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  1. 1. Designing The Landscape Experiencing Landscape Architecture Through The Work Of Jimmy W. Ashley 1997-2009
  2. 2. Commercial Design
  3. 3. Caraleigh Mill Redevelopment 1800's Cotton Mill transformed into a multi-use complex with retail and commercial office space. Located in the heart of Raleigh only two minutes from downtown on Maywood Avenue
  4. 4. Caterpillar R&D Facility Study site for Caterpillar's Research and Development facility for equipment.
  5. 5. NET App Site Photo View of the front side of building to the right of the main entrance.
  6. 6. Net App Site Photo View of parking lot southern side building #4
  7. 7. Park and Community Master Plan Renderings & Site Photos
  8. 8. Lake Thom-A-Lex Recreational master Plan Master Plan focusing on the environment and sports activities that will not create a negative impact on the water nor the land. This project focuses on the lake that provides potable water sources to communities of Lexington and Thomasville, NC.
  9. 9. Elon Bark Park First Dog Park for the Town of Elon. Adjacent to Beth Schmidt Park in Elon, NC
  10. 10. Love Grove Community Park Master Plan Located in Wilmington, NC, this is a project that involves Brown Field Development. The site was home for a landfill and has been closed for many years. The Master Plan is broken into several Phases that include Park amenities, parking, cleaning of site and stream restoration. Photos are samples of site elements to be considered.
  11. 11. Knightdale Environmental Education Park The first Environmental Education Park located directly behind the Town Hall in Knightdale NC. This project received an Award of Recognition by the NC Chapter of ASLA in 2004.
  12. 12. Knightdale Environmental Education Park Site Photo View looking through four – way arbor.
  13. 13. Knightdale Environmental Education Park Site Photo Boardwalk connecting arbor to public library site
  14. 14. The Rose Walk (Renovation Project) Renovations took place in several Phases. The concrete walk and roses were existing. Elements added to site in this photo are: - Stone columns with cedar rails. - Light fixtures - - Drip irrigation system for the rose beds.
  15. 15. The Rose Walk (Renovation Project) Elements added to site in this photo are: - Wooden (cedar) overlook with stone waterfall (to the right of photo. - Stairs were added in place of the ramp that was not ADA compliant (ADA ramp was added in Phase II) -
  16. 16. The Rose Walk (Renovation Project) Pavilion was added for seating area as well as observation area. This space is utilized for lunch outings and rest area. All materials are native stone, recycled plastic that is cedar in color, and cedar wood for structure and railings. The roof is made of cedar shake shingles and the pitch was determined so as not to take away the view from hotel across the street.
  17. 17. Financial Institutions
  18. 18. Elkin - SECU Layout plan for the State Employees' Credit Union in Elkin, NC off the new Hwy. 268 Bypass. Constructed in 2009.
  19. 19. Kernersville - SECU Kernersville State Employees' Credit Union. Designed in 2009.
  20. 20. Kernersville - SECU Kernersville State Employees' Credit Union.
  21. 21. Market Street - SECU State Employees' Credit Union in Wilmington, NC. Designed in 2009.
  22. 22. Plymouth - SECU State Employees' Credit Union in Plymouth, NC. Designed in 2009.
  23. 23. Triangle Towne - SECU Photo taken after Credit Union opened.
  24. 24. Robbinsville- SECU State Employees’ Credit Union located in Robbinsville, NC.
  25. 25. Robbinsville- SECU Grading Plan Steep slopes on this site forced a retaining wall to the western side of the site.
  26. 26. Murfreesboro- SECU State Employees’ Credit Union located in Murfreesboro, NC. Grading Plan with tree storm water ponds to minimize the storm water structures onsite.
  27. 27. Murfreesboro- SECU Planting Plan
  28. 28. Residential (Projects completed while working for a Residential Design Firm in Raleigh, NC)
  29. 29. The Hoffman Residence - Bedford
  30. 30. The Towner Residence - Bedford
  31. 31. The Woodruff Residence - Bedford
  32. 32. R&D/High Profile Development Cardinal Health Campus – Raleigh, NC Caterpillar Core Production & Development Center – Clayton, NC Credit Suisse Campus – Research Triangle Park, NC Green Square -Department of Environmental & Natural Resource Office Building (DENR) – Raleigh, NC Green Square - Natural Research (NRC) Center Expansion – Raleigh, NC Hasbro Toy Store, Disney Imagineering – Lake Buena Vista, Florida Net App (Formerly Network Appliance) Building #4 Data Center – Research Triangle Park, NC Raleigh Convention Center – Raleigh, NC
  33. 33. Commercial/Retail Development Capital Office Center – Raleigh, NC Caraleigh Mill Renovation – Raleigh, NC KFC-Taco Bell – Morrisville, NC Krystal Burger – Morrisville, NC Krystal Burger – Raleigh, NC Taco Bell / Long John Silvers – Wake-Forest, NC Tallyrand Interchange – Jacksonville, Florida
  34. 34. Financial Institutional Design (State Employees’ Credit Union Offices) Belmont SECU Office – Belmont, NC Cleveland Community SECU Office – Johnson County, NC Computer Drive Admin Up fit SECU – Raleigh, NC Computer Drive SECU Office – Raleigh, NC Elkin SECU Office – Elkin, NC Granite Falls SECU Office – Granite Falls,NC Guess Road SECU Office – Durham, NC Kernersville SECU Office – Kernersville, NC King SECU Office – King, NC McGee’s Crossroads SECU Office – Benson, NC Market Street SECU Office – Wilmington, NC Nags Head SECU Office – Nags Head, NC Plymouth SECU Office – Plymouth, NC Silas Creek Parkway SECU Remote Teller – Winston Salem, NC Waxhaw SECU Office – Waxhaw, NC Mocksville SECU Office – Mocksville, NC
  35. 35. Park and Community Master Plans Knightdale Environmental Park – Knightdale, NC Lake Thom-A-Lex Recreational Master Plan – Davidson County, NC Oak Ranch Master Plan – Sanford, NC Park & Recreations Master Plan - Clayton, NC Park & Recreational Master Plan – Beaufort, NC The Love Grove Community Park (Green Space Redevelopment Plan) – City of Wilmington,
  36. 36. Comprehensive Master Plans and Site Studies Chatham County Comprehensive Park Master Plan - Chatham County, NC City of York Downtown Master Plan – York, SC Prairie Ridge Impact Study – Raleigh, NC
  37. 37. Recreational Development Bike/Hike Trail – Warrenton, VA Capital Area Greenways – Raleigh, NC Crowder’s Mountain State Park – NCDENR Div. Parks & Recreations CVPDC Bikes/Hike Trail – Lynchburg, VA Duke Power State Park – NCDENR Div. Parks & Recreation The Sandy Creek Life Long Learning Center – Durham, NC Elon Community Park – Elon, NC Elon Community Dog Park - Elon, NC Jordan, & Philpott Lake, US Army COE John H. Kerr Dam & Reservoir Recreational Facility Hurricane Fran Park Restoration – John H. Kerr, Falls, B. Everett The American Tobacco Trail – Durham County, NC The Rose Walk Phases I-III – Lake Junaluska, NC Tivoli Woods Recreational Areas – City of Orlando, Florida West Neck Creek District Park – Virginia Beach, VA Winding Creek Golf Course – Thomasville, NC
  38. 38. University Development NCCU-Biomanufacturing Research Institute & Technology Enterprise (BRITE) Center – Durham, NC UNC, Greensboro Baseball/Student Recreational Park – Greensboro, Park and Ride – NCSU – Raleigh, NC
  39. 39. Residential Development Alston Village Apartments– Raleigh, NC Bedford Community (23 Residential Designs) – Raleigh, NC Sorrento Hills – Lake County, Florida Watkins Park Apartments – Raleigh, NC The Lodge @ Crossroads Pool – Raleigh, NC
  40. 40. Grants PARTF Grant for The Knightdale Environmental Park ($169,000) – Town of Knightdale, NC PARTF Grant for The Sandy Creek Life Long Learning Center ($250,000) – The City of Durham, NC