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The Results Team April Newsletter

  1. 1. James Kane & Sue McIlvennan The Results Team Brokers Guild Cherry Creek Ltd. 3360 S. Wadsworth Blvd. James Kane Lakewood, CO 80227 Broker AssociateSue McIlvennan Broker Associate E-NewsletterDear Friends: COLORADO RIEAL ESTATE REVIEW A I RTICLES AND NFORMATION OF NTEREST TO COLORADO HOME OWNERSApril is a big month for Mother Nature in A complimentary service of James & SueColorado. First, she summons colorful Brokers Guild Cherry Creek Ltd.spring flowers to our gardens. But we also If your home is currently listed for sale, this is not intended as a solicitation. APRIL 2012honor her in a celebration of Earth Day,which this year is April 22, when millions Creating a competitive edge to sell your home fasterof people worldwide will participate inenvironmental-related events. Although our Front Range real estate mar- be to use a stager to rearrange and de-clutter ket is improving, and is expected to contin- using your own furnishings. Or you can hireMany retailers and communities offerfree recycling of electronic equipment ue to improve this spring and summer, sell- a stager to completely transform rooms usingthat day. For local Earth Day programs, ers cannot afford to ignore the importance rental furniture and accessories.go to: From of “setting the right mood” when it comesthere, click “What Can You Do,” then to exposing their home to buy- It’s difficult for most homeown-“Attend an Event.” ers. It’s called “staging a home,” ers to stage their own home sim- and it can be as simple as de- ply because most people cannotIf you’re looking for some free fun, both cluttering and rearranging cur- be objective about their house.the Denver Botanic Gardens and The rent furnishings. Or the task can But there are a great manyDenver Museum of Nature and Science become more complex, involv- resources to help you stage yourare offering free admission on Earth Day. ing professional stagers who home if you prefer not to bring in will transform your house into a a professional. And that is theHere’s wishing you a wonderful month. show home. topic of this month’s freeAnd if you decide it’s time to spring Colorado Homeowner Report. Ifforth and jump into the real estate Staging is considered an impor- you’d like a copy, just call, give us a call and let’s talk. tant marketing tool because buy- This Report is great for anyone ers need to envision themselves living in the looking to make their home more beautiful. Enjoy Colorado in Spring! home. However, most people have a diffi- cult time looking beyond the personal clutter Is it absolutely necessary to stage a home inJames Kane found in the typical house. So the purpose of staging is to appeal to the widest range of order to sell? No. But staging should make a difference in selling your home faster and Office: (303) 988-0123 x1180 buyers possible and help them envision your for more money. Whether you choose to Direct: (720) 205-7226 E-mail: house as their home...with their things. apply staging techniques to your home your- Website: self, or hire a professional, start with an When it comes to staging, there are several analysis of your home. If you’re thinking of options to fit any budget. It can be free if you putting your house on the market, call us.Sue McIlvennan do it yourself. But you may opt for profes- We can compare your property with other Cell: (720) 435-9153 sional help, which varies in price, depending neighboring properties on the market. E-mail: on how much help you want. You can inex- Together we’ll create a unique marketing Website: pensively hire a stager to provide a list of plan designed to sell your home for the recommended tasks. The next level would est price and in the shortest amount of time.
  2. 2. investments in the resale value The five biggest mistakes buyers make of a home. Since 2004, when “Minor Kitchen Remodel” was Much of the stress associated changed since the loan was NewsBriefs added to the project list for with buying a home can be approved. A new car, a house Remodeling Magazines Cost reduced and even eliminated if full of furniture, or any new vs. Value report, it has been the buyers enter the experience with loans at all can jeopardize theM Home prices nationwide best-performing project in the proper knowledge. To help closing at the very last minute.dropped an average of 5% from2010 to 2011, but if you every year but one. Minor make smart decisions, here’s a kitchen remodels that cost list of five common home buy- Mistake #4 is not consideringexclude distressed sales, prices under $20,000 see a return ondropped by less than 1%, ing mistakes people make: the incidental costs of owning a investment of 72% on a national home. First-time buyers are theaccording to a recent analysis CoreLogic. In short, fore- Mistake #1 is when people start worst at considering the extraclosures hamper neighboring M According to the Colorado looking at houses before search- expenses of homeownership,property values. But foreclo- Division of Housing, compar- ing for a loan. Sure--it’s more and often forget to factor insures are diminishing nation- ing 2010 to 2011, foreclosure fun to look at homeowners asso-wide, and that is certainly true filings in 2011 were down 27.7 homes than it is to ciation dues, main-for Colorado. Don’t let the percent, and sales at auction sit down with a tenance, and higherheadlines keep you on the side-lines. Every neighborhood is were down 21.2 percent. All 12 lender and go over utility bills associ- of the states metropolitan coun- financial informa- ated with a house.unique, so get the facts first, ties reported drops in both fore-and your decisions will be tion. But getting closure filings and auction sales pre-approved for a Mistake #5 is noteasier to make. Let’s talk! during 2011. loan will keep getting professionalM Denver made the Forbes list M Metro Denver apartment buyers from wast- assistance. Foragain of the 7 healthiest cities vacancy statistics fell to a 12- ing time looking at most people, ain the US. Joining Denver year low in the 4th quarter of homes they can’t afford. home represents their singlewere Minneapolis, Washington, 2011. Rental losses due to con- largest investment. Such anD.C., Boston, Portland, San cessions, discounts and delin- Mistake #2 is spending all or investment should be enteredFrancisco, and Hartford. Thecommon factor among these quencies fell to a ten-year low. most of one’s savings on the into wisely. Here are a few ways The rising demand for rental downpayment and closing costs. a real estate pro can help:cities is exercise. According property, coupled with lowto Forbes: “Denver ranked high Although putting 20% down • Filter out homes that don’t meet mortgage rates, create outstand- eliminates having to pay mort- your the health of its residents, ing opportunities for investing61% of whom are in ‘excellent gage insurance, which can be • Provide in-depth knowledge of in rental property right now. Ifor very good’ physical health.” you’ve ever given thought to hefty, it’s not worth the risk of neighborhoods. rental property, let’s talk. having to live on the edge. • Recommend a network of otherM Kitchen remodels, even Homeowners need to have a qualified industry related profes-small ones, make excellent rainy-day fund. sionals you will need. • Handle volumes of paperwork Mistake #3 is going shopping that a non-professional wouldCOLORADO CORNER before the deal is done. Even if the loan has been approved, do have difficulty understanding. • Answer questions and guide not go on a shopping spree. It’s you from start to finish. difficult when you’ve signed the • Determine the fair market value Colorado Legacies from the Great Depression contract on a house you love and of your home.What do City Park Zoo, Cherry During the time of the CCC, want to go furniture shopping, • Handle all negotiations.Creek Dam, Red Rocks volunteers planted nearly 3 billion but don’t do it until after theAmphitheater, and Colorado trees to help reforest America,National Monument’s spectacular constructed more than 800 parks closing. In this tight lending If you’re thinking of jumpingRimrock Drive all have in com- nationwide, upgraded most state environment, lenders often pull into our Colorado market as amon? They were all proj- parks, updated forest credit reports just before closing buyer or seller, let’s talk.ects funded under fire fighting methods, to make sure the borrower’s Together we’ll create a plan toPresident Franklin D. and built a network ofRoosevelt’s Civilian service buildings and financial situation has not help you accomplish your goal.Conservation Corps (CCC) public roadways inwork relief program remote areas.designed to provide relief Your FREE Homeowner Report for April:work for unemployed per- Colorado’s involvementsons during the Great with the CCC during theDepression. The programran from 1935 to 1942. Great Depression is a fascinating story. Here “Secrets of Staging” for a are some resources for Beautiful HomeFrom roads to parks, more details”museums, public swimmingpools, hospitals, and a long list of Make your home more attractive--without spending a dime.projects we still enjoy today, doit/archives/wpa/index.htmColorado benefited greatly from This month’s truly amazing Colorado Homeowner Report is chock-CCC projects. The enrollees had full of creative interior designer “tips and tricks” that will help trans-to agree to allot the majority of doit/archives/ccc/cccscope.html form each room of your home into a thing of beauty.their pay to their families. Theusual enrollment was for a six- There’s even a CCC Workermonth term, while the maximum Monument at Red Rocks Park: Whether you want to prepare your home for sale . . . or simplyterm of service was two years. want a room that says “Wow” . . . call for this FREE Report.
  3. 3. GREEN IDEAS FOR THE COLORADO HOMEOWNER Funny Signs Slash your landscaping water bills in half You don’t have to be a foreigner • On a long-established New with limited command of the Mexico dry cleaners: 38 years Water is Colorado’s vert it to a xeric garden, it might English language to be misun- on the same spot. most precious be enough to convince you to derstood. Here are some inter- resource. And yet it expand your efforts next year. esting signs • On a New York is estimated that You’ll be surprised at the wide spotted in the convalescent about 55 percent of variety of colors, sizes and mag- good old USA. home: For the sick the residential water nificent flowers, shrubs and and tired of the use in the Front • In the offices Episcopal Church. trees that actually thrive on very of a home loan Range urban area is used on turf. little water. company: Ask However, with • Outside a proper prepara- about our country shop: We tion of the soil, Fortunately for us, plans for own- buy junk and sell and the use of Colorado is in the ing your home. antiques. plants that thrive epicenter of the • On a shop in in Colorado’s xeric movement, so • In the vestry of a Maine: Our motto is to give dry environment, all of our local gar- New England church: Will the our customers the lowest pos- it’s possible to last person to leave please den centers will be sible prices and workmanship. see that the perpetual light is reduce your familiar with the • In a mens clothing store: 15 extinguished. water and maintenance costs by term and the plants that work up to 60%. It’s called “xeriscap- mens wool suits -- $20.00. best in our dry climate. In addi- They wont last an hour! • In a New York drugstore: We ing” from the Greek word xeric, tion, there are numerous xeric dispense with accuracy. meaning dry, and it’s one of the demonstration gardens through- • In the window of a general easiest, and most rewarding store: Why go elsewhere and • In a Massachusetts parking out the Front Range, and a visit “green” changes we can make. be cheated when you can area reserved for birdwatch- Best of all, a good xeriscape in May or June will convince you come right here? ers: Parking for birds only. can increase your property that a xeric landscaping plan value by as much as 15%! can be magnificent. The Denver • In a Pennsylvania cemetery: • On a poster on a telephone Botanic Gardens xeric section is Persons are prohibited from pole in Oregon: Are you an Even if you took one small area outstanding, as is Kendrick Lake picking flowers from any but adult that cannot read? If so, of your yard and decided to con- Park in Lakewood. their own graves. we can help. Call this number! To help get started, here are some of the best resources on the Internet for information: Q Name the one and only Colorado town that still operates under the 1861 charter from the Territory of Colorado. COLORADO TRIVIA And one of the best on-line catalogs for xeric plants and information: called the Board of Selectmen. A called the Police Judge and the town council is DON’T FORGET EARTH DAY IS APRIL 22, 2012 That would be Georgetown. The town mayor isTime spent in the April garden bare spots before weeds grow in late feeding is fine, or use a fertilizer formu-pays year-round dividends April. lated specifically for bulbs. • Clean up flower beds before new • As long as the ground isn’t frozen, goActivity in the Front Range garden and growth starts. ahead and weed.yard starts heating up in April, but don’t • Relocate any summer or fall blooming • Divide perennials that bloom in mid- torush the planting season. Unless youre plants while they are still dormant. late summer and fall.planting cold-hardy pansies and violas or • Aerate your lawn in April, just prior to • Ask your local garden center to help yousowing cool-season vegetables, its better activating your irrigation system. determine the best ornamental grasses toto wait until the last danger of frost has • Spring watering is always helpful to a plant for your conditions. These grassespassed. Along the Front Range, if you good start. Any day when temperatures are will provide structural beauty throughoutwant to be 80% confident frosts are past, at least 40 degrees, give your lawn, trees next winter, when nothing is in bloom.plant after May 12th. If you want to be and flowers a deep watering. • And remember: as tulips and daffodils90% sure, wait until May 18th to plant. • Don’t fertilize trees and shrubs until finish blooming, dont remove the leaves after the leaves have fully expanded. until they die off naturally and completely.However, there are still plenty of things • Prepare garden or planting bed do this month to get our gardens and • Its also time to shear any ornamental For a seasonal listing of garden tips foryards ready. Here are some of the basics: grasses you left untouched last fall for the Front Range, go to:• Remove any tree wrap. winter interest. Shear down to 4 - 6 inches.•Apply weed killer to your lawn. Patch • After they finish blooming, fertilize all columngw/gwmenu.html your early-blooming bulbs. A topical
  4. 4. "To laugh often and love much; to win the respect of intelligent persons and the affection of chil- dren; to earn the approbation of honest citizens and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreci- ate beauty; to find the best in others; to give of ones self; to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; to have played and laughed with enthusiasm and sung with exultation; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived - this is to have succeeded." ~ Ralph Waldo EmersonSNAPSHOT OF MY BUSINESS PHILOSOPHY:It takes more than knowledge to be successful inhelping my clients achieve their real estate goals.It takes expertise, persistence, creativity . . .and compassion.YOUR BUSINESS AND REFERRALS ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED. The Results Team James Kane Broker Associate Sue McIlvennan Broker Associate Search all shared IDX active listings in the Denver Metro (MLS) and the Northern Colorado (IRES) from our website. Check it out!