ReadersFirst - A Movement to Improve E-book Access and Services for Public Library Users


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ReadersFirst ( is a coalition of over 225 public libraries advocating for easier access to digital content in libraries. In January 2013, ReadersFirst convened a roundtable discussion with nearly 30 digital content, integrated library system, and discovery services providers to discuss ways in which digital content product architecture can be made more open and allow for libraries to deliver content to patrons in the same familiar and easy-to-use online library environments they are used to.

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ReadersFirst - A Movement to Improve E-book Access and Services for Public Library Users

  1. 1. ReadersFirst A movement to improve e-book access & services for public library users
  2. 2. 227Library Systems 182 Million Readers
  3. 3. Libraries have aresponsibility to ensurethat users have the sameopen, easy, and freeaccess to e-books as printbooks. Products currently offered by e-content distributors create a fragmented, disjointed, and cumbersome user experience.
  4. 4. “a fragmented,disjointed, andcumbersomeuser experience.”
  5. 5. Fiction Non-fiction Media Physical collections and experiences are designed according to patron expectations Reading Space Reading Space Reading Space OPEN TO ALL OPEN TO ALL OPEN TO ALL
  6. 6. Taker & Baylor DriveOver 3N Digital collections and experiences are organized by the source of the material Taker & Baylor DriveOver 3N ONLY ONLY ONLY
  7. 7. ReadersFirst Principles InteractDiscover with the librarycontent in a single within the library’scomprehensive own contextcatalog Access a variety of e- content from Read multiple sources e-books that are compatible with all readers
  8. 8. Library e-book productsbundle digital content Contentwith functionalitywe already have Rights Management(and pay for) in ourcatalogs and discovery Search/Browseenvironments. Discovery Circulation/Lending Account Information Notifications
  9. 9. ReadersFirst is advocatingfor vendors to unbundlefunctions and providemethods to integratethem into the environmentsour patrons alreadyknow and associatewith our libraries.
  10. 10. “As libraries look to build out “We’re in a situation nowrich online engagement where we have to provide a with patrons, the desired different discovery system depending on where we state is to have the patron bought the content from. It’s completely stay within the getting too complex and library’s controllable, ebooks are growing so fast. virtual walls.” It’s an urgent problem.” - Christina de Castell - Christopher Platt, NYPL Vancouver PL “We are looking for the tools “This is exactly the kind of to create true unbundling thing that public libraries and interoperability among should be doing: identifying the different functions that discrete problems with reside all up and down the tractable solutions, avoiding stack of the lending model scope creep, and engaging that exists today bundled into many products.” proactively and openly with the vendor community to - Jim Loter, Seattle PL deliver solutions.” - Peter Brantley, Publisher’s Weekly
  11. 11. Next Steps Dialog continuedRoundtable communicationwith 20+ vendors at with vendors andALA Midwinter libraries Product Guide resource for libraries to help Advocacy evaluate RF all of you can play a progress and role in your compliance libraries and in your dealings with vendors
  12. 12.