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Infochimps TieCon 2013
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Infochimps TieCon 2013


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TiE SV Names Infochimps as a Lightning Round Winner for the Big Data track at TiEcon 2013

TiE SV Names Infochimps as a Lightning Round Winner for the Big Data track at TiEcon 2013

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Thank you for inviting me in today. We are here today to ask your help in creating a half-billion $Revenue company.WHYWhy do we believe that we can achieve this revenue milestone?Why do people want to work for our company?Why do customers come to us?Why are our existing investors so excited about us?Because we believe we can fundamentally change the way enterprises source, store, and analyze their data in order to make better decisions, create more intelligent data-driven applications….….that ultimately allows them to accelerate growth and advance far ahead of their competition.HOWHow are we able to do this?How are we different?How are we going to stay ahead of our customers?Speed: We can deliver our value faster than anyone in the industryEase: Our products are easy to useFlexibility: Our products are flexibile enough to solve any data-driven business problem you haveOur products are “enterprise-class”WHATSo what is it we do?What products do we sell?What is Infochimps?Infochimps is a cloud service provider. We offer three cloud-based data analytics products,For companies who want to create data-driven applications.And our products are offered in both public and private cloud environments. Today, my objective is for you to come away with four things:Market: There is a very large market opportunity for our cloud services in an environment with virtually no supplyTechnology: We have novel, differentiating IP that will allow us to stay at least 24 months ahead of the market with lots of opportunity to innovate
  • Transcript

    • 1. 8/17/2013 Infochimps Confidential 1 + = #1 Cloud for Big Data
    • 2. 8/17/2013 2 Which Do You Prefer? 24 Months 30 Days Over Budget 10% of Budget Failed Big Data Project Creating Huge Value
    • 3. Batch Analytics Ad hoc Analytics Real-time Analytics
    • 4. 8/17/2013 Infochimps Confidential 4
    • 5. 8/17/2013 5 Hybrid Big Data Cloud Public Virtual Private Private
    • 6. #1 Big Data Cloud Thank You