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HYDROXYL TECH Blue Box Brochure

  2. 2. blue box systemHydroxyl Tech’s BLUE BOX System uses chemical foams to clean all categories of industrial equipment. With thedevelopment of its foam injection system, Hydroxyl Tech has greatly improved the speed, safety, and effectivenessin cleaning large and complex systems. Servicing everything from boilers, heat exchangers, cooling towers, topipelines - what used to take days or weeks, our technicians now accomplish in hours. Instead of using tons ofequipment to perform a project, Hydroxyl Tech harnesses foam to do the hard work. Instead of creating hugewaste streams, Hydroxyl Tech’s system reduces waste by 90%. The end result is a safer and much more efficientprocess that enables our clients to keep their equipment clean and improve their overall operations. 12-24 HOUR TURNAROUND NO DISMANTLING OF EQUIPMENT RESTORES EQUIPMENT BACK TO NEW NON-DAMAGING FOAM QUICKLY REMOVES ORGANIC AND INORGANIC BUILD UP ZERO DAMAGE TO EQUIPMENT SURFACERETHINKING MAINTENANCEOur BLUE BOX System greatly improves the industrial maintenance process by eliminating the need todismantle equipment, thereby achieving in hours what currently takes days to weeks. But the true valuedelivered is the ability to control residue fouling with extreme precision. Foam gets in between pipes andfoam uses the reactive power of chemicals and friction to achieve what has always been impossible forindustry - that is to actually get the equipment clean.FOAM CLEANING Fills entire volume space 90% less chemicals used Gets in between pipes and 85% + of waste stream brought to ph neutral impossible to reach places. Low flow, low pressure 100% surface area coverage Near total removal of all residues.
  3. 3. industrial foam technologyBILLIONS OF BUBBLESTraditional chemical cleaning has always had two main short comings. First, it generates a very large waste stream.Second, the chemical solutions themselves are limited in penetrating through the multiple layers of residue fouling.Foam overcomes both of these issues while delivering a far better clean. Because foam is basically trapped air, 1gallon of a chemical solution can be turned into 25 gallons of foam. This means that only a fraction of chemicalsand water is needed to fill internal surface volume as is normally required. In addition to this, foam, at themicroscopic level, creates an enormous amount of friction and agitation when it comes into contact with residues.This friction breaks apart molecules of residues, delivering a much more powerful mechanism for breaking downscale and other residue build ups. This enables foam to act as a scouring brush against residue buildups that aregular chemical wash simply cannot achieve. The result? Billions of bubbles working to remove nearly 100% ofall residues, leaving a throughly cleaned system. foam chemical bath Friction yes no limited by no yes equipment size Waste Stream small largeSMALL = BIG IMPACTWith BLUE BOX, foam does the work. No heavy equipment. No large teams of work crews. This SMALLFOOTPRINT = BIG IMPACT focus returns systems back to work faster, improves plant efficiency and improvesoverall plant safety by eliminating the need for big, heavy equipment or crowded work areas.REDUCED DOWNTIME + IMPROVED EFFICIENCY = NEW PROFITSReducing plant downtime saves time and money. Keeping equipment residue free dramatically reduces energyconsumption costs and CO2 output. Hydroxyl Tech is changing how companies can maintain their systems bymaking the cleaning process faster, easier, and more profitable. Simplify maintenance logistics planning Reduce downtime by 75% Improve worker safety
  4. 4. business sustainabilityBUSINESS SUSTAINABILITYBLUE BOX delivers a new level of sustainability for businesses big and small by enabling their operations todramatically reduce their environmental footprint, while improving their operations and profitability.HOW?1. Reducing by 90% the volume of chemicals and water needed to clean equipment and facilities.2. Reducing by 75% the normal downtime needed to clean big industrial systems3. Reducing the fuel consumption of many systems, such as boilers, heat exchangers, etc, to run at “peak thermal efficiency”.RESULT:1. Facilities consume less materials while producing more.2. Equipment consume less energy, thereby reducing CO2 output, but still producing more.3. The lower energy costs improves the bottom line.EXAMPLE - BOILER CLEANFoam does more with less. The charts below highlights how little water and chemicals are used ascompared to a traditional chemical clean for a 10,000 gallon boiler. Whereas a boiler is traditionallyfilled with a water/acid solution, the sheer internal volume of the boiler requires 10,000 gallons of achemical solution, which then means 10,000 gallons of a waste stream afterwards. However, withfoam, the numbers are dramatically different. 10,000 gallons of foam means 500 gallons of a finalwaste stream. WATER CHEMICAL 8,000 6,000 4,000 2,000 0 FOAM CLEANING CHEMICAL BATH
  5. 5. systems cleanedA TOTAL SOLUTIONWe can design chemical foams to beapplied to almost any industrialapplication. Whether equipment HEAT EXCHANGERSneed to be cleaned, passivated, ordisinfected, our systems compact COOLING TOWERS TRAYED TOWERSsize and portability means that it canaccess the smallest of work areas, orto be deployed by the hundreds tocover the largest of industrial CONDENSERS BOILERSfacilities. PACKED BEDS TANKS PIPELINES Foam Dismantle/ NO DISMANTLING BLUE BOX cleans equipment without the need to dismantle. This hydro wash greatly reduces downtime, eliminates the need for heavy residue 90-99% 40%-60% equipment, and eliminates the wear and tear of systems. In removal rate addition, foam fills the entire internal volume, so every inch inside the system is cleaned. Because of all these factors, BLUE BOX use of heavy no yes transforms the speed and effectiveness of keeping industrial equipment equipment clean which leads more uptime, more efficiency, and greater plant profitability. worker 2 5 - 20 teams manned no yes entry high no yes pressure systems turnaround 12-24 hours days to time weeks damaging to no yes equipment
  6. 6. passivatingHydroxyl Tech’s BLUE BOX System can passivate your stainless steel systems faster, better, and with 90% less of awaste stream than current methods. The key lies in the fact that BLUE BOX can circulate foam through pipelines,fill large vats and tanks and ensure that 100% surface area is covered with our proprietary passivating foamformulation. UP TO 90% LESS WASTE STREAM CIRCULATE THROUGH PIPELINES ENSURE TOTAL SURFACE AREA COVERAGE DELIVER A FAR DEEPER CLEAN OF METAL SURFACES Food processing Cosmetics Wineries, beverages, water purificationADVANTAGESPassivating your stainless steel systems with foam will deliver a far more effective clean than is possible with anormal liquid circulation primarily because of the friction. Circulating foam through pipelines and tanks generatesmany times more friction than normal liquid circulation. The result is that foam scrubs away the micro iron oxidesfrom of the stainless steel surface, enabling the nitric acid to react more effectively and faster than if it was in aliquid state.FOAM CLEANING Fills entire volume space 90% less chemicals used Circulates through any length Passivating of Stainless Steel Systems piping systems Near100% surface area coverage Near total removal of all residues. HYDROXYL TECH, LLC 1601 N. Sepulveda Blvd., #365 * Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 Tel: (424)-218-9966 hydroxyltech.com
  7. 7. biocide disinfectingThorough disinfecting of your processing facility is critical for your business. Ensuring complete surface areacoverage and thorough bacterial control currently requires the overuse of biocide disinfectants that often fail todeliver exceptional results. BLUE BOX’s foam process greatly improves how facilities can keep their operationsclean and sanitized. Utilizing its proprietary foam injection system, BLUE BOX overcomes the current weaknessfound in existing biocide practices of spraying down equipment. By using our biocide foams to deliver 100%surface area coverage, BLUE BOX can cover your work areas faster and with dramatically less chemicals thanexisting spray down processes. PRECISELY CONTROL BACTERIA ENSURE TOTAL SURFACE AREA COVERAGE BREAK THROUGH LAYERS OF BACTERIAL GROWTH GREATLY REDUCE CHEMICAL USAGE Food processing Cosmetics Wineries, beverages, water purificationADVANTAGESDisinfecting your facilities with foam offers a far more effective and efficient solution to your bio-control needs. Byusing less chemicals, while delivering more effective coverage area, BLUE BOX delivers unprecedented control,coverage, and safety for your operations.BIOCIDE FOAM Fills entire volume space 90% less chemicals used Circulates through any length Near100% surface area coverage piping systems Near total removal of all residues. HYDROXYL TECH, LLC 1601 N. Sepulveda Blvd., #365 * Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 Tel: (424)-218-9966 hydroxyltech.com
  8. 8. HYDROXYL TECH, LLC1601 N. Sepulveda Blvd, # 365 Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 Tel: (424)-218-9966 hydroxyltech.com