Toshiba Print Management Contract


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Toshiba Print Management Contract

  1. 1. Irvine Santa Fe Springs Culver City Ventura Ontario Las Vegas Reno TBS CA/NV has seven locations to serve you: Breadth of Services Print Assessments Create an Inventory of all Copiers, Faxes, Printers, and Scanners Quantify Costs Map out Equipment 5 Year Cash-flow Create Print Strategy Develop a Cost Containment Strategy Managed Print Services Streamline toner and services to save you substantial amounts of money. Proactively Manage your printer fleet. Professional Services Team We provide IT Support in integrating printing/scanning onto networks. We provide Document Management Solutions including Content Management, Disaster Recovery, and Workflow. We provide Print Management Solutions including Behavioral Software, Accounting Software, One to One Marketing, and Forms Management. Contract Negotiation We work with our clients to leverage current contracts. We offer alternatives to being stuck in current contracts. Office Solutions Black and White Copying/Printing/Scanning/Faxing Color Copying/Printing/Scanning/Faxing Graphic Color Production Printing Desktop Printing, Copying Wide Format Copying Service Support Our Philosophy offers optimal uptime. Technician Incentives- Eliminate Next Call and Call Backs. Total Call- Eliminate Call Continuations Less than 4 hour average response time. Product Training I personally train all of my clients on the equipment.
  2. 3. Today’s Business Landscape Most businesses today are running lean attempting to stay ahead of the competition by cutting cost in non-essential areas. Luxury items are a thing of the past. Vendor relationships are secondary to cost savings. Companies either adapt or they go instinct. Core business processes are of utmost importance. Employee retention is secondary to right sizing. Profits are secondary to sustainability for the first time ever. Companies of all sizes are going out of business, or asking for the federal governments assistance. How does your company plan for the future? In what areas are you auditing expenses? Is cost savings of utmost importance? Are you a leader in the cost saving initiative? What companies can assist in understanding how to better manage the business financially?
  3. 4. Business as Usual? With the state of today’s economy most companies are looking at Cost Saving Initiatives Gartner Group states that 1-5% of Annual Revenues are spent on Managing Print Devices. Printing Devices are amongst the least audited of all business equipment. HP, Brother, Dell, and the other printer manufactures make 4 x more profits from the sale of supplies than they do from the printer. Even in this down economy print volumes are increasing at a level of about 20% per year. Many companies don’t standardize on the model or even the type of printers they purchase looking for a printer that is cheap to buy, instead of cost effective to operate. The Inkjet Printer population grows and the cost per page of the printers gets higher and higher. How can this be fixed? The Facts:
  4. 5. Business as Usual? With the state of today’s economy most companies are looking at Cost Saving Initiatives Our goal is to provide comprehensive, easily understood document management solutions to our clients. Our consultative approach is what sets us apart. Toshiba’s process is to analyze the true operational costs associated with document creation, management, production, distribution, and archival. Integrating our broad knowledge base with specific customer needs, we design and implement a new technology infrastructure that enhances workflow and makes your business more efficient, and competitive, while saving you substantial amounts of money. Toshibas’ Print Management Program covers all of your existing laser printers for one low cost per page. End the hassle and expense of purchasing multiple types of print cartridges and paying for service on laser printers. We’ll take care of your toner, maintenance kits and any service issues on your printers. You receive one invoice reducing the time involved to manage your printer fleet and allowing you to control costs by printer, department or location. Accurately budget for future growth and cost containment. We tout cost savings from 10-40% Toshiba Offers Answers:
  5. 6. You might be wondering… Who can help us? Who does Print Assessments, and Print Management? Who can simplify this process for us? I have 15 years of industry specific experience with clients much like you. I am considered an expert in my industry creating ways for my clients to experience cost reductions in regards to all print devices. I have been trained by and have trained the best in the industry. My core business is companies with over 200 employees, over 100 printers, and over 60 Million in annual revenues. My process is proven for success allowing on average just over 25% cost savings. Who will champion this cause within your company? Expertise at work:
  6. 8. You might be wondering… What is included in a Print Assessment? A complete inventory of all printers, copiers, faxes, and scanners. A map listing all the printers, copiers, faxes, and scanners. printers will be color coded by type… Inkjet, Laserjet, Impact, etc. All applicable equipment will be metered and volumes will be established. All supply items will be inventoried, yields will be established, and the cost of the units will be noted, and quantified. Corporate Objectives and Challenges will be discussed and developed. What is the cost to do a Print Assessment? The cost is access to equipment, access to applicable financial information, and an Executive Audience to present an implementation. What else do I require? Your follow through… If I save you 25%, you move forward with my recommendation. My Value Proposition-Current and Proposed 5 year cash flow An Executive Summary Implementation Items Operational Impact Report Develop a strategy for cost containment Develop a Print Management Contract saving over 25% with no upfront cost.