How to Cheat on Your Diet & Stay Lean for More Energy


Published on Is it really possible to cheat on your diet, see results, AND increase your energy? Yes, BUT there are some guidelines we must establish before you just give yourself the green light to stuff your face into a bowl of ice cream. Deal? So if you are just starting a new nutrition plan or fitness regimen, don’t look at it as this huge impossible task! Get over the ultimatums like ‘I can never have margaritas, chips and salsa again’. Instead, start small.

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  • How to Cheat on Your Diet & Stay Lean for More Energy

    1. 1. Coach Jimmy Hays Nelson
    2. 2. Did you feel guilty eating that?!?This is a question that has been stuck in my head. Itcame in the form of a comment on my Facebook Pagewhen I posted a picture of my cheat meal one week.The admittance that I cheat on my diet like everyoneelse wasn’t a huge deal, but the issue of guiltassociated with rewarding oneself opened the doorto an issue that goes beyond goals and discipline.
    3. 3. Did you feel guilty eating that?!?I allow myself one cheat meal a week where I caneat and drink whatever I want. A whole rack of ribswith french fries????If the mood strikes me…absolutely!That meal is something I now look forward to eachweek, and I enjoy every last morsel, but that hasn‟talways been the case.
    4. 4. As a person with a 100 pound weight loss story, the historyof my relationship with food is a complicated one.Growing up, the mirror was a daily reminder of my poorfood choices. But as I became fitter, the mirror still foundways to torment me. Even at my fittest, often after asplurge, I would feel like „Fat Jimmy‟ all over again!Somehow my mind‟s eye would manifest that when Ilooked in the mirror.A temporary exhale would have me feeling like I „failed‟and was starting all over from square one.
    5. 5. Maybe you have avoided embarking on a new fitness ornutrition regimen because you felt that in order to get realresults, you had to take on an all-or-nothing mentality. Is it really possible to cheat on your diet, see results, AND increase your energy?
    6. 6. ABSOLUTELY, YES IT IS!But I haven‟t always felt that way. I went through spurts where Iwas so scared of returning to „Fat Jimmy‟ form that I went to someunhealthy extremes when it came to my nutrition.I look back on some of those pictures, and I‟m shocked at how thinand anemic I looked.But I remember at the time still thinking I had work to do as Ichased some imaginary „perfect form‟.My energy and attitude were on a wild roller coaster ridethroughout this period since I wasn‟t properly giving my bodyeverything it needed.
    7. 7. Issues Affecting State of MindEventually, I had to take a step back and ask myself why I put such highexpectations on myself with very little room for error?Was it because I honestly felt better in my rigid schedule?Was I constantly comparing myself to others and chasing their results?Maybe I had created some „image‟ in my head of how others saw me,so I had to constantly live up to that standard 24/7.I‟m sure each of these played a role in my guilty remorseful „cheathangover‟. Maybe a few of these same issues are affecting your state ofmind as well.
    8. 8. So what changed?How is it possible for me to indulge in somesuper loaded burger meal without having a remorseful food hangover?Will I go back to feeling tired and lethargic?
    9. 9. So what changed?I had to examine whom I was living my life for.Was it for me and the personal goals I set for myself?Or was it to live up to a standard I thought others hadfor me?I finally had to ask myself,„What‟s the point of all this hard work if I never getto exhale, congratulate myself and celebrate theaccomplishment?‟
    10. 10. Everything has a season and a time.So are there still stretches where my training and nutritionare what others would label extreme? YES!Those times are usually reserved for a build up to some kindof event like a:  Wedding  Reunion  Vacation  Photo shootIt gives me a specific date to aim for knowing the celebratorysplurge is awaiting for me on the other side of that finish line.
    11. 11. So if you are just starting a new nutritionplan or fitness regimen, don‟t look at it as this huge impossible task! Get over the ultimatums like „I can never have margaritas, chips and salsa again‟. Instead, start small.
    12. 12. Examples of how to start small „For the next three days, I will get up an hourearlier to exercise‟. „This weekend, I will cook my meals for next weekto improve my nutrition‟.At the end of that small timeline, review how it wentand how you feel.
    13. 13. Examples of how to start smallDo you deserve a small reward?Have you created some momentum to where you want tokeep going?Either way, celebrate your achievement.Set the next mini goal and repeat!You will find that by giving your body all the fuel andnutrition it needs, your energy will skyrocket!
    14. 14. “But Jimmy, can I really stay lean if I am indulging in my chocolate addiction weekly?”Yes, BUT there are some guidelines we mustestablish before you just give yourself the green lightto stuff your face into a bowl of ice cream. Deal?
    15. 15. #1 – You Must EARN Your Cheat MealBy this I mean you need to be 100% locked in on eatingclean for the entire week before your indulgence.The best way to achieve this is to plan out your mealsfor the week.It might be an adjustment at first, but it doesn‟t take longbefore it is just another habit like brushing your teeth. My secret is to cook my meals in bulk for the entire week.
    16. 16. #1 – You Must EARN Your Cheat MealClick the link to read my blog post where I talkabout my weekly schedule.By cooking my food ahead of time, I‟m alsosaving precious energy of having to slave overthe stove trying to whip something up everynight.
    17. 17. #2 – You Must PLAN Your Cheat MealYep, this requires a little planning ahead as well.If you know exactly what day and which meal will be yourindulgence, it will keep you from those impulse splurges ina moment of weakness.We all have them, and they usually rear their ugly head ina time of stress.Work, family, money, pets …. you name it, all can triggerthe „I NEED JUNK FOOD‟ button in our heads.
    18. 18. #2 – You Must PLAN Your Cheat MealHowever, if you know that your cheat meal isscheduled for lunch on Saturday with friends, you willbe less likely to give into your stress craving becauseyou don‟t want to jeopardize ruining that event.Which brings me to #3…
    19. 19. #3 – You Must BE HONEST With Yourself!Ok, let‟s get real! You plan your meals, You schedule your cheat, Your week is planned. Does that mean everything will always go according to schedule? OF COURSE NOT!
    20. 20. #3 – You Must BE HONEST With Yourself!Goof ups will happen!You will fall off the wagon.Your spouse will bring home pizza one night, eventhough they know you are trying hard to watch whatyou eat. And more than likely, you will give in. I mean you ARE human, right?! (And pizza smells awesome!)
    21. 21. #3 – You Must BE HONEST With Yourself!So when those times happen, you have to: Be honest enough with yourself to admit it happened, Don‟t beat yourself up, and Audible your gameplan for the week.In other words, if your cheat meal was planned for Saturday,but you had a pizza slip up on Wednesday night, then you needto be grown up enough to say, “Well I guess it will be a cleaneating Saturday because this pizza on Wednesday wasawesome, and that was my reward this week.” Deal?
    22. 22. Welcome to your new „manageable goals‟ way of life!Follow these simple guidelines and you will watch yourpant size drop and your energy levels climb!In this thing together – Coach Jimmy
    23. 23. Want to Take the Guess Work Out of Healthy Eating ? Grab My Free No-Brainer Food GuideIt‟s My “Secret” 100 LBS Weight Loss Weapon
    24. 24. Jimmy Hays Nelson Beachbody Coach is a self-proclaimed „former fat guy‟. In his mid 20‟s he was anoverweight college dropout, who found himself livingback at home with his parents. Knowing something hadto change, he took action.Through his transformation journey he lost 100 pounds,started his own business, was featured in the ShaunT workout series INSANITY, and has been seenmultiple times on QVC with his buddy Tony Hortonpromoting P90X.He founded NELSONGY FITNESS with his wifeKelly to reach out to give hope and support to those thatare dissatisfied with their current situation. Whether youare lacking physically, emotionally, financially, ornutritionally we are here to help you see REALRESULTS!