Dallas insurance agency, insurance agency dallas, dallas insurance agents    sig insurance professionals
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Dallas insurance agency, insurance agency dallas, dallas insurance agents sig insurance professionals



SIG Insurance Professionals is an innovative insurance agency able to identify and service any client's insurance needs. For more information on dallas insurance agency , visit our website....

SIG Insurance Professionals is an innovative insurance agency able to identify and service any client's insurance needs. For more information on dallas insurance agency , visit our website.
For more information Contact : (800) 490-8850 (Toll-Free)



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Dallas insurance agency, insurance agency dallas, dallas insurance agents    sig insurance professionals Dallas insurance agency, insurance agency dallas, dallas insurance agents sig insurance professionals Document Transcript

  • Dallas Insurance agency, Insurance agency dallas, Dallas insurance agents - SIG Insurance ProfessionalsAuthor : Jim KnightAddress:14860 Montfort Dr.Suite 150Dallas, TX 75254Phone : (972)490-8800============================================================ 5 Reasons To Insure Your iPhoneMany of us choose to insure our jewelry, homes, appliances, cars, valuables, not only to meet legal reasons,but also because we all fully realize the significance of having financial alternatives if these important itemsare stolen or damaged due to any kind of mishap. In todays modern and high-tech world, many of us chooseto carry costly mobile devices like the iPhone, which cater to the various demands due to their array offeatures. One question frequently arises; should iPhone users think of insuring them?The iPhone device, which incorporates multiple applications, offers avariety of tools like media player, mobile phone, camera, Internetbrowser, etc. Supported by third-party “apps”, the possibilities of theiPhone are virtually endless. Because of its excellent quality andmultiple applications with great workability features, the iPhone alsohappens to be among the most expensive mobile devices. Due to itshefty price tag and worth to business users and general customers, the response for several people to theaforementioned question is a sure shot "yes".There are several common benefits you might get a glance at while trying to find a worthwhile plan to insureyour valuable iPhone. Gadget insurance policies have several terms and features that may vary, so you needto look at the plans with benefits that suit your needs the best. Insuring the iPhone is the best and perfectalternative to protect your valuable phone from any kind of thefts or damages.Here are 5 power packed reasons to insure your iPhone:1. Instant CoverBy opting for iPhone insurance you can start benefiting from the insurance policy right away. It means that ifyou happen to spill a glass of water on your iPhone just after you have purchased it, you will be insured!There is zero waiting around and zero approval time.2.Covers all accidental damagesIf any unforeseen accident results in you dropping your iPhone in a bath tub or even in a puddle of water,you will be insured. All you need to do is make the claim and the replacement device will be delivered to yourdoor.3.Covers Damage due to LiquidIf you spill some liquids on your iPhone or it gets thrown in a glass of drink or any other liquid, you will befully covered. This really ensures peace of mind during your parties and night outs. There is absolutely noneed to worry about keeping any safe distance from those drinks!
  • 4.Covers RobberyThere can be nothing as bad as having your iPhone stolen away from you. Things can be even worsened ifthe thief chooses to use all your airtime and minutes. Do not worry; the insurance policy will easily pay forboth the expenses of the phone and also the airtime minutes which are abused.5.Replacement iPhone in 48 hoursThe most important benefit of insuring your iPhone is that you will be without your mobile device only for amaximum limit of 48 hours. In certain cases it may even be much sooner if you have made your claim veryearly in the morning on a week day.For more information dallas insurance agency, insurance agency dallas, dallas insurance agents visitour website.Contact Us : (800) 490-8850 (Toll-Free) Attributes Of A Good Insurance AgentAn insurance agent is responsible for helping individuals, families and businesses find appropriate protectionfor their health, property and lives. A good insurance agent should have a firm grasp on the financialproducts consumers are interested in, the technology to stay relevant and the customer service to build areputable name.When choosing a life insurance agent there are a number of different variables to look at. If an agent doesntpossess the characteristics enumerated below, it is highly unlikely that he or she will remain in the businessover the long run.1. Product Knowledge - Along with the basic insurance products, anincreasing number of insurance agents offer comprehensive financialservices, thereby creating a one-stop-shop where clients can satisfytheir needs for insurance and financial planning. A good insurance agentalways gets updated with changes in tax and insurance laws that mayaffect the client’s investments.2. Competitive Customer Service - Even in today’s computerized world, a large number of people preferto purchase a policy by sitting down with an agent rather than going online. By doing this, they reinforce theimportance of superior customer service.The best agents are flexible, enthusiastic, and reliable. Their job is to inspire client confidence througheffective communication. In order to help address the needs of their clients, many agents hire customerservice representatives to handle client questions, make changes to policies and process claims, thus leavingthe agent free to work on finding new clients and preserving relationships with old clients.3. Persistence - While it may seem to some a negative quality to have an agent contacting the clientcontinually about insurance, passive persistence is a necessary quality in sales related occupation, especiallythe insurance industry. Agents who are unable to systematic follow-up with prospective clients are unlikely tohave long-term success. This demonstrates a zeal the lack of which is detrimental to the agent as well as thecustomer.4. Competence - There are too many insurance advisers who lack a standard level of competence in thesedays. Incompetence can leave one’s family in the cold at their time of need.5. Honesty - A good insurance agent should be honest. But, as in any industry, there are always a handfulof bad apples. One should ask their respective agent’s if they can talk to any existing clients for feedback, orif he or she has any testimonials.6. Strong back office support - A good agent should have a strong back office team. This team should beable to assist him or her with administrative issues such as changing beneficiaries, change of address and
  • changes in pre-authorized banking details. A strong back office team can also assist with reports forquarterly semi-annual or annual reviews and provide updates on any policy changes.7. Complete product shelf - Captive insurance agents are usually limited to one or two carriers, whereasindependent agents are free to offer products of a large number of insurers. Although, most independentagents only work with two or three companies. One should try to find an independent agent who deals with awide range of carriers and is not restricted by any quotas.For more information commercial insurance dallas, dallas commercial insurance, personalinsurance, home and auto insurance visit our website.Contact Us : (800) 490-8850 (Toll-Free)