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Jim lunt

  1. 1. Overview ofNext-Generation Bioplastics June 28,2011
  2. 2. Topics Bioplastics status today. Projected growth rates and trends. Key emerging technologies/players. Conclusions.
  3. 3. Projected Bioplastics Trends Bioplastic capacity is still only 1%of the approximately 230 million tons of plastics in use today. Projected Growth rates range from 20-40% per year.
  4. 4. Projected Durable Bioplastics Growth Increasing demand for biobased, durable productsin packaging, electronics and automotive applications. In 2011, durables are expected to account for almost 40% of bioplastics, compared with 12% in 2010. (European Bioplastics)
  5. 5. How Will This Change to Durables Occur? Existing players improving their performance. Continuing advances in existing and/or new monomers/polymers from renewable resources. Rapid development of fermentation, catalysts and biomass conversion technologies to enable monomer economics and biomass feedstocks. Drop in replacements of existing petro-based monomers will be first to market.
  6. 6. Bio “Building Blocks”Ethylene/ethylene glycol Braskem, India Glycols. TPA Gevo, Anellotech, Draths, Genomatica, UOP, Global Bioenergies, Sabic, Virent,Chemtex. Succinic acid PTT, DSM, BASF, Bioamber, Roquette, Mitsubishi Chem., Myriant, Purac. Adipic acid Rennovia, Verdezyne, Genomatica. Butane diol Genomatica. FDCA Avantium. Ketals Segetis, XLTerra/Reluceo. Caprolactam Draths. Acrylic acid Ceres, Dow/OPX. Isosorbide ADM, Roquette. Propylene Braskem. Propane 1,3 diol DuPont / Tate & Lyle.
  7. 7. Braskem “Green Polyethylene” from Sugar Cane ethanolsugar cane molasses HDPE polyethylene ethylene
  8. 8. Biobased TPA for PET from Sugars Gevo Global Bioenergies p-xylenebiobutanol isobutylene isooctene Toray/UOPDrathsGenomatica t,t muconic acid dimethyl furan Sabic TPA fdca d limonene p cymene BP
  9. 9. Anellotech/Virent Processes for Biobased AromaticsAnellotech Process Virent Process BTX=benzene, toluene, xylenes mixture.
  10. 10. Biobased Succinic Acid and Derivatives Biobased Succinic Acid Succinic acid/PBS • BioAmber • PTT • MCC • DSM/Roquette • BASF/Purac Butane diol • Genomatica Adipic acid • Rennovia • Verdezyne Courtesy Myriant
  11. 11. Examples of Emerging TechnologiesFDCA (furan 2,5 dicarboxylic acid) - Avantium
  12. 12. Ketal Plasticizers/ Poly XLK O OH O O O L-KetalsHO HO OH HO OH O NH2 succinic acid 3-hydroxypropionic acid glutamic acid O HO O OHO HO OH OH OH O O NH2 O OR aspartic acid glycerol 4-hydroxybutyrolactone O HO O O O O OH OH OHO HO OH O O itaconic acid levulinic acid 2,5-furandicacboxylic acid OH OH OH OH OH O OH OH HO OH O OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH O O O O xylitol sorbitol glucaric acid O O n PXLK XLTerra
  13. 13. Conclusions Bioplastics Will Show Significant Growth if the Following Trends ContinueOil price remains above $90/Barrel.Expansion from Single-Use Compostable to DurableApplications.Transition from Oil-Based to Renewable Feed Stocks.Address Issues: – Sociological, Environmental & Political.Developments in Composting/Recycling Infrastructure.
  14. 14. Thank You