


This is an overview given to a secondary school that is embarking on lesson study as their PLC tool. The school is on MCI Lesson Study Programme.

This is an overview given to a secondary school that is embarking on lesson study as their PLC tool. The school is on MCI Lesson Study Programme.

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  • 1. Lesson StudyFirst Toa Payoh Secondary Schoolwww.singaporelessonstudy.blogspot.comSpeaker: Yeap Ban Har yeapbanhar@gmail.com
  • 2. Overview Photo: Hamanogo Elementary School, JapanThis introductory seminar helps participants, who are new to lesson study,understand the process of lesson study and its role in theprofessional development of teachers. Participants will gain insight into thestages of lesson study and how they fulfill the Three Big Ideasof the Professional Learning Community (PLC). This seminar will also touchon other benefits, challenges and factors needed to support the effectiveimplementation of lesson study in a PLC.
  • 3. Overview Mathematics Open Lesson Photo: Junyuan Secondary School Setting the ContextProfessional Learning Communities
  • 4. Setting the ContextProfessional Learning Communities
  • 5. …nothing matters morethan finding people withthe potential to begreat teachers. Malcom Gladwell 2009 What The Dog Saw
  • 6. Source: How the Worlds Best-Performing School Systems Come Out on Top The McKinsey Report Getting the right people to become teachers and to develop them into effective teachers.
  • 7. Source: BBC News 23 Nov 2004 “The country has made a conscious effort to have highly-qualified teachers throughout the system.” Minister of Education (Finland) 2004
  • 8. Source: Straits Times 23 Nov 2010 “The first is improving teaching, developing teachers professionally ….” Secretary of State for Education (Britain) 2010
  • 9. A good education systemdepends on high-quality Photo: Northlight Schoolteachers whoconstantly seek toimprove theirpractice, supported byschool leaders andadministrators, andresources fromdepartments andagencies within MOE. Minister of Education (Singapore) 2009
  • 10. Photo: Fuchun Primary School build capacity for We need to teachers themselves to take the lead in professional upgrading.Minister of Education Singapore 2009
  • 11. First Big Idea in PLC Focus on Learning Rather Than TeachingSecond Big Idea in PLCWorkCollaboratively Third Big Idea in PLC Focus on Results Three Big Ideas in PLC
  • 12. OverviewLesson Study In a Nutshell Photo: Hamanogo Elementary School, Japan
  • 13. Keys Grade School, Manila lesson studyaround the world Middle School Attached to Tsukuba University, Japan from Japan to the rest of the world
  • 14. Edgewood Elementary School, New York, USA teachers studying learning in action lesson study around the world teachers discussing learning collaboratively Scarsdale Teachers Institute, New York, USA
  • 15. ties in with our student- centric focusChange the square into an equilateral triangleof the same area.in-depth discussion, oftenfrom students’ perspective Bina Bangsa School, Indonesia
  • 16. lesson studyaround the world school-based lesson studyBina Bangsa School, Jakarta, Indonesia PCF Kindergarten Jalan Besar, Singapore
  • 17. lesson studyaround the world openlessons Princess Elizabeth Primary School, Singapore
  • 18. lesson studyaround the world public research lessons Singapore Math Conference in Las Vegas
  • 19. lesson studyaround the worldJunior High School Attached to Tsukuba University, Japan
  • 20. Junior High School Attached to Tsukuba University, Japan
  • 21. Stages in Lesson StudyLesson Study adapted for Micro-Teaching in Pre-service Course Photo: National Institute of Education
  • 22. Identify Professional Learning Goal Plan LessonLesson Plan Research Lesson Revision Post-Lesson Discussion
  • 23. Lesson 0: Research Theme is Central in Lesson Study• Vision & Mission• Curriculum Focus• Students’ Current Performance
  • 24. Kranji Secondary SchoolDeveloping confident learners who arecapable of 21st Century competencies 1/11/12
  • 25. Lesson 1: More Thinking, Less Doing During Lesson-Planning Stage• Curriculum Documents• Textbooks• Curriculum Materials• Other Literature• Other Lesson Study Documents• Always Guided by Research Theme
  • 26. Change the square into an equilateral triangleof the same area. Bina Bangsa School, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • 27. What does it look like when students are engaged productively in learning? What are the catalysts to such productive engagement?Professional Learning Goal: To engage students in learning Photo: Pathlight School
  • 28. • School’s Goals • Subject’s Goals • Ideal Students’ Outcomes • Actual Students’Identify Research Outcomes • Identify the GapsThemes • Identify Professional Learning Goal to Close the Gaps
  • 29. School’s VisionSubject’s GoalsIdeal Students’ Actual Students’ GapCharacteristics CharacteristicsProfessional Learning Goal
  • 30. Professional Learning Goal Example: To engage pupils in the learning of mathematics broad but specific
  • 31. Lesson Planning Meeting • Select a unit • Select a lesson or more within the unit • Study textbooks • Study other resources • Discuss how the lesson(s) is to be taught
  • 32. Learning Outcome(s) Task & Anticipated Teacher’s Notes Key Questions Students’ Action Responses
  • 33. Some of us know a bit about lesson study.Some have heard the term but not muchelse. Some have extensive experience withit. The purpose of the forum is for you toask any questions you have about lessonstudy.There is an article on the first things aboutlesson study at this website.www.academyofsingaporeteachers.moe.gov.sg