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Seattle Public Library Foundation Trend Summit
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Seattle Public Library Foundation Trend Summit


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Presentation by Stephanie Chase and Jim Loter to the board of The Seattle Public Library Foundation at their 2013 library trends summit in Seattle, WA.

Presentation by Stephanie Chase and Jim Loter to the board of The Seattle Public Library Foundation at their 2013 library trends summit in Seattle, WA.

Published in: Education
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  • 1. Discovery andDiversification How Libraries Respond toTrends, Challenges, and Opportunities Presentation to The Seattle Public Library Foundation Board By Jim Loter and Stephanie Chase February 28, 2013
  • 2. discovery and diversification Diversification in Four Key Areas• Library material formats & access• Computer and technology use• Information service delivery• Facilities use
  • 3. discovery and diversification Library Material Formats & Access• Increase in e-content usage• Diversity of e-formats and devices• Proliferation of e-content providers and discovery points• Challenges acquiring e-content
  • 4. discovery and diversification
  • 5. discovery and diversification
  • 6. discovery and diversificationHolds and CheckoutLimits Implemented
  • 7. discovery and diversificationPatron Book
  • 8. discovery and diversification BookPatron CD DVD
  • 9. discovery and diversification Book CD Unified Discovery DVDPatron eContent eBooks eAudio Streaming Kindle iPad Nook Android
  • 10. discovery and diversification Challenges• Diversification of format has resulted in a diversification of discovery• Content is licensed not purchased, so access under library lending models is not always available from publishers
  • 11. discovery and diversification Responses• Aggressive growth in eContent holdings and services o Freegal, Hoopla, Zinio• Integration of eContent discovery and access into library catalog• ReadersFirst• Advocacy and outreach to publishers
  • 12. discovery and diversification Computer and Technology Trends• Decrease in basic Internet PC use• Increase in personal device use; wireless Internet use• Increased need for digital creation capabilities• Evolution of concept of "digital literacy"
  • 13. discovery and diversification
  • 14. discovery and diversification
  • 15. discovery and diversificationfrom:
  • 16. discovery and diversificationfrom :
  • 17. discovery and diversificationfrom The Chattanooga (TN) Public Librarys "4th Floor"
  • 18. discovery and diversification Challenges• Nearly half (46%) of US adults own smartphones (Pew Internet) o 34% of low-income (< $30K) adults own smartphones• 57% of US adults own laptops (Pew Internet)• "Digital literacy" includes creating and sharing, not just access (Media Education Lab)
  • 19. discovery and diversification Responses• Digital Media Workstations• Expanded access to computer resources• Collaborations with Maker Spaces• 2013 Digital Inclusion Summit o Collaboration with UW, City of Seattle, EdLab, and CommunitiesConnect Network
  • 20. discovery and diversification Information Services Trends• Delivery at the patrons point of need o outreach o roving reference o embedded librarians o through programming• Role of the information services worker moving from a gatekeeper to a trusted guide• transactions > experiences
  • 21. discovery and diversificationfrom
  • 22. discovery and diversification right: from the Kitsap Sun
  • 23. discovery and diversification Point of Need/Communications• The patrons point of need has diversified beyond the physical library and the website o Facebook o Twitter o Your Next Five o Bibliocommons• SPL is a leader in social media services
  • 24. discovery and diversificationfrom
  • 25. discovery and diversification
  • 26. discovery and diversification
  • 27. discovery and diversification
  • 28. discovery and diversification
  • 29. discovery and diversification
  • 30. discovery and diversification
  • 31. discovery and diversificationHi- II am trying to get a bookHi- am trying to get a bookfor my mom to read. She isfor my mom to read. She isalmost 91. She LOVESalmost 91. She LOVESsuspense, WWII, etc. She hassuspense, WWII, etc. She hasread all Ken Folletts all Ken Folletts books.She wants excitement!! If youShe wants excitement!! If youcan find anything to fit the billcan find anything to fit the billshe (and I!!) would be thrilled!she (and I!!) would be thrilled!She is losing her sight andShe is losing her sight andreads on a Kindle. Thankreads on a Kindle. ThankYou!!!You!!!
  • 32. discovery and diversification Trends in Facilities• Flexible, multipurpose spaces• Opportunities for collaborative spaces• Multiple demands on our "third place" space
  • 33. discovery and diversification
  • 34. discovery and diversificationleft: Kilton Library, West Lebanon, NH right: Sammamish Library, KCLS both images courtesy Library Journal
  • 35. discovery and diversificationResearch Commons, University of Washington