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Resume 2010
Resume 2010
Resume 2010
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Resume 2010


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. CONTACT INFORMATIONNameLouis Alfonso JimenezAddressTelephoneCell PhoneEmail<br />PERSONAL INFORMATIONPlace of BirthWhittier, CaliforniaCitizenshipU.S. CitizenVisa Status No VisaSexMale<br />Professional Objective: To secure a position, where I can utilize proven technical and leadership skills, in the areas of support, service, development, while providing growth opportunities for advancement.<br />EMPLOYMENT HISTORY<br />MTZ Computers INC. Salesmen (2002-2003)<br /><ul><li>Two year computer sales
  • 2. In charge of ordering parts, software for CPU and final product delivery
  • 3. Performed upgrades, as well as minor tech support</li></ul>South West Security Supervisor<br />Personnel Specialist - I.N.S. Detention Center - Bayview, TX (2000-2002)<br /><ul><li>One year -8 months
  • 4. Responsible for briefing sixty incoming relief guards on daily appearance, post orders, communication channels
  • 5. Performed hourly inspections of staff readiness and facilities upkeep
  • 6. In charge of man hours, attendance also equipment
  • 7. Responsible for safety and welfare of detainees at I.N.S.
  • 8. Responsible for compiling and processing status reports for maintenance requests.
  • 9. Prepared and maintained records and reports for upper level management.</li></ul>Military Experience - Army 3 years - Specialist E-4 (1997-2000)<br />Primary Occupation 63W, Wheel Vehicle Repairer - Skill Level 10<br /><ul><li>Scheduled and performed maintenance on wheeled vehicles.
  • 10. Performed maintenance on engines, clutches, transmissions, differentials, steering assemblies, and transfer.
  • 11. Established excellent customer satisfaction and maintained quality standards.</li></ul>Other Military Duties and Experience<br />Tool Room Custodian -Military Battalion<br /><ul><li>Responsible for organization, maintenance and accountability of eighty thousand dollars worth of inventory
  • 12. Responsible for preparation for use in field training.
  • 13. Technical Manual Holder - Responsible for over two hundred technical manuals for automotive section
  • 14. 6 MONTHS south west Asia (guard force)</li></ul>Movies 10 Cinema-Projections (1995-1997)<br /><ul><li>Two years
  • 15. In charge of building up as well as braking down films
  • 16. Responsible for displaying movie's at set times
  • 17. Responsible for upkeep of movie projectors</li></ul>Volunteer Work<br />Therapist Center<br /><ul><li>Six months</li></ul>Coordinate and coach flag football team<br /><ul><li>Two years</li></ul>Marathon for kids <br /><ul><li>10 hour</li></ul> EDUCATION <br /> The University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College<br /><ul><li>Brownsville, TX currently in the Bachelors program / B.A.A.S.</li></ul> Army Course work: Military Education<br /><ul><li>Combat Lifesaver - Graduate of one-year program
  • 18. Course: 610-63WIO - Wheel Vehicle Repair - Graduate of 520 hour Program
  • 19. Baccalaureate/Associate Degree - Eight Semester Hour program in Diesel/Gas engine Repair, Basic brakes, Basic
  • 20. Automotive, electrical, (DC Theory), Heavy-duty Power Trains, and Basic Hydraulics.
  • 21. Thirty-five hours of CPR training and First Aid</li></ul>MTZ Computers INC. Training<br /><ul><li>Soft ware installations 98, 2000, XP, VISTA, drivers, hardware, ext...</li></ul>Austin Community College <br /><ul><li>current (2006-2008) WORKING ON AN Associate Degree/ Arts/ </li></ul>TSTC<br /><ul><li>Currently in the Digital Media Design program/2010</li></ul>AWARDS/SKILLS/KNOWLEDGE<br /><ul><li>Bilingual / English-Spanish
  • 22. Exceptional leadership and interpersonal skills.
  • 23. Ability to prepare and evaluate technical data to ensure efficient equipment maintenance.
  • 24. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • 25. Proven equally effective working in self-managed projects and as a member of a team.
  • 26. Experience driving and towing vehicles over 5 tons.
  • 27. Excellent mechanical and electrical troubleshooting skills.
  • 28. Awards: The Army Achievement Medal, three 11* ADA Imperial Brigade coins, one 5/52 Command Sergeant
  • 29. Major Coin and two first place trophies as coach for flag football team at Fort Bliss, TX.