Ac repair chicago,chicago air conditioning north town home service


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Heating & air conditioning consumes as much as 40% of electricity in your home. Reduce energy bills by making sure heat & AC systems are running efficiently. We proudly serves the Chicago area including Schaumburg, Glenview, Northbrook & more.

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Ac repair chicago,chicago air conditioning north town home service

  1. 1. AC Repair Chicago,Chicago Air Conditioning - North Town Home ServiceAuthor : Jim Knight Welcome To North Town Home Service North Town Home Services proudly provides appliance, air conditioning, heating & HVAC services to the entire Chicago area including Schaumburg, Glenview, Northbrook & more. We service the brands that keep your home comfortable year round! Call us : 866-938-9798 How do you know your house Air Conditioning or AC system needs serviceThe days when air conditioning was the preserve of the rich and famous are long gone. Nowadays,when almost every second house has air conditioning, it follows that there would be maintenance issuesas well.
  2. 2. However, professional air conditioning services cost money. Hence, before calling one to your house,you should be able to determine whether you need one in the first place. Here are some tips that canhelp you reach a decision:1. Check if the condenser outdoors and the indoor unit are working properly. If they arent, it may be asimple case of a blown out fuse or breaker, which can be replaced easily without the need to call aprofessional.2. Check the filter regularly. One sign that indicates the need for change is the accumulation of iceinside the inner cooling unit (evaporator section). If you are unable to detect this by eye, you can do soby touch. If the metal section seems cold to the touch, it may indicate the presence of ice that blocks thenormal flow of air, thereby resulting in decreased efficiency. A professional must uncover the sealedunit and replace the filter.3. Check the fan blower belt for excessive slack or damage. This is another possible reason for lowcooling performance by obstructing air flow.4. Be sure to regularly wash the condenser coil by spraying water on it. This is especially important ifthe external unit is in a dusty area or one where leaves fly around. These can clog up the coil and causethe unit to operate ineffectively.5. Check that the thermostat is set properly. Improper setting of the thermostat can often give the wrongimpression that the air conditioning unit is not working properly.There are some things you need to keep in mind while carrying out any examination of your airconditioning unit:1. Do not attempt repairs unless youre qualified to do so. In many states it is illegal for an uncertifiedperson to perform air conditioning repairs.2. Do not attempt to add or remove refrigerant from your system unless you are licensed by the EPA.This is considered a very serious violation of environmental regulations.3. Do not handle the electrical wiring; you may end up causing yourself serious harm.4. If you detect any problems with your air conditioning unit that cannot be corrected by the tips givenabove, call a professional. Again, do not call an electrician but an air conditioning expert who has theknowledge to deal with such issues.Once you have decided to call a professional, do your research and choose the right person or companybased on the following factors:1. Reputation - Go online for reviews, ask friends and neighbors and call up any clients that theymention to confirm their claims.2. Recognition - Ensure that the person or company is certified by the appropriate authority.3. Cost - This is important but should be subservient to the first two factors when you make a choice.For more information Click Here
  3. 3. What are the top 3 mistakes people make getting Air Conditioning services at home“It was when I found out I could make mistakes that I knew I was on to something.” - Ornette Coleman, American jazz legend.While its always good to learn from mistakes, its definitely better to learn without committing them.Here, in this article, we present the top 3 mistakes people make getting air conditioning services athome, in the hope that in times to come readers will be able to avoid them.Choosing the cheapest serviceThis is a common mistake committed by many householders when selecting air conditioning services.Also, you should be aware of ludicrous discounts or phony offers. You must have heard of the saying,“If you offer peanuts, you will get monkeys”; this is applicable for air conditioning services as well.While a few dollars saved may give you momentary satisfaction, you may end up losing much moredue to shoddy service.Mind you, we are not saying that an inexpensive service is necessarily cheap. We just want toemphasize that price must never be the sole criterion to choose your air conditioning service.Remember the adage, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Do your research and come upwith multiple offers. With the Internet, research is easy and fast. Also, choose a service that isrecognized by or accredited to an industry body. Reaching out to friends, relatives and neighbors is alsoa good idea to get the lowdown on different services in the locality.Leaving it until its too lateMany householders wait until they actually have a problem before they call an air conditioning service.While this necessarily increases the cost, it also forces decision-making under pressure, often resultingin the wrong decisions such as going with the lowest bid. As the saying goes, “Prevention is better thancure”; hence, its better, cheaper and more convenient to prevent a problem with the air conditioningthan rectifying it after it arises.One way to achieve this is to sign an annual maintenance contract (AMC) with a reputed service. Notonly does this work out cheaper in the long run, it also ensures that your family is not left sweltering inthe heat for the professionals to arrive when the air conditioning goes dead.Not getting a written guaranteeMake sure that the company is willing to stand behind its products and services with a guarantee. Sucha guarantee, incorporated in the contract, should preferably be of the no-hassle, no-questions askedvariety. Be sure the guarantee is not merely verbal but put in writing and includes a PerformanceGuarantee, Investment Guarantee and a real 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.Air conditioning, unlike a few decades ago, is no longer a luxury but a necessity. This makes it all themore important that you recognize the top mistakes people make when contracting air conditioningservices and ensure you avoid them. This will ensure the comfort of your family, lesser pressure onyour finances and your peace of mind.
  4. 4. For more information Click Here Thank You For Visit !